How to untangle hair (tips)

How to untangle hair (tips)

Sometimes the hair gets tangled so that some girls decide to cut off the appeared koltun, but I do not advise you to do this. First you need to try to untangle the hair, but if nothing helps you out of the proposed methods, then the scissors are in your hands.

What confuses hair?

There are many reasons. Especially prone to tangling. Thin hair, they are more confused and more difficult to unravel.

Highly dry hair stand in second place for tangling, dyeing, blow-drying and hot hair accessories dry and thin the hair, they become damaged and more easily confused, as the hair scales cling to each other.

The reason for tangling the hair is also the cold season, firstly, in winter, the hair itself becomes drier, it becomes electrified, and there is almost no moisture in it, and secondly, the winter clothes, all sorts of hats and scarves aggravate the situation. Also hair can get tangled while drying hair with a round brush. And there is another question, how to untangle hair from a comb? Or do you know the situation when you can hardly comb your hair after a strong comb or complicated hairstyle?

I will try to describe all known and unknown methods of unraveling the hair that I found on the Internet.

How to untangle hair?

one. The first way is to comb the hair in small strands. To do this, take a comb with rare teeth, and you begin to slowly comb your hair, starting from the very tips. This method is not suitable for all types of hair, besides it is easy to tear and damage the hair.

2 If the hair rolls into a small koltun, you need to pull a small amount of hair out of the main tangled place with your fingers. The method is very painstaking and requires special care and patience.

3 The most popular way of disentanglement (it is often used to disentangle hair after hairstyle or hair brush): we get up under the shower, drench the hair with water and wash them with shampoo, it is better to have more foam (it is necessary to get rid of varnish residues and styling products, without them hair disentangled faster). Then we apply a balm or a mask on hair and especially on tangled places (apply abundantly, do not regret the money).

Lightly massage the hair, hold the time and wash off. Thanks to the balm, the hair should be slippery and easier to disentangle. So you can unravel most of the hair. But remember that wet hair is more fragile! So do not try to pull them, they can break.

four. If you have a little strand of mess, you can take a two-phase hair spray and splash on it. After that, try to unravel.

five. If your hair is wrapped around a round comb, moisten the locks with oil or shampoo, and begin to slowly rotate the comb.

What to do so that hair is not confused?

- Moisturize and nourish the hair, they will be soft, smooth and this will prevent from tangling. - Try to dry your hair with a hair dryer less often and use hair straighteners - As soon as you notice that your hair has become tangled, untangle it, if it isn’t done right away, then your hair will become tangled even more.- If you have long hair, try not to dissolve it in unfavorable weather conditions (cold, strong wind) .- Also, long hair should not be left loose under outerwear, because of this, they rub against each other and get tangled).

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