Learning to style a bob with and without bangs

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The history of cutting a bob (another name is a bob) is rooted in deep antiquity. Evidence of this statement can serve as Egyptian drawings. At various times, the popularity of this hairstyle has increased and faded away. Today, haircuts are again relevant. Their popularity is explained, firstly, by the convenience of daily care; medium-length hair is easy to wash and dry. Secondly, bob is a universal haircut suitable for all types of facial contours and of any age category. However, for this rule to work, it is important to contact a good hairdresser to create a haircut. It will adjust the length to suit the individual characteristics of the face, as well as tell you how to make a square at home, to emphasize the merits of the face and mask its flaws.

Many consider the bean to be not too feminine, as it does not allow hairstyles such as buns or braids to be worn. In fact, with the help of styling from a caret, you can make a lot of hairstyles, both everyday and festive. The styling of a hairstyle is a whole field for experiments on its appearance and the study of its features.

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This haircut exists in various variations, with and without a bang, with a graduated long or distinct straight edge line, short and elongated. The options listed below are divided according to the principle of the presence or absence of bangs.

haircuts with bangs

Styling options with bangs

hairstyles with bangs

  1. Normal straight bob with bangs. Apply a small amount of modeling gel to wet hair strands, then dry the hair with a hair dryer. Dry hair divided part and smooth ironing.
  2. Laying the caret with curls twisted to the side of the face. Apply the gel to wet hair, then dry. Parting the head with a part and smoothing the strands with an ironing tool so that the tips of the order begin to curl toward the chin.
  3. Bob twisted inside. Wet hair to process the gel, dry and divide the parting. Smooth ironing, twisting the ends of the strands inward towards the roots.
  4. Laying a graduated bob with the ends of hair combed to the chin. Wet curls covered with a small amount of mousse medium fixation, then dried using a round brush, directing the tips to the chin. Bangs can twist curling. Treat the finished hair with a lacquer of strong or super-strong fixation.
  5. Laying with the effect of "just woke up." This version of the bean looks very interesting and fashionable. To process hair with a lacquer of strong fixation, to dry, straightening with an iron, to separate with a part. Strand the back of the head with a ruffled finger, directing one part up, the other side and back.
  6. Disheveled styling. Dry hair after treatment with varnish, making sure that straightened strands fell not in their natural position, but as if overlapping in different directions. But the strands themselves, unlike the previous version, should remain smooth and neat, sticking out like straws. Occipital hair is directed toward bangs. Such a variation of the square will help to emphasize the cheerful nature and young age of its owner.
  7. Disheveled styling with twisting at the roots. It is done in the same way as the previous one, but instead of an ironing wheel, a round comb is used, which is given a raised volume at the roots. This variation is well suited for women with elongated facial shapes.
  8. Surround bob To process hair with mousse, to wind on large hair curlers and to dry up the hair dryer. Removing hair curlers, strands to comb with your fingers.
  9. Four of a kind with twisted ends. Cover the wet hair with mousse and dry your head by tilting it down. The ends of the curls combed out with a round brush.

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How to quit without bangs

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  1. Laying the elongated bob with creating volume at the roots. Wet, gel-treated, curls to dry, pulling up the brush. Re-coat the finished hair. This option can visually pull out too round or square faces.
  2. Laying the caret with the effect of light mess. Hair, covered with mousse, is dried with a round brush, which tips are twisted in a chaotic manner, both in the direction of the face and from him.
  3. Option smoothly combed styling with a wave at the ends. Processed varnish strong fixing hair dry, hard pulling down. Try to keep all strands evenly on the head. The ends of the curls gently twist curling iron and lay on each other to create the sensation of a wave. This hairstyle is very elegant and well suited for special occasions.
  4. Lengthened four of a kind in large curls at the ends of the hair. Screw the tips of wet clean hair into large curlers in one turn, dry without styling agents. Ready hair style fix varnish.
  5. Four of a kind with lengthening, the ends twisted from the face to the side. It is done similarly to the previous one, but the tips of the hair are twisted with forceps.
  6. Elongated bob with the effect of scattering hair. Apply mousse to the wet hair and dry it by winding the tips on a large round brush in any direction.
  7. Smooth four-sided parting. Separate wet hair with a part, treat with styling gel and dry, pulling the strands to the side of the chin and slightly forward.
  8. Bulk styling with an elongation. Treat wet curls with mousse and lay under a stream of hot air, combing the strands from the roots of the wave.
  9. Smoothly laid curly strands. Pure wet hair divided into fine strands and screwed into small curlers until the middle of the length. To fix a varnish.
  10. Laying the elongated bob with stabbed to the side of the strand. Treat the entire length of hair with a styling agent and dry it strongly pulling the ends down. Separate the small strand with a side parting and pin it to the side with a hairpin. This option looks very gentle and feminine.

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These are simple, but very original hairstyle solutions for those who wear a bob haircut. Among these various variations, you can easily choose a daily, evening, romantic or business hairstyle.

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