How to wash henna from hair

How to wash henna from hair

Henna is very popular with women. But the result of henna coloring is known to be different, it depends on your natural color, hair type and other factors.

If you dyed your hair with henna and you didn’t like your color, do not despair, there are many ways that help to wash henna from the hair.

The main thing is not to delay the wash, as over time the henna almost connects with the hair, and it is impossible to wash it. Folk remedies for washing off henna.

1. Oil masks. These masks will help you pull henna out of hair. Perfectly suitable olive oil, burdock, linseed oil, etc. Warm up the oil and apply over the entire length of the hair. From above, we always put on a hat and warm our heads. Mask hold at least 2 hours. It is desirable to wash off the mask with shampoo for oily hair.

2. Dairy products. Sour cream and kefir are often used in the fight against henna. If you use sour cream, then apply it on hair, warm and leave for an hour. Then wash off with warm water. Kefir mask is usually made with yeast. On a glass of kefir we take 40 gr. yeast, mix and apply for a couple of hours.

Masks from oils and dairy products were more benign. And now more radical means, they often work better, but the hair is exposed to harmful effects. Therefore, after such methods it is better to make nutritional masks.

How to wash henna from hair

3 Hair rubbed 70% alcohol and hold for 5 minutes (alcohol opens the hair scales). Then we apply oil on the hair without washing off the alcohol (it can be vegetable, mineral or oil to remove dye). Keep on hair for about 30 minutes. In this case, you can warm the head or warm them with a hairdryer.

Wash off the mask with oily hair shampoo or polishing shampoo. If you do not want to use alcohol, then rinse the hair with hot water in front of the mask, it will also open the hair scales.

4. Economic soap It helps to get rid of henna, as it is alkaline and opens the hair scales. To do this, you just need to wash your hair with soap. After this wash, make an oil mask or nourishing mask.

The procedure is done within a month.

five. For this method we need a basin of water and vinegar. In the pelvis add 3 tbsp. l Vinegar, dipped hair in the solution for 10 minutes. Then shampoo my hair and apply a balm. This method has already helped many girls.

6 With the help of hairdressing washes, it is not customary to wash henna, and not every hairdresser will take it. But this can be done, for this you need to choose a wash that reveals the scales of the hair and thus washes out the paint, and not those that remove the color due to lightening.

If your natural color is light and you want to wash henna from your hair, then these folk remedies are suitable for you. If you are a brunette or want to be her, then on top of henna you can dye your hair with basma to the desired shade!

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