How to style your hair dryer - the basic rules

How to dry and put hair with a hair dryer? At first glance it may seem that it is very easy to do this, but still there are some subtleties in this matter.

In the modern world, no woman can do without a hair dryer. He helps us out when you need to quickly bring your hair in order. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use it without hurting its hair. Let's give you a few simple tips:

How to style your hair dryer - the basic rules

one. The main rule - do not dry your hair too wet! Before using the hair dryer, thoroughly blot the hair with a towel, and let them dry out for a while. By the way, never rub the hair with a towel or twist it. Wet hair is very fragile!

2 Before drying, apply a protective emulsion on them. It will help prevent electrifying hair.

3 After the emulsion, you should use a hair styling product, it is better if it is a spray, as it penetrates the hair structure much faster than other products. Gels and styling foams are also great.

four. Before drying, divide the hair into several strands. You must comb and dry them separately, so you can protect them from tangling.

five. In the process of drying, hold the dryer over your head, directing the air from top to bottom. So you can make your hair more shiny, as the hair scales with this method will be bonded to each other.

How to style your hair dryer - the basic rules

6 It is best to choose the minimum temperature, as the hot air spoils our hair very much, making it dull and brittle.

7 To give volume, when drying, wind each strand of hair on a large, round brush.

eight. Perfect hair is in fashion now. You can make them so if, when drying, to strain them with a brush, blowing a stream of hair from top to bottom. Pay special attention to the tips, as they are the most difficult to lay.

9. In no case can not use the dryer every day, because even cold drying exposes them to friction. Dry your hair no more often 4 times a week, and with extremely cold air.

ten. When styling hair, it is possible to mix several products, for example, gel and emulsion.

How to style your hair dryer - the basic rules

eleven. After you have done the styling, you can spray them with varnish, but this is not necessary. The means used today do not make heavier and glue hair, while fixing it well.

12. It is better if at the end you apply a special spray that adds shine to your hair. Even in cloudy weather, your hair will shine and sparkle. Just do not use spray with large spangles, in everyday life you will look silly, but such a tool is perfect for a holiday.

So we considered the simplest rules, observing that you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

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