How to wash your hair

This issue has long been relevant and is discussed both in scientific circles and among the inhabitants. For many, the exact answer to this question has not yet been found, and in this review we tried to figure out how to properly wash the hair for women, men and even children.

How to wash your hair

First of all, it is necessary to figure out what exactly becomes the reason that the hair quickly becomes greasy and does not look well-groomed. The hair on the head quickly becomes greasy because the physiological work of the sebaceous glands, which are located directly on the scalp, is impaired. The reason for the violation of physiological processes can be:

one. Hormonal disorders, which are often subject to children in adolescence, women in menopause, during menstruation, during pregnancy and during other natural physiological processes.

2 Metabolic or metabolic disorders. Such states often accompany a modern person in connection with his rhythm of life. Constant stress, severe physical or mental stress, sleep disturbance, depression and many other pathological conditions can cause various disruptions in the body, which cause the sebaceous glands and other organs and their systems to malfunction.

3 Incorrect use of various tools intended for styling or styling hair. Incorrectly selected and applied agents can cause blockages of the sebaceous glands and, as a result, abundant sebum. This is a kind of protective reaction of the body to external stimuli.

four. Seasonal changes. Scientists note that with frequent fluctuations in ambient air temperature, wind, and wearing hats made of synthetic materials, hair becomes contaminated much faster. In the summer, you can see that the need to wash your hair occurs much less frequently.

five. Incorrectly selected hair care products. If there is an opportunity, it is worth visiting a trichologist who will determine your skin type and evaluate its general condition, after which it will help you choose the means that will suit you.

If this is not possible, you should assess the condition of your hair after 12 and 24 hours after you have washed your hair. If after 24 hours the hair looks greasy and not well-groomed, then it is worthwhile to state the fact that you have oily hair type and they require special care.

6 Wrong way of eating. Often, abundant sebum becomes a consequence of the fact that the “patient” eats a lot of smoked, salted, fried and fatty foods, which also contributes to metabolic disorders. This may eventually lead to the fact that the hair will, on the contrary, be too dry, the natural balance will be disturbed, and such changes as dandruff or seborrhea will occur.

Thus, to answer the question how many times a week you need to wash your hair if the hair is greasy is difficult enough, and often this task is only possible for an experienced specialist. After selecting an individual set of activities, you can count on the fact that if you follow a certain lifestyle, your hair can become more healthy.

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The most important thing is to listen to your own feelings. If the hair looks greasy, and you are not satisfied with their appearance - this is an occasion to wash your hair.

How often to wash your hair, so that they grow faster and be healthy?

We have already said that the number of procedures for washing hair should be determined individually. One needs only to wash one's hair once a week, while others need 3-4 procedures to make their hair look good.

It should be borne in mind that quickly contaminated hair is not a cosmetic defect, but, sometimes, a serious dermatological problem, the solution of which requires the intervention of qualified specialists. So the doctor-trichologist can develop an individual set of measures that will lead to rapid growth, restoration and health of hair.

As a rule, such a complex of activities consists of:

harmonization of healthy dietary principles; selecting the right care products that can be made only on an individual basis; visits to therapeutic physiotherapy (scalp massage, mask, darsonval, etc.); individual selection of hair styling products based on their type and general condition; regular specialist consultations, etc.

Observing all the requirements of a specialist, you can achieve a good "therapeutic effect", improve your health in general and reduce the frequency of hair cleansing procedures to a minimum. As a rule, after the hair is healthy, it will be necessary to wash it about 1-2 times a week. At the same time, your hair will pleasantly surprise you with a well-groomed appearance and real health.

Many products that marketers graciously provide us do not solve any problems with the health of the hair and scalp, but only mask the existing problems for a while, and sometimes they also damage the condition of the hair and scalp. For this reason, trichologists categorically do not recommend choosing care products following the “valuable” advice of marketers. It is necessary to approach the choice of cosmetics for hair seriously, study the composition of the product, and select a shampoo for your hair type.

My hair is correct with the whole family

Individual characteristics are the basis to be taken for granted. For example, washing a child’s hair with the products you have chosen for yourself is not recommended.

In children, metabolic and many other physiological processes have certain age features. The work of the sebaceous glands can be impaired due to hormonal processes that occur during adolescence.

There are general rules, following which it is possible to achieve that the hair will be healthy and beautiful:

How to wash your hair

one. Do not wash your hair with too hot water. As this can lead to skin dryness and dandruff. Wash hair on the head should be warm water, and if there is such an opportunity - to make a contrast shower, gradually reducing the temperature of the water. This procedure will enhance the microcirculation of the scalp, accelerate metabolic processes and give the hair true health and beauty.

2 A small amount of hair wash should be well foam in the palms before applying, and only then evenly apply on the hair to foam and rinse. How many times you need to soap your head - this is an individual question. Some need one time, but if the hair is not washed well and remains greasy to the touch, then you can lather your head again, following the same rules.

3 Balms and conditioners are applied exclusively on the main part of the hair and ends, avoiding the root zone. Do not use weighting and too fatty tools. Perfectly suited modern fluids that will give your hair health and shine.

four. As a conditioner, many experts recommend the use of medicinal herbs decoctions, such as chamomile, calendula, nettle, linden and others. The combination of such decoctions has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the hair and scalp.

five. After consulting with a specialist, you can once a week make a medical peeling for the hair, using cosmetics specifically designed for this procedure.

Deep Cleansing Hair Shampoo

Professional cosmetic brands produce special shampoos for deep hair cleansing, this shampoo can be used once a month.

The fact is that many hair products contain silicones and other substances that are difficult to wash out of the hair completely, they accumulate and this can lead to brittle hair.

Regular shampoos can not always cope with this task, especially if you use soft, sulphate-free shampoos. Therefore, for deep cleansing of hair and scalp, we recommend periodically using a special shampoo.

It should also be borne in mind that due to physiological characteristics, it is usually necessary to wash the hair of a man or a child, as a rule, much less frequently than women. This is easily explained by the special state of hormonal background in women and the features of their anatomy and physiology.

With hair loss, it is necessary, in addition to the above procedures, to take vitamin and mineral complexes. This is also not a cosmetic problem, but a consequence of some fairly serious violations.

Summing up, it is worth noting that the number of hair washing procedures should be determined individually, and it would be nice to seek the help of a qualified specialist.

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