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Keratin hair replacement is, in fact, a type of procedure for the restoration of hair, for example, keratoplasty. She received this name because keratin, a natural protein that is found in hair and scalp, forms complex compounds of strong proteins, protecting strands from chemical and physical influences. Natural keratin over time is destroyed, and the curls lose their beautiful appearance, becoming brittle, dull and naughty. Keratin hair replacement helps bring life back "sick" shag, compensating for the lack of keratin.

Modern development of cosmetology, allow the regenerating composition to penetrate into each hair, and revive its structure. Thus, there is a deep reconstruction of the hair. This procedure works exclusively on damaged areas, and at the same time does not overload the healthy part of the hair.

Hair Prosthetics L'Anza

The restoring composition is selected for each client individually, taking into account the condition of the hair, in order to direct the action of the procedure to the very source of the problem. All types of formulations were developed specifically for the company L'Anza (Lanza). The products of this brand are made on the basis of the Keratin Bond System - KB 2 complex, it is a unique ingredient, which has no equivalent all over the world. In fact, Lanza managed to create "magic elixir" for the restoration of the hair.

shampooing and applying the composition

With the unique properties of the keratin complex KV 2, prosthetic hair L'Anza not only completely restores the hair, but also regenerates the skin of the head. This regenerating complex is a mixture of amino acids containing keratin and moisturizers. He also manages to combine cationic compounds and hydrolyzed keratin. Due to this, the keratin-restoring complex KV 2 is very similar to natural keratin, so the hair and skin of the head ideally accept it.

Unlike simple keratin, the KV 2 complex has a strong cationic charge. Therefore, keratin is absorbed into the curls several times faster. Thus, there is a deep reconstruction of the hair, their structure is revived for a longer time. Curls become healthy, strong, nourished and hydrated.

L'Anza hair prosthetics products can be purchased on their official website, which is located in the United States, as well as from the Russian representatives of this brand or in beauty salons. The cost of one tool is in the region of 4,000 thousand rubles. The price of such a procedure in the cabin varies from 1000 to 2500 depending on the length and condition of the hair.

Reviews on the restoration system of the head of this brand only positive.

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Detailed instructions keratin hair prosthetics

The whole process of prosthetics strands is divided into three main steps.


Before you begin the procedure of prosthetics, the scalp and hair should be thoroughly cleaned of all kinds of contaminants (residues of styling products, chlorine, etc.). This is done using a mild cleansing shampoo, which contains a large amount of oils and no sulfates.


This step involves a deep reconstruction of the hair, but in addition to this the master selects an individual cocktail, the composition of which depends on the type of hair. Such a cocktail can be designed to moisturize, soft, volume or elasticity of the hair. For this we need special activators:

  • Strength Power Booster - aims to restore the strength and elasticity of the strands. It contains a lot of proteins and amino acids. This activator is intended for weakened hair.
  • Moisture Power Booster - is aimed at moisturizing and softening the hair. Contains natural ingredients such as: hyaluronic acid and various oils. Such an activator is simply necessary for dry and lifeless curls.
  • Volume Power Booster - an activator aimed at strengthening and compacting hair. In the composition consists of panthenol and a set of all the necessary vitamin, as pyrrolidone carbonate acids. Due to this, thin and sparse hair becomes much larger.

Lanza cosmetics


This step is final in keratin prosthetics. At this stage, all hair scales are smoothed and fixed in this position for a long time. This forms a protective film that reliably protects the hair from the negative effects of the environment, as well as from hot styling and styling products.

Indications for hair prosthetics

This procedure is recommended if you have:

  • Fragile, dry and badly damaged hair, which have lost their appearance and strength;
  • Long curly curls and accrued strands. Long, because they almost always have dry ends, curly, because they are strongly furrowed and enlarged, since non-living hair needs special care.
  • Keratin prosthetics of hair is especially recommended for bleached, highlights and damaged curls.

lanza line

The prosthetic procedure can be remarkably combined with other procedures that have a chemical effect such as painting or perming. To do this, even developed a special technique, as a result of which any staining or clarification will be more gentle. The hair will be shiny, supple and more voluminous. Another such technology has a positive effect on its color, it turns out to be more saturated and does not wash off for longer.

If you combine hair prosthetics with a perm, the result will be no less impressive. Restored immediately before chemical. perm. Thus, the curls will be more natural and elastic. The effect of such a perm will be longer.

The effect of the procedure on the hair

Keratin prosthetics ensures complete restoration of the hair structure for a long time, restoring its former strength. Externally, the curls are also significantly transformed, becoming shiny, smooth and obedient.

Even completely lifeless strands exhausted by lightening are well moistened, becoming smooth, shiny and obedient. Long and extended combed much easier. The hair becomes resistant to the aggressive effects of chemical agents and thermofilings.

healthy hair

Due to the beneficial minerals and natural components contained in the composition of products for prosthetics, the texture of the strands is compacted, which gives them additional volume.

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