Lemon hair clarification - try citrus blonding on yourself

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Natural light hair color in nature is quite rare. This can be explained by genes and heredity, but few of women will satisfy this answer. Lightening hair allows you to change the color of the hair and prepare the "soil" for the paint. If you want to get snow-white curls or the initial color is dark enough, for lightening you should contact a professional hairdressers and carry out the procedure in the salon. But if your plans only slightly adjust the existing shade and become lighter by 1-2 tones, you can lighten the hair with lemon at home.

Advantages of Lemon Lightening Hair

Lightening hair with lemon juice was invented for a long time and was practiced in ancient states. With his help, not only the hair was clipped, but also the skin. Compared to chemicals, lemon is safer and more beneficial. It contains vitamins and beneficial essential oils that help:

  • Fight dandruff and hair loss;
  • Strengthens the rod and nourishes it;
  • It gives shine and smoothness.
  • You can apply citrus yourself, making a mask to yourself or adding juice to the water for rinsing. This is especially useful for blondes, whose strands are prone to fat.

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Disadvantages of Lemon Lightening

It is impossible to consider lightening hair with lemon as a miracle procedure, after which you will get snow-white strands. Home-made recipe is not capable of efficiency with the salon. Its result will depend on several factors:

  • Primary color: the lighter your curls, the better citrus will manifest itself. It should be remembered that we are talking only about natural curls: citrus will not lighten colored strands.
  • Thickness of hairs: the thinner they are, the more noticeable the result will be.
  • Exposure time: the longer you hold the mixture, the better and deeper it penetrates into the structure of the rod and acts on it. To brighten hair with lemon, it is necessary to keep it for at least 15-20 minutes. The maximum time is strictly individual and depends on the state of the hair.
  • Number of procedures: real reviews say that on average it is necessary to carry out at least 2-4 procedures in stages to get the result.

Summing up a small result: it is not necessary to think that lightening the hair with lemon juice will make a brunette blonde in a few minutes. It will take time and patience to see the difference before and after.

The easiest way to brighten hair with lemon juice

The easiest way to try to brighten hair with lemon in the summer, using a spray bottle and the sun, as well as 2 hours of free time. You will need a glass of fresh lemon juice (it will take about 4-5 fruits) and a quarter cup of warm water if you have normal and greasy hair, or conditioner if the strands are dry or badly damaged.

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  1. Squeeze the juice out of citrus and mix it with water or conditioner. In the second case, wait 15 minutes, then transfer the mixture into a bottle with a spray bottle.
  2. Apply sun protection cream to your skin to keep it up for 2 hours and not to burn. Even if you decide to sunbathe, it is better to save yourself in advance.
  3. Apply the mixture to the entire head of hair or to individual strands, if you want to create a highlight effect. In the second case, it is better to use dipped cotton wool. If you mix the juice with the conditioner, you need to apply it with a flat, wide brush like a regular paint for coloring.
  4. Stay in the sun for 2 hours. To make the effect more noticeable, after 1.5 hours, apply the mask again and wait another half hour.
  5. Then you need to wash off the mask and be sure to use nutrient balm to minimize harm.

If you have little time, it is possible in another way to lighten the hair with lemon step by step. To do this, apply the mixture for a shorter period, but every 1-2 days. Also, the manual advises to use additional ingredients to mitigate the drying effect of citrus: olive oil, chamomile and honey.

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The effect of clarification does not appear immediately, but within 2-4 weeks. Real reviews even clarify what result you can expect: for example, with dark blond hair you will get light blond, with light red and light blond hair - blond with a golden tinge. But the dark brown and black curls will remain unchanged.

Other recipes for highlighting strands with lemon

There are other recipes for changing hair color.

Lightening hair with honey and lemon

  1. Mix an equal amount of lemon juice and liquid honey and apply on the strands.
  2. The mixture is quite liquid and can drain, so that the top is better to cover his head with a towel.
  3. You can keep the lightening mask for a few hours, many advise you to leave it for the night, but in this case it is better to lay a cloth under your head that you don’t mind smearing.

Lightening hair with honey and lemon, however, is not particularly popular: the effect is rather weak, it is more often used to impart a golden hue to the curls.

honey and citrus for clarification

Brightening hair with chamomile and lemon

For preparation you will need lemon juice, 2 parts of dry chamomile, part of dry saffron and 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil.

  1. Mix all the ingredients, brew boiling water and wait half an hour.
  2. The scheme of drawing remained the same: you can use a bottle with a spray or a wide brush.
  3. Lightening hair with chamomile and lemon passes within 20-30 minutes.

Vodka + lemon = lightening hair

You can also use vodka mixed with lemon juice in equal quantities. The mixture is great for oily hair that need a little "dry."

After each treatment, you should thoroughly wash your hair and use a nourishing balm to restore the hair shafts. If the result is not noticeable or weaker than we would like, you need to increase the exposure time.

Chamomile Infusion and Citrus

A small conclusion about the lemon to highlight curls

The question “How to lighten hair with a lemon?” Worries many women who are dissatisfied with their own color of curls. If your strands are not exposed to paint, henna, basma or chlorine, you can use citrus juice - lemon or lime. Acting on the hair shafts, they allow you to get a lighter shade, without damaging the strands.

burnout strands in the sun

However, the method also has some drawbacks: with a strong pigment, the result may be imperceptible. Also, the mixture can not be used on colored strands or paint them after - this can lead to discoloration up to the manifestation of a greenish tint.

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