Learning to style medium hair

medium-sized romantic curls

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of hair styling in the process of creating a beautiful hairstyle. Therefore, it is important not only to get to a good hairdresser, who will create a voluminous and technically perfect haircut, but also teach you to look after her in the future. In addition, it is worth learning a few hair styling options, both daily fast, and festive or evening. Styling for medium-length hair is not only easy to master, but also interesting, as they will help you create different images and experiment with your appearance.

Daily styling medium length hair

Many people wonder how to pack medium-length hair quickly and easily, for example, in the morning before going to work? In fact, this is nothing complicated. Most experts in the field of hair care agree that it is the average hair length that is the most convenient for everyday operations on them. They provide the ability to create a large number of different hairstyles with little effort, and give a wide field for experimentation.

medium length curls on the diffuser

General recommendations for quick styling of medium length hair

  • To make the curls look beautiful and well-groomed, before any styling, they should be washed well, using for this procedure not only a properly selected shampoo, but also conditioner and other means to care and create volume.
  • In the case of use in the process of styling for medium hair curlers, it is important to carefully and carefully comb the entire length of the curls. Twist the curls need so that the tips do not get out
  • When exposed to high temperatures, you need to use special protective cosmetics.
  • All fixation agents are applied from the roots to the tips. Lacquer bottle should be kept no closer than 20 centimeters from the strands
  • Inclined to fragility and exfoliation of the hair, you can before any effects to handle moisturizing means

Simple styling, created with the help of a hairdresser's ironing

waves with ironing

  1. Before you create this type of fast styling on medium hair, you need to wash your hair, dry it thoroughly and comb the strands.
  2. Then the entire length of the curls is treated with a styling agent and flattened with a flat iron. With the help of an ironing, you can also slightly bend the ends of the strands in the desired direction, for example, to increase the volume of hair.
  3. Laying on medium hair begins with strands located on the back of the head, gradually moving forward.
  4. It is necessary to try to run the iron on each strand no more than once, so as not to harm the hair.

Simple beautiful styling using a hair dryer

hair dryer

Clean and wet curls straighten from the base of the roots to the tips using a special round brush under a stream of warm air from a hair dryer. This styling on medium hair is better fixed with a varnish of medium fixation.

Fast styling for medium hair length using a nozzle-diffuser

styling diffuser

This type of nozzle is equipped with special long protrusions that can be compared with fingers. With its use, you can create volumetric styling on medium hair, as well as to achieve the effect of wavy curls without the use of curling tongs.

  1. Clean and towel-dried curls are treated with hair styling. You can use foam, mousse or gel. WITH
  2. take the hair down, head down or to the side. Hair dryer with a diffuser to keep perpendicular to the curls.
  3. The finished hairstyle can be reprocessed with a styling agent.

This type of styling does not mean combing the hair after it is created; it can disrupt the structure of the strands.

Smoothly combed hair

combed to one side

This quick styling for medium-length hair is perfect for both the image of a business woman and evening out. She forms an elegant and at the same time very gentle and feminine image. This hairstyle is created using curlers of any diameter, depending on the desired size of curls.

  1. The head is divided in part by one of the temples.
  2. Regarding the parting, combing most of the hair on its side using strong fixation.
  3. Screw the tips on the curlers or tongs, varnish.

Evening styling for medium hair

beautiful styling

The average length of the hair not only implies a large number of hairstyles, but also makes it possible to use various decorations. For example, the finished styling can be animated with artificial or fresh flowers, various hairpins, rubber bands, ribbons, rhinestones. As a result, wedding or festive hair styling of medium length can be obtained.

How to create an evening styling for medium hair

  • If the hair has a good thickness and reaches the length of the shoulders, you can create different versions of the beams, as well as afford loose curly strands.
  • It is very important that evening styling for medium hair is chosen in such a way that it most closely matches the type of face and decorates, rather than spoils.
  • Women who are short and full-bodied, have good hair styles with hair gathered at the back of their heads.
  • Combed curls also allow you to emphasize the beauty of the neck and shoulders. However, such hairstyles should be used very carefully with large facial features, as well as with wide round or square faces. Such persons will decorate hairstyles with a large volume and oblique partitions.
  • Evening styling for medium hair implies the abundant use of means for fixing hair.

Bundles on medium hair

Carefully and smoothly comb a clean hair in the tail. Twist the loose end into a tight harness and wind it around the base of the tail. Make sure that the individual curls are not knocked out. Fix with rubber and hairpins and varnish.

You can also use a special roller to create beams.

a smooth bunch with the roller for every day

The version of this hairstyle will suit girls with sparse hair. Bundle with roller visually adds volume.

  1. To create a bundle you need to tie a taut tail on a pre-combed hair.
  2. The resulting tail you thread into the hole of the roller, and then strand by strand stacked curls around the roller.
  3. Wrap the tail end around the entire perimeter of the beam under the roller.
  4. Finished hairstyle stab for reliability studs.

Bundle can also be created using a pile

mediocre careless tuft

Fairly fast variation of a romantic hairstyle.

  1. To make such a bundle, you can tie a hair in a low tail or define it on the back of your head.
  2. The resulting tail is slightly sprayed with varnish and then combed with a comb.
  3. When the tail is combed it is twisted into a sloppy bundle and pinned with pins.

Other evening styling options for medium hair

Medium-length hair can be braided into beautiful braids, gathered into tails or left loose. In the latter case, they can be combed in the ways indicated for fast everyday styling.

Video: how to fit the hair of medium length

Now you know almost everything about how to put hair of medium length. You will not be difficult to create any hairstyle, whatever it was, voluminous or smooth.

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