Long bangs and its different variations

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Long bangs are a spectacular detail of a hairstyle, and although styling long bangs sometimes takes some time, but the result is worth it: depending on it, the image of a woman can be differently shaped. Moreover, there are a lot of options for transformation.

Types of long bangs

The long chelka, depending on the method of cutting hair, is divided into different types:

  • long straight bangs: as a rule, a slice is formed at the level of the eyebrows;
  • long oblique bangs: an asymmetrical cut, depending on the method of laying, is formed from left to right or vice versa;
  • long bangs on the side: one of the options for laying an elongated straight bangs, and to give ease of laying, it is usually “punctured” with thinning scissors;
  • long bangs ladder (graduated): volumetric bangs with several levels of cuts.

In order to independently choose the desired type of elongated bangs, you do not need strict instructions, it is enough to take into account the structure of the hair, the shape of the face and the individual features of the exterior. But it is worth considering that for such a diversity of species, it is not always and not suitable for everyone:

  • it should not be worn for girls with deep-set eyes and heavy drooping eyelids;
  • she will visually reduce the naturally small face;
  • it will be difficult to cope with the styling of elongated bangs to young ladies with thin sparse curls.

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But the owners of too high forehead with its help can visually reduce it, and the graded, oblique and foreheads “on the side” perfectly hide the flaws of wide cheekbones. In addition, women in the age they will help lose a few years, giving the hair ease and ease.

Long straight bangs

Long straight bangs look perfect on dark, even hair below shoulders. It draws attention to the eyes, making them more expressive and mysterious. The length in this case should be slightly below the level of the eyebrows, while its edge is better not to milling. Distinct geometry emphasizes the style and conciseness of the image. Laying long bangs in this embodiment is done with the help of styler and ironing. If you want to change the image, you can use various methods of original styling.

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  • You can make a "French" styling. The chelochka is interwoven into the braid above the forehead according to the principle of the "spikelet", gradually grabbing the hair in small strands. If the hair does not "obey", apply a small layer of wax on your hands.
  • You can roll antique flagella on both sides of the center and fasten the sides with hairpins or invisible.
  • Try to remove the bang under the decorative bandage or ribbon, matched to the clothes. This option is perfectly combined with a beach ensemble or dresses in retro style.
  • You can transform it into a “cold wave” of Hollywood movie stars. The scheme of action is simple, for this you need a gel or mousse of strong fixation, which is applied to its entire length. Then the hair must be carefully combed. With your own hands, carefully shape the hair with a wave, gradually fixing each bend with an invisible one. After that, you should fix your bangs with lacquer, let them dry and remove the invisible.

Long oblique bangs

This option is now the most popular. Long oblique bangs on the side looks great on any length of hair, and its own length may be lower than the cheekbones, but not longer than the overall level of hair. It differs in the sharpness of the angle, thickness of the strands and thinning.

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  • As a rule, it is given volume and slight negligence. To do this, you will need a comb, a round brush and a hairdryer.
  • Very effectively oblique bangs looks with the use of different methods of coloring. This technique adds to the image of brightness and individuality.
  • Long oblique bangs perfectly for women with a triangular and oval face. Girls with a rectangular face is better to abstain from such details hairstyles. If by nature your hair is curled, then its presence is also not recommended, because you have to spend a lot of time on styling and straightening.

Long bangs on the side

Girls with long bangs on the side, often self-confident, bold and extraordinary personality.


  • An elongated bang, cut to the side, does not require volume; therefore, a comb and the usual means — mousse, gel, or foam — are used for styling.
  • The bang on the side perfectly harmonizes with the oval, round and rectangular face shape. With its geometry, many flaws are hidden. Also strands can be decorated with different shades, smoothly flowing one into the other - such a technique is used by hairdressers to visually relieve or, on the contrary, weight the bangs.
  • Long bangs on the side perfectly combined with a bob haircut. In this case, a smooth elongated bang is made on its side, as if covering one eye.
  • On long curly hair, it is better to leave the bangs smooth so that the hairstyle has a complete look.
  • If desired, regrown hair can be removed behind the ear. To prevent the strands from hanging with untidy “icicles,” fasten them with original hairpins. Do not stab the locks deep behind the ear, it is better to do it at the level of the temple.

Long bangs ladder

Long bangs ladder is a popular name for graded or "torn" bangs. It is characterized by uneven, as if torn tips. With the help of this technique, the masters add volume and pomp to it. It can be laid using gel or wax, step by step separating the strands.

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  • She looks good on a round and square face, visually lengthening it.
  • It can be done on thin and slightly curly hair.
  • If you want to open your forehead for an evening reception, you can do it in the style of glam rock. To do this, clean and dry your bangs hair to the very foundation and, lifting them up, gently smooth the “cocoon” with a comb so that it has an oval shape. Then fix the hair with the help of invisible. Lightly apply the lacquer for fixing.

Basic rules for laying long bangs

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At home, she has to lay her bangs daily. Girls with long chelochkoy should be aware that from time to time you will have to devote some personal time to this activity. In order for it not to look sloppy, remember the basic rules:

  • hair must be clean;
  • layered tips need time to trim;
  • forehead should not hang down over the eyes;
  • using styling products, do not overdo it so that the hair does not look sloppy;
  • choose a way of laying in accordance with the dress code;
  • Bang should reflect your mood and image.

Video: how beautiful it is to lay a long bang

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