Layered haircut

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Multi-layered haircut has always been valued by women for versatility, practicality and undemanding wearing. Such hairstyles look equally good on both long and short hair, do not create difficulties and problems when self-styling in the home, allow you to experiment with the appearance using various techniques and methods of shaping the hairstyle.

Multi-layer haircuts for different hair lengths

Multi-layer haircuts for long hair

Perhaps multi-layered haircuts for long hair is the most popular option for women of all ages. First of all, such hairstyles look advantageous as on thick, and on rare hair, devoid of volume. Multi-layered haircuts for long hair, thanks to a special pattern of creation, can give the curls the missing volume and adjust the shape of the face, placing the necessary accents in appearance.

The most fashionable models of such hairstyles for long hair, which at all times enjoyed popularity, are "cascade" and "Italian."



Instructions for creating this hairstyle provides for two versions:

  • ragged cascade;
  • cascade of the face.

When creating a torn cascade, the hair is worked out step by step along the entire length, resulting in stratification of the upper strands on the lower ones. In this case, the shortest hair layer is formed in the area of ​​the crown, which smoothly passes in stepped sections to the lower elongated strands, which determine the entire length of the hairstyle.

The cascade of the face is cut according to a simplified scheme: smooth cuts that frame the face give a lot of layers to the hairstyle. In the temporal lobes formed step transitions that create the effect of layering. At the same time, in the back of the head, the hair is left of the same length or worked with thinning scissors.


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Italian can be called a kind of cascade, its characteristic feature is a clear cutting of the voluminous multi-layered crown, the remaining strands are formed according to the standard scheme - smooth cuts for elongation. At the same time, in the occipital-parietal zone, the excess volume is removed due to careful cutting with a razor or deep working with strands of thinning scissors.

Multi-layer haircuts for medium hair

Multi-layered haircuts for medium hair, in addition to the cascade and Italian, can be varied by a variation of the elongated “square leg”. The scheme for creating such a hairstyle differs from the classical one in that it creates a raised back of the head due to a gradual study of the occipital-parietal zone: from long to shorter strands. In some versions of the hairstyle, processing of the occipital-parietal zone with a trimmer with a corresponding nozzle is allowed.

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Very effectively look multilayer haircuts for medium hair, made in the technique of torn strands. Such hairstyles create a relaxed and romantic image, which is so loved by many women. At the same time, in order to add volume to the styling, it is enough just to dry the hair, lifting the curls at the roots, and wrap the ends in the right direction with a round brush.

Multilayer haircuts for short hair

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Multi-layered haircuts for short hair are perfect for active women who appreciate the speed of styling with their own hands in their hair. Graduated strands or torn sections add extra volume to this hairstyle and are great for girls who do not have sufficient hair thickness. Short multi-layered haircuts allow you to make stylish styling for yourself while spending a minimum of time and effort! It is enough to put a little styling on the strands and dry it with a hairdryer, directing the tips to or from the face (depending on the desired effect). To structure individual strands, you can use gel or wax for styling.

We select a multi-layered haircut in accordance with the shape of the face

Before you pick up a multi-stage haircut, you need to focus on some of the nuances of appearance that this hairstyle either helps to hide, or (if the wrong version), on the contrary, emphasize the imperfections of the appearance.

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  • For a round face, you should prefer multi-layered hairstyles just below the chin or performed on long hair. Visually, slightly oblique bangs will help to slightly stretch the face. It is necessary to avoid direct parting in the middle of the head and wide straight bangs, which only add extra inches to your face.
  • For angular (square or triangular) face shape, variations should be selected, with a volume in the chin or slightly below the cheekbones. Such strands will help to visually correct the imbalances in appearance.
  • There are no restrictions for the oval face, girls with such appearance can safely experiment with haircuts of any shape and length.

Video: creating a multi-layer haircut "Bean"

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