How to straighten hair ironing

How to straighten hair ironing

It seems that there is nothing easier than straightening hair at home. But in fact, such a simple procedure has its own rules and features.

First of all, should choose the right iron for straightening. It is best that he has a thermostat, and the ironing plates are ceramic. The choice of temperature will help avoid unnecessary damage to the hair.

Secondly, when straightening the hair with an iron, it is necessary to use thermal protectors for the hair. This may be a heat-shielding spray or milk, such funds will protect your hair from overheating.

How to straighten hair ironing - step by step instructions

Step 1. Wash your hair, then dry it in a natural way, preferably using a hair straightener. It is important that the hair is completely dry, do not straighten wet hair, as this can damage the hair structure.

Step 2. Apply heat protection to hair

Step 3. Heat the iron to the desired temperature. Fix the main part of the hair with a barrette, start straightening the hair from the back of the head with the lower strands. Thus, strand by strand, you must straighten all hair.Step 4. If necessary, spray hair with varnish or spray for volume at the roots.

Helpful advice: you should not take too thick strand for straightening, the thinner the strand, the better your hair will straighten.

Precautions when straightening hair iron:

one. Remember that ironing plates heat up very quickly, so never touch the plates with your hands.

2 Do not try to straighten wet or wet hair.

3 Do not heat the iron above 120 degrees.

four. When straightening, do not hold the iron in one place. Ironing movements should be smooth, not intermittent.

five. Professional hairdressers do not recommend using irons more often 2-3 times a week.

How to straighten hair ironing - video

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