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Haircuts for long hair for the season already at the peak of its popularity. Well-groomed, beautiful curls - fertile field for experiments, unconventional styling, stylish haircuts, bright everyday and evening images. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more girls choose long haircuts, fashionable in 2014. The main trends, stylish styling, women's model haircuts - further, in our review.

Fashion trends haircuts for long hair in 2014

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Haircuts for long hair in 2014 offer a lot of options, among which you can choose a hairstyle for any type of person, style and lifestyle. The most popular options we consider next.


The positions of the classic “cascade” hairstyle, which is especially impressive on long curls, do not weaken. Few people know that even at the beginning of the last century, this haircut belonged to outrageous hairstyles and not everyone could afford to wear it. Modern fashion more tolerant looks at experiments with its own appearance, so long haircuts, executed in the cascade technique, have already become classics.

cascading haircuts for long hair

Haircut scheme involves step-by-step work through the hair along the entire length, forming characteristic steps that give the hair a multi-layered structure. Such a haircut perfectly helps to hide the imperfections of hair lacking volume, since the “cap” trimmed in the back of the head gives the styling a noticeable pomp. The length of the strands increases as you move from the crown to the back of the head. Thus it turns out that the bottom layer of hair remains the longest and determines the entire length of the hairstyle.

The strands of the face are formed in smooth cuts so that a framing cascade is formed. Choosing this hairstyle, do not forget to choose the length and shape of the haircut, in accordance with the nuances of their appearance.

  • For chubby - the cascade slices should be made below the level of the chin in order to visually “stretch” the face.
  • For girls with narrow faces, a cascade formed at the level of the cheekbones will correct the appearance.
  • For angular faces, a cascade cut is worked out in the area between the cheekbones and the chin.

cascading haircuts

In addition, the haircut for long hair "cascade" does not cause difficulties when self-styling at home. The universal shape of the hairstyle allows you to experiment with styling options that will help to give an unusual look to the image. The most interesting and not complicated in their own hands variants - we will look at our article a little later. The cascade hairstyle has several varieties that can be noticed by a stylish fashionista:

  • torn cascade: the instruction of execution of such a hairstyle implies not a smooth transition between the layers of a haircut, but a more structured, formed strands of different lengths.
  • face cascade: the same type of haircut, which is favored in large quantities by fashionable Hollywood divas. The design of such a hairstyle is simple, but it allows you to create a fashionable look on long hair. In the back of the head, the strands are left of the same length, and in the face and temporal areas - the fringe of the strands cut out by a ladder is formed.

Long hair of the same length

Long haircuts, made in the same length, are considered a classic version. It would seem, how can you surprise in this case? But the options for styling can be a lot: from smooth, even, loose hair and ending with weaving a variety of braids, spikelets, evening styling. The convenience of such a haircut for long hair is that one length of the strands allows you to form a set of hairstyles based on complex weaving or implying a smooth styling. Even cuts and one length of the locks reliably fix the hairs in the overall styling, does not allow unruly strands to get out of the overall structure.

straight smooth hair

Fashionable in 2014 haircuts for long hair imply straight, smooth lines, clear parting, graphic cuts of the ends of the hair. The presence of bangs, which should be selected in accordance with the features of the shape of the face, is also not forbidden. So, chubby ladies, standard fit elongated bangs oblique cut. Straight, thick bangs, reaching to the eyebrow line - a great option for narrow-faced.

Creative haircut for long hair: a “bob” or “four” hairstyle is formed around the face, but the lower layer of hair is not cut off. Thus, we get the "Italian" in a slightly modernized version. This hairstyle looks great on straight hair of varying thickness.

Long hair styling options

Stylish women's haircuts for long hair allow you to experiment with the nature of styling, decor, the formation of unusual images. Often, even a change in the standard location of the parting can drastically change the perception of hair, as well as your image as a whole.

Waves on long hair

soft waves

Perhaps one of the key trends in recent years, which do not get tired to follow stylish girls. To achieve beautiful curly hair on long hair, you can use the following styling schemes:

  1. To form soft curls you will need a curling or ironing. Spray on the head of the thermal spray, if you wish, you can also use the fixing mousse. Gradually curl the curls, starting from the bottom layer of hair, smoothly moving to the crown. To fix the hairstyle, you can use styling varnish.
  2. For small, elastic curls, you should use a standard curler or curling iron with a small cross-sectional diameter. Instructions for performing installation is similar to the previous one.
  3. For chaotic, slightly disheveled strands, you should braid a little damp hair in small, medium or large braids that will most closely match the desired effect. Leave for a few hours until the hair is completely dry. This way of laying - a great option for giving the image of romantic negligence.


The most usual styling can sometimes drastically change the image of a girl:

  1. Curl the hair in small curls, tie into a traditional tail and decorate with a bright hair clip - this option is perfect for a festive evening, and everyday look.
  2. A high tail with bangs combed back will add elegance to the image. Bang a little, form a small “cocoon”, comb it and fix it in the opposite position from the face - this solution is perfect for a punk, shocking image.

Miranda Kerr


On long hair, ultra-fashionable styling “babette” and “malvinka” look especially impressive. To create an inimitable image, you should step through the strands in the back of your head. Then remove the strands from the face, pinning them in an unusual way on the back of the head - a bright, fashionable image is ready!

malvinka with velvet


Well, what kind of feminine styling will do without weaving so much beloved by everyone ?! Openwork, knitted, classic, "disheveled", French braids, spikelets and many other techniques are perfect for execution on a long head of hair. Romantic styling will be the classic "waterfall".

braid on the side

To create it, it is necessary to weave the hair in a horizontal projection, moving from one ear to the other, forming a French braid. At the same time alternately weave the strands on top, and leave the lower curls free. This style will be a great addition to the festive or everyday look of each girl.

Video: detailed master class on creating haircuts for long hair

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