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If you find out that there is a hairstyle kichka you will be intrigued because you have not heard of it before, there can be two reasons: you live not in St. Petersburg and did not do ballroom dancing. This word is dialectal, and so St. Petersburgers, although of course there are people who know this word in other regions, and the ballerina called the familiar beam on the head. We will tell you how to make a kichka with your own hands, what is required for this, we will show beautiful photos and informative video.

Features hairstyle kichki

Kichka hairstyle is one of the easiest to perform. It has a number of features:

  • The hair in it is licked and gathered at the top or the back of the head in a horse's tail, and then twisted into a tight knot and fixed with pins or stealth.
  • Dancers, executing this hairstyle, often additionally fix the beam itself with a special mesh to match the hair.
  • The main feature of the hairstyle is that the result is neat and will remain so for a long time.
  • Suitable kitschka for hair of medium length and long. If the length of the strands is higher than the shoulder, it will be problematic to twist them into a bun.
  • The easiest way to perform a hair on smooth and smooth hair. If the curls are wavy or very curly, to achieve a neat result, mousse or gel is applied to the hair beforehand, and then they are tightly fixed and fixed with an elastic band.

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How to perform a hairstyle?

There are several ways to make a kichka. We will tell you about them and you will learn how to make a kichka hairstyle yourself.

styling collected

We make a kichka from a plait

Let's start with the simplest option, which is very easy to perform for oneself, and for girls who are engaged in dancing, even a dad can do this styling. In order for you to have a kichka on your head, you will need:

  • Medium thick, matched in color to your hair.
  • Studs and invisible.
  • Hairbrush.
  • Styling tool, if your hair is pushed.

To get a perfect result, you can use a special rubber band. It looks not quite familiar: its ends are separated, and on each of them there is a small metal hook. Unlike a usual elastic band, to fix hair with its help, you should not throw a tail from hand to hand. The principle of its use is very simple: we hold one end of the rubber band, and the second we wind the tail, the hook is in the hook and the tail is ready.

Armed with the necessary tools, you can begin the process. Step-by-step instructions for the execution of hair looks like this:

  1. Comb all your hair back.
  2. If necessary, apply a styling mousse on them so that unruly hairs do not stand out from the crowd.
  3. Gather the strands on the back of your head and tie a rubber band. The main thing is to have a tail without "roosters". If you collect the perfect tail, we can assume that "in the bag".
  4. Now you need to twist the tail into a tight bundle. Everything is simple here: gather all the strands together and twist in one direction. When the harness is dense enough, it will involuntarily begin to gather in the bun, we will slightly help it, setting the right direction.
  5. If the hair is thick and thick, "ask for it" the bundle will not become a bundle: we twist the bundle around the base of the elastic band.
  6. It remains to fix the result. To keep the kichka on the head firmly, fasten it with pins, and the tip of the bundle is invisible.

bundle of bundle

We perform kichka with donut

This option is suitable for girls with thin hair. Here we will use the overlay donut. Other "the participants" The process remains the same as in the first case with a harness. The step-by-step hairstyle is as follows:

  1. We collect hair in a tight tail higher to the crown and fix the rubber band.
  2. At the base of the tail wear pad-donut.
  3. We correct strands so that the donut does not peek through them.
  4. Take a thin gum and put it on the bottom of the donut.
  5. Wrap all loose strands around the base of the beam and secure with pins.

lining donut

We create a twig with a sophisticated twist

Kitschka for hair with the help of such an accessory as a sophist twist can be performed in two simple variations:

  • The easiest way to create a kichka with this hairpin has the following scheme: we collect all the hair in the tail, and let the sophists twist through its end through the hole. We take the hairpin by the ends and begin to twist it down, holding it with both ends. When the strands along the entire length will be wound on a hairpin, it remains only to connect the ends of the accessory.
  • If you want to create a casual hairstyle, use this instruction: comb back the curls, put them together and thread the hairpins into the hole. We take a twist to the sophist for the tips and make one turn upwards. Now we lower the accessory through the hair so that 10 cm remains between the barrette and their tips. After that, we begin to twist the barrette up, holding it at both ends, and turning the ends down, we connect them with each other.

careless bundles

Such a simple hairstyle is suitable for almost any case, it has no age barriers and is equally well suited to both young beauties and wealthy ladies. Kichka is one of the favorite styles of young girls, since the whole process of its creation takes less than 5 minutes.

Video: How to make a kichka

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