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japanese hair straightening

Japanese hair straightening is a procedure that changes curly hair from the inside. After this event, the structure of the hair changes and it becomes straight, smooth and shiny. Japanese straightening technology not only smoothes curly hair forever, but also restores damaged hair. Thanks to cystamine, which is part of the rectifying solution, all these changes occur. Cystiamine contains a large amount of protein, which favorably affects the state of hair and also has a therapeutic effect. This procedure is perfect for young ladies who have dry tips on their hair.

Who will be suitable for straightening hair in Japanese

Japanese hair straightening contains alkali as materials. Alkalis, getting into the structure of keratin fibers change the PH of the hair in a big way, because of this, the water-lipid film of hairs is lost. The hairs, weak in texture, soften, become smooth, docile, soft to the touch, and also become too sensitive to any effects. After the procedure of Japanese hair straightening, it is undesirable not to dye your hair. Girls with very curly curls or wearing afro hair, as well as those with tight hair will be perfect Japanese hair straightening.

lebel japanese straightening kit

How is the procedure of hair straightening using the Japanese method

If you have wondered how to straighten hair permanently, then first contact a professional master. He will explain in detail what the Japanese hair straightening is. After that, the specialist will begin to determine the state of your hair, as it is very important. If your hair is colored, you have dry and damaged hair, or you have natural, unpainted curls, then all of these cases will be completely different. After that, the specialist must pick up a certain type of tools that will help to straighten your curly strands for a long time. You have to go through several difficult stages:

  1. The straightening wizard will wash your hair and blow dry. Professional salt-free shampoo will be used in the wash.
  2. The second step is the application of a special tool Strairhtening Cream, which will help straighten your curls. The professional composition of the Strairhtening Cream rectifier is kept on a head of hair depending on what structure it originally had.
  3. After the required time has elapsed, the rectifier is washed off with water. Hair dryer a little dry with a hairdryer.
  4. Then the master takes the heated iron, separates a small strand from the common head of hair and begins the process of straightening. This manipulation is repeated on the whole head of hair. Believe me, only a professional master will be able to straighten hair properly and save the result for a long time.
  5. The penultimate stage is the distribution of a special neutralizer.
  6. The last stage is washing the head and applying a special HairmaskblackcaviarandSILKPROTEIN mask on it.

before and after the procedure

Persistence of result

You will be happy with the result of this event from 6 to 8 months. Naturally, you need to consider how fast your hair grows and how you will take care of them. Repeated straightening procedure is carried out not on the entire length of the hair, but only on the roots. It is most correct to visit a specialist who will conduct the correction procedure when the regrown part of the strands is at least 10 cm. You can safely say that the question is how to straighten the hair for a long time, is closed!

Post-treatment care

Despite what method of straightening was used on your curls, all recommendations for grooming hair alone.

  • Do not wash or wet your head for at least four days after these manipulations.
  • The use of hairpins, elastics and other similar accessories is prohibited.
  • You can not resort to staining or highlighting.
  • Do not wear hats in the form of hats, bandanas, hats, etc.
  • Buy professional care products that contain keratin and do not contain sulfates. From the same series, you need to purchase nutritional conditioners, straightening masks, and protective serum.
  • Popular brands that produce straightening kits are Mon Platin from Israel, Napla, Goldwell, Lebel and Dxl.

Goldwell Straightening Kit

Japanese hair straightening at home

Japanese hair straightening at home is carried out in the same sequence and with the same manipulations as in the salon, which we described earlier. Despite the fact that professional cosmetics stores are full of quality kits for this procedure, no one can give a guarantee of the quality of the manipulation carried out at home. Even if you straighten your afro or wavy curls with enough quality, you cannot say that the result will look as good as the result obtained at the hands of the master. To ensure that your purchase of expensive products is not in vain, it is better to contact a professional salon, where you will be happy to be served by professional craftsmen. Best of all, if you do a Japanese hair straightening at home with someone’s help, such as a girlfriend, because do nuances in the procedure with your own hands will be quite uncomfortable.

result after straightening

Positive and negative aspects of this method

In order to understand for yourself whether this method is good or bad, let's analyze its negative and positive sides.


  • In rainy and wet weather, the strands do not pull out.
  • It is applied even on the most complex hair types, even hard afro.
  • Cosmetics for the care is not worth a lot of money.
  • This method of straightening forever, subject to timely correction.


  • The procedure is not suitable for bleached and bleached curls.
  • You can not wash the hair for 4 days. It is better to do the procedure during the holidays or long weekends, in order to avoid discomfort in public places.
  • A few days can not stab, tie the hair.
  • Considerable price of the procedure. It can range from 4,000 to 15,000 rubles, depending on the length of the hair.

Video: Japanese Hair Straightening with Goldwell Cosmetics

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