How to use the lunar calendar haircuts

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Lunar calendar haircuts for 2019 will help you choose favorable days to manipulate hair and avoid adverse days.

Save yourself:

Following the recommendations of the lunar calendar, you can not only significantly improve the condition of the hair, but also change your life for the better. After all, the moon has a strong influence on all spheres of our life.

If you are accessing the lunar calendar for the first time, it may seem difficult and incomprehensible to you, but it is easy to understand it. To begin with, we will decompose all the information on the shelves so that you can easily use the lunar calendar and grow hair.

4 factors affect haircut, which are reflected in the lunar calendar:

one. Phase of the moon2 Zodiac sign in which the moon is located3 Day of the weekfour. Lunar day

Each of these factors influences your hair in its own way, and in order to choose the most auspicious day for haircuts and other manipulations, each of these factors must be taken into account, for this the Lunar haircut calendar for 2019 exists.

And now let's deal with each factor separately.

Phase of the moon

How to use the lunar calendar haircuts

Waxing Crescent - has a beneficial effect on hair growth. If you want your hair to grow faster, their condition is better, and the roots strengthened, trim it in this phase. Procedures aimed at improving the health of hair will be very effective.

Full moon - It is considered the most favorable day for haircuts. After the haircut, the hair will be strengthened, the appearance will improve. Any haircuts and manipulations in the full moon will be to the face, and all procedures aimed at improving the hair will bring excellent results.

Waning moon - a haircut in this phase will slow down further hair growth. In this case, a haircut in the current period will help to strengthen the roots and keep the haircut for a long time. Hair care procedures will not bring the desired effect, so it is best to refrain from healing the hair during this period.

New Moon - during this period it is not recommended to cut hair. During this period, the body is especially weakened, including hair, so this day will be extremely unfavorable for any changes. It is better to postpone the trip to the hairdresser for a couple of days.

The influence of the zodiac sign on a haircut

How to use the lunar calendar haircuts

Aries - the moon in the sign of Aries may adversely affect the hair. You should not do a haircut on this day, as the hair may weaken and brittleness will appear. It can also lead to hair loss. Any actions with hair will weaken the protective functions of the body and can lead to illness.

Taurus - favorable time for a hairstyle. Haircut on this day will be extremely successful, and the overall condition of the hair will improve, even if you just cut split ends. Health treatments will give your hair energy, shine and health, and you can resort to both salon and home care, the effect in both cases will be remarkable.

Twins - a haircut on this day will not affect the hair coronal way. Hair trimmed on this day will quickly grow back, but their external condition will not improve, they may become disobedient. But staining and healing procedures at this time can be carried out.

Crayfish - the effect of this sign on the hair, rather unfavorable. All manipulations will not lead to a good result, the hair will stick out and push. Hair growth will slow down. Only in one case, you can resort to a haircut on this day - there you want to get rid of excessive custody of loved ones.

a lion - has a great effect on the hair, they become thicker and stronger. Haircut that day is recommended. Also, the influence of Leo has a positive effect on other procedures, such as coloring, perming, and improving the hair. The moon in Leo and in other areas will bring success, so we advise you to look at these days.

Virgo - A beneficial effect on the growth and condition of the hair. Haircuts in this period will be successful and perfectly complement your image. Hair will grow faster and their overall condition will improve thanks to a haircut. Coloring, toning and masking of gray hair on this day will be successful. Also do not forget about the wellness treatments on this day.

Libra - This is an air sign, which is characterized by lightness and windiness. Hair after cutting in this phase will grow faster, but will become disobedient and airy. It is better to refuse staining in this phase, the effect is unlikely to please you and it will not be durable. Wellness procedures will not bring much benefit.

Scorpio - ambiguously affects the condition of the hair. If your hair was thin, fragile and weak, then a haircut on this day will improve their condition and make it stronger. It is better to refuse cosmetic procedures. A haircut on this day may affect your relationship with the opposite sex, but it is impossible to predict for better or for worse.

Sagittarius - The influence of this sign, like Scorpio is ambiguous. Haircuts made on this day will not affect the growth or health of the hair, but the curls will be naughty. Laying will be hard to keep. Coloring will not be resistant and hair will quickly lose color and shine.

Capricorn - The best time to cut hair. Hair will become thicker, and the loss will be reduced, the structure of the hair will noticeably improve, split ends will disappear. The hairstyle will have a neat well-groomed look, and the hair shine will increase. All treatments with hair will bring excellent results.

Aquarius - will not have a strong effect on the hair. On this day, you can pay attention to hair coloring, also the day is suitable for bright hairstyles not peculiar to you.

Fish - The effect of this sign will affect the scalp. Haircut can lead to dandruff, so it is better to refrain from going to the master. Curling or coloring can damage hair and make it brittle. Improving procedures can be carried out to people with the thin and cutting hair.

Day of the week

How to use the lunar calendar haircuts

Monday - haircuts on this day will be successful and bring you satisfaction. Mowing on Monday you will get rid of everything superfluous, of problems and negative influence. After shearing, overall morale will improve.

Tuesday - auspicious day for procedures with hair. Haircut on this day will give you vitality and energize. Hairstyle will delight a long time. A haircut on this day is not recommended only to those who want to leave everything in life as it is and not to introduce any novelty.

Wednesday - an auspicious day for haircuts, especially for those who want to communicate with old and new acquaintances. Also, a haircut on this day will contribute to learning. Other treatments on the hair will not have much effect.Thursday - A visit to the master on this day can strengthen your financial situation and improve your self-esteem. Haircut will help to return faith in yourself and improve well-being. The exceptions are people born on Wednesday, they should refrain from cutting.

Friday - Women's Day, if you want to improve your appearance and prettier, then this day is suitable for a haircut. But if your life is happy and you are satisfied, then it is better to move the haircut to another day.

Saturday - haircut favorably affects not only the hair, but also the entire body as a whole, helps get rid of loneliness and complexes. Cosmetic procedures also positively affect the hair, they will become strong and shiny.

Sunday - haircut on this day is prohibited. It is believed that this day can not trim the hair and nails, as this may disrupt your relationship with the cosmos and it will worsen your physical and emotional state. Will adversely affect the financial situation.

Lunar day

Lunar day also affect hair cutting. However, to know the influence of each factor separately is not enough, because in each day they intertwine and can have different effects. For this, there is a lunar calendar, it will help to compare the influence of all factors and choose the best day for your haircut.

On our website you will find the lunar calendar of haircuts for 2019 by months, each month indicates the most favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts, as well as a detailed description of each day and its impact on the hair.

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