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The hairstyles of Jennifer Lopez for all the time of her career often and dramatically changed. She was both a flirtatious curly girl and a strict lady with a perfectly straight, high tail. Jennifer Lopez even had bangs, although most of her career can be seen missing. Undoubtedly, strict and stylish hairstyles, such as perfectly straight hair or high pony tail, are best suited to the famous singer.

Many fans of the famous pop divas dream of the same luxurious hair, like Jennifer Lopez. What is its secret? In fact, any girl can try on Jennifer Lopez's hairstyles and try to make them at home. At first glance, it may seem that stacking a famous star is quite difficult to create with your own hands, but it is not. There are different variations of hairstyles like Jennifer Lopez, suitable for different length and structure of hair.

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Styling for medium length

The majority of the representatives of the weaker sex is dominated by the average length of hair, so a review of these styling will be very relevant for them. What could be the hairstyles Jennifer Lopez for medium length?

Voluminous curls

Famous hairstyles in the style of Jennifer Lopez remember everything, but her naughty volumetric curls are especially well remembered. Medium curls are ideal for creating such a styling. You will need a round brush, some invisible hair dryers, curling tongs and your favorite styling tools to add volume.

curls at the hollywood star

  1. Wash the hair and blow-dry with your head tilted forward. This will give the required volume from the roots.
  2. Apply styling to almost dry hair and, lifting the strands with a round brush, finish drying.
  3. Select the strand of the required thickness, going from the forehead, and comb it back, fixing it with stealth.
  4. Tweezers to create curls.
  5. Use your fingers to beat the hair at the roots and fix it with varnish.

Tail with curls

To create the next hairstyle like Jennifer Lopez, you will need a rubber band, a straightening iron, a hairdryer, curling tongs and a favorite styling tool.

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  1. Dry hair with a hairdryer. If curls curl, then it is necessary to straighten the iron from the roots. If you are the owner of straight strands, then you are lucky and similar hairstyles in the style of Jennifer Lopez will suit you perfectly.
  2. Comb your hair back and collect it in a tight high tail.
  3. Spray the remaining length with a curler and wrap them with curling tongs. You should have a gentle, not too elastic curls.
  4. Fix the result with varnish.

Styling for long hair

There is no doubt that not only owners of medium length want to get hairstyles in the style of Jennifer Lopez. Many long-haired beauties dream to be like their idol. What kind of styling will suit them?

Stern tail

Perhaps a strict tail is one of the most simple hairstyles from Jennifer Lopez, which can be done independently. Instructions for creating will help you get the desired result. You will need tongs for straightening, hair dryer, elastic to match and styling tool.

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  1. Blow dry the curls and straighten them with a flat iron. Curls should be perfectly straight.
  2. Comb them back and collect them in a tailed horse tail. Secure the styling with an elastic band.
  3. For a better result, walk again with the iron on the hair collected in the tail, it will make them smoother.
  4. Fix the result with varnish.

Styling for short hair

Everyone knows that haircuts Jennifer Lopez always chose long and semi-long. What do girls with short haircuts do? Really they can not create styling as your favorite singer and actress? In fact, there is a certain scheme, adhering to which it is possible to duplicate your favorite hairstyle step by step.

Classic bunch

If you do not have Jennifer Lopez's haircuts, you will need initial preparation before creating the styling. It is necessary to prepare several overhead strands in the color of the native head of hair, a roller to create beams, a hairdryer and styling means.

star with a beam on his head

  1. As usual, dry the hair with a hair dryer, dividing the pile into 4 parts, in the center fix the overhead strands.
  2. Gather the curls at the crown and secure with a rubber band.
  3. Thread through the roller ends of the hair and gradually begin to wind the entire length of the sponge. As a result, you should get a neat classic bundle.
  4. Fix the result with varnish.

From the above, one thing follows - nothing is impossible. Hairstyle like Jennifer Lopez can make a girl with any length and structure of the hair.

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