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Long-haired haircut is considered the invention of the ancient Egyptians, whose climate and cultural preferences gave rise to this convenient and universal form. Of course, in Egypt, this hairstyle with elongated strands looked a little different, the cutting technology was distinguished by primitiveness. They say that the hair was simply cut along the same line, including the fringe. Currently, the variety of options for this haircut is amazing, and the technique of execution is at an immeasurably higher level.

Advantages of a bob with lengthening

Nicole Richie and Sister Olsen

In 2016, a hairstyle with a lengthening is in the first lines of the ranking of the most popular hairstyles. This contributes to:

  • Ease of care for hair trimmed in this technique;
  • Laying an elongated square is light and fast - even a beginner can handle it;
  • The volume and healthy appearance that provides your hair with an elongated graded four.
  • What distinguishes a bob with elongated strands from a classic bob hairstyle is the illusion of preserving long hair.
  • Psychological readiness to part with the usual length may never come. This is where the long-caret haircut comes to the rescue - as a transitional option.

girls with bangs and without

In all other respects, the elongated four-in-one long hair meets the tasks of this hairdressing technique: to add extra volume and density even to a weak, thin head of hair. If the hair is thinning, falling out, or by nature not endowed with density, then the caret for lengthening is a great way to hide this shortcoming.

Long caret and face type

Given the peculiarities of the structure of the forehead, nose and chin, you can choose the perfect car for each girl. The following scheme will let you know which face shapes this haircut makes nobler:

  • If the face is in the shape of a rectangle, then an elongated caret without bangs will do;
  • For narrow oblong shapes, it is better to choose an elongated graded four, which will balance their specificity and thinness with a pleasant volume;
  • When the face is shaped like a triangle, has wide cheekbones and a sharp chin, an asymmetrical four-sided lengthening is appropriate;
  • If your face type is round, wavy hair and a long hairstyle without a bang will be optimal.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba

Due to the popularity of this hairstyle in the network, you can find a lot of photos of celebrities and media personalities showing hairstyles on elongated car. Of these, you can choose a good option for yourself, and a competent stylist will help bring ideas to life.

Karea species with elongated strands

By 2016, the elongated caret for long hair is represented by the following options:

  • Classic bob haircut with lengthening - a simple variation of the haircut to the shoulders. This is a spectacular and elegant flow of both straight and curly hair;
  • Four of a kind with lengthening the front strands. Perfect hairstyle for owners of a long slender neck with any type of face and appearance. Also elegant, but a bit more creative than the higher version;
  • The variation of the previous haircut is an elongated four leg. It will emphasize the grace of the neck and shoulders, the lightness and femininity of its owner;
  • Creative asymmetry - in the photo it is most interesting to observe a variety of haircuts of this type. Graduated length, "torn" scattering strands, strict geometric shapes - courage and femininity leave room for imagination;
  • An excellent choice is an elongated bob with bangs. A wonderful way to correct the abnormality of facial features, to make them more expressive and attractive. The main rule is to combine straight bangs only with a triangular or rectangular face. But oblique bangs decorate the face in the form of an oval or circle.

long bangs in the hair

Selection of bangs for an extended hairstyle

The bangs in combination with this haircut can be more detailed.

  • So, smooth bangs without tilt will look great with an elongated bean - especially if you need a correction of a narrow face or too high forehead.
  • The trend “straight elongated bangs” will suit the owners of dark hair of rich color - chocolate, chestnut, raven's wing. When the eyes are partially shaded, it gives the look of mystery, and the face makes it very expressive.
  • As for the bangs with a beveled edge, it is shown to the ladies with a round face. Visually reduces the width of the cheekbones, balances and makes the face softer, feminine. In addition, this is a comfortable solution for ladies who are not ready to cut off the bangs and are used to doing without it. Oblique bangs with graduated edges are a continuation of the hairstyle, and not its separate element. It does not give the effect of strong change and is almost imperceptible even to its owner. At one time, due to this trend gave Jennifer Lopez and Tedi Newton.

Stylist Tips - How to Choose a Long Caret

Olivia Palermo

Celebrity experiences and images created for them by professionals teach us the following rules:

  • A long square of the shoulders without frills is shown only to the owners of the nature of thick and heavy hair. These shiny, rich color strands will benefit from a simple geometry of the haircut. In this case, the hair can be laid both with the tips inwards and outwards, and also twisted on hot rollers or hot tongs, which is especially important for a narrow face. Additional volume will decorate this type of appearance. For reference, you can see the photo of the blogger Olivia Palermo - on her, this hairstyle looks amazing;
  • A graduated shoulder-length hairstyle will be an excellent option for those who want extra volume in their hair. Four layers are in harmony with Emma Stone's round face and oval-shaped face, like Charlize Theron. Calm non-aggressive femininity haircut gives special charm to these two divas;
  • An asymmetrical variation will suit both sultry brunettes with a mirror-like hair shine (like Lee Lezark) and playful blondes with elaborate mess on a pretty head like Cheryl Cole. And if in the image of the first celebrity haircut emphasizes impeccable elegance and feminine classics, the asymmetrical haircut of the second conveys naturalness and complete freedom from conventions;
  • Parting is also important. And if in most cases the line along which the hair falls apart is closer to the right or left half of the face, then only the chosen ones can wear a straight parting. Namely, the owner of an almost perfect face shape, close to the oval. In order for our haircut with straight parting to look good, it is necessary that the nose is of moderate length, the cheeks are not too round, and the cheekbones are moderately pronounced. A small neat chin and medium forehead width are also necessary conditions. But when everything fits together, you get real stylistic masterpieces, which can be seen in the photo of Olivia Wilde and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Correction of deficiencies with long car

beauties blondes

If you think that facial features are not perfect and need visual correction, then a long four of a kind is the tool that will help you. So, the shoulder-length hairstyle will help to cope with the following imperfections independently:

  • Big width, not enough graceful features - our haircut will help to “pull” the lines, narrowing and restricting the face on the sides;
  • Graduated variation of the haircut with the ends bending inward will soften the impression of the “heavy” jaw and excessively massive chin, add slimness and lightness;
  • Variative elongated square with a bang (provided that its shape is chosen correctly) will remove asymmetry and hide the lack of harmony in the outline;
  • Well-chosen haircut can even hide the second chin and disguise the fullness of the cheeks. Here it is a matter of skill and experience of the stylist.

curvy styling

Long caret: images and styling

We give the basic simple ways to create images with this haircut and hairstyle on the elongated bob.

Curl curls

It is easiest at home to curl curls with tongs. This is a classic, timeless chic, which does not require bouffant and special analysis.

  1. To make large curls to yourself, simply divide the hair into two or three layers, after which each layer is even strand.
  2. And the strands can already be wound on the electric pliers or thermal rollers of the desired diameter.
  3. To make the hair look harmonious, at the end it is worth whipping hair with light movements and fixing with fixing means for styling.

careless styling and beautiful curls

Brush and hairdryer

Daily styling of the extended caret with a round brush and hairdryer:

  1. For excellent results, you can alternate hot and cold air, twisting the strands below and lifting them from the roots.
  2. It is carried out on wet hair, in advance, step-by-step means are applied for thermocoupling - protective and fixing.
  3. At the end you need to shape the comb and apply a coat of hair spray.

Shell Style Haircut

Evening option - suitable for special occasions and romantic atmosphere. The instructions for performing “shells” on shoulder-length hair are:

  1. We brush strands on the top, smoothing the brush from the top.
  2. At the bottom of the length should be enough to collect hair in a bun or tail and hide the tips inward, securing the hairpins. You will need mousse and lacquer strong fixation.

two different hairstyles

Business image or natural negligence, behind which there is always a lot of work - on the basis of an elongated square, you can create almost any bow. With this hairstyle, you can go to a rock concert, and the red carpet. Having listed in stages, to whom this haircut suits, we draw a conclusion - practically everything. It is universal, and its charm is timeless.

Video: Creating and styling haircut elongated caret

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