Hypericum for hair - the benefits and application

Have you noticed that with the onset of cold weather on the comb began to remain more hair? This problem is solvable. Today I want to talk about how to strengthen the hair with the help of a mask from St. John's wort oil and decoction of its herbs.

Slight hair loss in the autumn and spring period is a natural process. However, against the background of beriberi and weakened immunity, you can lose much more than the body planned. To help my hair cope with the cold, I use an oil mask and decoction of Hypericum.

Hypericum for hair - the benefits and application

The benefits of Hypericum for hair

The healing properties of Hypericum due to its unique composition:

St. John's wort contains such vitamins as A, E, C, PP and P, which are extremely beneficial for the hair itself and for the scalp.

Tannins, of which there are quite a few in this plant, strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair loss, as well as accelerate hair growth.

Saponins help destroy bacteria and fungi that cause dandruff and other diseases of the scalp.

Choline cleans the skin and helps prevent baldness.

Phytoncides relieve skin irritation.

Coumarins enhance hair growth.

Catechins improve intercellular metabolism and help the skin to remove toxins.

Alkaloids strengthen the walls of blood vessels and increase blood circulation.

Essential oils nourish, moisturize the scalp and protect it from negative environmental factors.

It is easy to see that St. John's wort is just perfect for hair care. So write down the recipe.

Oil mask to strengthen hair

This mask with regular use strengthens the hair, accelerates their growth and moisturizes the scalp well.

Hypericum for hair - the benefits and application


Hypericum oil - 1 tablespoon. Sweet almond oil - 1 tablespoon. Optionally, the essential oil of patchouli, lemon, or cinnamon.


one. Mix almond and St. John's wort oil in a small bowl. 2 Heat the mixture in a water bath (or just put the bowl in very hot water) to 30-35 degrees. Check the temperature can be dripping oil on the inside of the wrist. You should feel a pleasant warmth.3 If desired, a few drops of essential oil can be added to the mixture. For oily hair suitable lemon, orange or grapefruit (4-5 drops). To enhance hair growth - cinnamon oil (only not more than 3 drops, and be sure to make a test on the wrist, before applying the mask). And if you do not have any special problems with the scalp, then you can use universal patchouli oil - 4-5 drops.

Hypericum for hair - the benefits and application

Applicationone. Apply the mask on dry scalp (if the oil is warm, the effect will increase).2 Make a light massage with circular movements of the fingers. 3 Spread the rest of the mixture over the entire length of the hair. four. Wrap your head in a plastic bag and wrap a warm towel.five. After 30 minutes, wash your hair.6 To enhance the effect, rinse with a decoction of Hypericum, the recipe of which I will give below. 7 Use a mask 1-2 times a week.

Decoction Hypericum for hair

IngredientsDry herb St. John's wort 2 tablespoons. 0.5 liter of boilers.Cookingone. Dry grass of Hypericum fall asleep in a thermos.2 Pour boiling water and leave to infuse for 1 hour.3 Broth strain.four. If you have very long hair, then in the resulting broth you can add another 0.5 liters of water.


Rinse the hair with this decoction can be after each shampooing. It will give hair volume and lightness, enhance shine and soothe the scalp.

Important for blondes

Hypericum can make your hair darker, so if you are blond and value your hair color, it is better to rinse chamomile decoction after applying the mask of hypericum.

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