Lamination of hair at home

Lamination of hair at home

I have already written about this procedure in the article “Hair Lamination (Effect and Effect)”, so here I will not describe what this procedure is and why it is needed. Let us dwell on the main thing, how to do this procedure at home.

There is nothing bad in doing lamination of hair in the salon, you do not need to bother, it is enough to sit in a chair and relax, and the master will conjure over your hair. But not everyone has this opportunity, because this procedure is not cheap. In addition, today professional cosmetics offers a lot of hair lamination products.

For the procedure of lamination of hair at home, we need:

• Deep cleaning shampoo (Most professional cosmetics manufacturers have such shampoos: Schwarzkopf Professional, Estel, Redken, C: ehko, Londa, Barex and others) • Nourishing and firming mask • Laminating agent • Hair dryer or flat iron

Laminating agent can be purchased in a store with professional cosmetics. The choice of lamination products is quite large, especially popular. Lebel Cosmetics, Paul Mitchel, Sebastian, Goldwell and Matrix.

Some of the brands offer lamination kits, they already include shampoo for deep cleaning, nourishing mask, lamination agent and after lamination.

Lamination sequence:

1. Wash your hair with shampoo for deep cleaning.

2. Make a regenerating or strengthening mask (lamination will fix the beneficial effect of the mask)

3. Dry your hair a little, but leave it wet. We begin to apply a lamination agent to each strand, retreating from the roots of 2-3 cm. Before applying the lamination agent, carefully read the instructions for use! Act strictly according to the instructions. Typically, the lamination agent is applied for 30 minutes. Next, follow the instructions, some funds suggest heating the hair, others do not.

Warming up can be done in two ways: the first way is heating the hair with a hair dryer, before that you need to wear a special cap.

Another way to warm up is a hair iron. To do this, the strands treated with the lamination agent are wrapped in foil, and from the top we run the iron along the strands. Do not be alarmed when you hear a hiss under the foil, the main thing is to carry out the ironing evenly and without delays in one place.

4. After the procedure, rinse your head with water. without shampoo. After the procedure, do not use shampoo for deep cleaning. If you want to dye your hair, then lamination should be done strictly after dyeing, then the color will stay on the hair for a long time and will not fade.

The effect of lamination lasts from 3 to 6 weeks. The procedure can be repeated before, because it is absolutely harmless!

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