How to weave a french braid (photo)

Beautiful long hair - the dignity of the modern girl, because of the chic head of hair can do a variety of hairstyles. In addition, braided hair - it is very important lately. Many girls do not know how to weave french braid, In this article I will talk in detail about the weaving of this braid.

One of the most popular and simple weaving on the heads of girls - french braid. This hairstyle is of two types: a classic braid in the French style, as well as a braid "from France" braided, so to speak, around it.

Ordinary French braid trudges as follows:

one. It is necessary to separate the part of hair taken from above and divide it into three strands. Then put the right pasmo on the middle one and cover the left one on top. Next, you need to braid the hair as it is done when weaving an ordinary braid.

How to weave a French braid (photo)

2 Having reached the head, all three strands, without mixing them together, must be laid out on the left hand.

How to weave a French braid (photo)

3 Then you can take small identical strands of hair on the right side of the head and weave them with the right strand.

How to weave a French braid (photo)

four. The newly made strand should be put on the middle one and take it to the right side.

How to weave a French braid (photo)

five. Further, without connecting strands with each other, it is necessary to free the left hand.

How to weave a French braid (photo)

6 The following way is to repeat the actions with the exact opposite - taking the hair from the left side you need to connect them with the left strand. Next, put the pasmo on the middle strand and pull the hair to the left.

How to weave a French braid (photo)

7 Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the end of the hair while keeping hands close to the head, so that the hairstyle is held tight. At the end tie the braid with a rubber band. Classic French braid ready.

How to weave a French braid (photo)
How to weave a French braid (photo)
How to weave a classic French braid (video)

The French braid is the opposite

French braid In contrast, it is distinguished by its weaving only in that the strands are woven into the braid, not upward, but inside.

one. Having brushed your hair qualitatively, as when weaving a standard French braid, you should select a bunch of hair in the upper part of the head.

2 Next, you need to divide the beam into three strands, which can be both large and small, depending on how you want to see the result (the braids from small and large strands are slightly different from each other).

3 Weaving is better to start from the left edge: separate the first strand and place it under the middle and the outermost one.

four. Then the first strand on the right side should be placed below the middle and extreme. This is the difference between the usual French braid and the inverted one - the strands are laid out not upward, but podlazhivayutsya bottom.

five. Further, the braid is woven in exactly the same way as when weaving simple French, with the only difference in the lower, and not the upper, adjustment of the strands.

How to weave a French braid (photo)
How to weave a reverse French braid (video)

Now you know how to weave a French braid and can do it without difficulty! French braid - it is always fashionable, relevant, and most importantly, very beautiful and feminine, so if you learn correctly, to braid such a braid, you can look beautiful and neat, without making any special efforts.

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