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hair styler Instyler Tulip
The main purpose of the styler is to bring the hair into a perfect look. For someone who does not know what it is, it’s enough to imagine a curling iron used for styling hair and for curling. The curling iron was especially popular with girls with straight hair. Today, the world of modern technology has taken a few steps forward and has created many devices similar to the good old curling. One of them is Instyler Tulip. This device is much more convenient and safer than a curling iron, if only because it is impossible for them to get burned.

Functional features of instyler tulip

This gadget includes some features that distinguish it from similar devices, namely:

  • the presence of several modes of heating;
  • possibility of automatic shutdown, which prevents the possibility of unwanted overheating of the device;
  • several modes of rotation, allowing to make curls different in shape;
  • availability of protection that helps protect hands from possible burns.

comfortable curling iron

The main materials used for making styler instyler tulip are plastic or ceramic.

The Benefits of an Auto Styler Instailer Tulep

  • Comfortable shape, which contributes to the easy holding of the device in your hand.
  • The presence of tourmaline or ceramic coating that promotes uniform heat distribution. Thanks to these coatings, the structure of the hair is not subject to destruction.
  • Multifunctionality when creating hairstyles.
  • Prevent tangling of curls when using the device.
  • System self-exclusion due to inactivity of the gadget.
  • Harmlessness and safety.

Disadvantages of instyler tulip

  • High price.

About temperature conditions

flawless curls

Instyler tulip hair styler has several heating modes:

  • The first one is designed to give light waves to a head of hair and requires holding for 3 seconds.
  • The second forms curls of medium elasticity and requires holding for 8 seconds.
  • The third one is designed for strong fixing hairstyles and the styler for the hair instyler tulip requires a longer stay on the hair.

Rules for using rotation mode

Since the instyler tulip styler is designed to create a hairstyle, let's take a look at a few examples of curl formation.

  • Soft curls. They are the perfect decoration for any party and dinner party. For the formation of curls, you need to select an average temperature, twist the strands on the curling iron and hold for about 3 seconds. This applies to women with short and medium length hair. For long-haired people, the recommended time is about 8 seconds.
  • The state of waviness. Requires the selection of the minimum temperature, regardless of the type and length of the hair. Hold time 3 seconds. Thus, you can get a light charming waviness.
  • Springy curls. They are ideal for women with unruly hair or for long-term activities. To do this, you have to set the temperature to the maximum. The exposure time of one strand should be no more than 12 seconds. After the procedure, it is necessary to cool the curls and fix the lacquer strong fixation. Voila! Curling hair is ready!

twisting effect

About the mode of rotation of the drum styler

The drum has three modes of rotation: left, right and both sides. Thanks to these turns, it is convenient to do the hair style to itself in different planes of the head. This can be a perm on the back of the head, to the face, from the face. The possibilities of the curling are great, and the main thing is that the styler for the hair instiller Tulip gives the woman an opportunity to dream up and make her hair step by step.

Learn more about the anti-tangle feature.

It is known that the Instailer Tjulip possesses the mode of anti-entanglement. When using the device, hair may be tangled; at the first such fact, the drum of the device stops instantly, and the woman easily gets a tangled hair. Therefore, there are no problems and pain.

Instailer action on hair

Thanks to this curling, women have the opportunity to receive only positive emotions.

  • Styler for hair Instasel Tylip can significantly reduce the time for the formation and styling hairstyles.
  • The device is very convenient for a head of hair of different lengths, because when it is used it does not cause entanglement, which can lead to hair loss.
  • The tourmaline coating protects the device from overheating, therefore, in the process of twisting the strands, they do not burn out, they look silky and healthy.
  • It is worth noting that due to the convenient configuration of the curling it is easy to hold in your hand. It is worth it for a woman to remember a hair dryer, from the severity of which her hands constantly fall off and she immediately has a smile on her eyes that there is such an assistant in the house.

how to wind strands

Curling your hair with a styler. Instailer Tjulip becomes a pleasant pastime for any girl. In more detail about the functions of the curling can inform the scheme and instructions attached to the product upon purchase.

A little about the positive points styler

  • If there are children in the house, do not worry that the InStyler Tulip curling iron will burn the child. The device is equipped with a protection that guarantees the safety of any consumer, regardless of age category.
  • The next advantage is a long cord, through which you can install the curling iron in any convenient place. By the way, the cord does not twist at all.
  • The presence of special legs is able to give the curling iron a comfortable stable position.
  • Rapid heating to any temperature within a few seconds.

curling tongs installer tyulp

Reviews cheaters instayler tulip

As can be seen from the above, the Instailer Tjulip has only positive characteristics. I wonder what consumers say about this in the Internet resources?

  • The guarantor of the quality and performance of the device are real reviews about the styler, which show that thanks to this curling, women in a significantly short time at home have constructed different hairstyles on their own.
  • In addition, women are very pleased with the fact that the InStyler Tulip curling iron is different in color. This allows you to decide on the choice of the device according to the nature of its owner.
  • Many like the indicator on the device, which is evidence of the efficiency of the curling. The full readiness of the hairstyle, in particular the curl, is indicated by the indicator.

It is possible to buy styler instayler tulip both in the online store and in the company store from the manufacturer. But it is worth preparing for the fact that the price is high enough. The cost of some devices can reach 3000 rubles. But the InStyler Tulip hair styler is worth it to enjoy the daily beauty of hair.

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