How to remove yellowness from hair after dyeing

The desire to change haunts many girls throughout life, and, most often, these changes relate to our hair.

This is not surprising, because changing the haircut or hair color is now the easiest. We girls are not permanent creatures and can easily repaint from a burning brunette to a blonde, but will the results please us?

How to remove yellowness from hair after dyeing

Hair lightening not as simple a procedure as it may seem at first, it is important to follow a set of rules in order to get the desired result, and in many cases you cannot do without toning after lightening the hair, therefore it is best to entrust such an important matter to the master.

With self-lightening, you can face the following consequences:

✓ hair may be colored unevenly; ✓ there is a risk to burn the hair, they will become brittle and dry. The first time you are unlikely to achieve the desired shade, ✓ yellowness will appear on the hair, we'll talk about it in detail in this article.

Yellowness - the worst dream of all blondes, for sure, every girl who decided to become a blonde, faced with this problem. Why does this not a pleasant yellow shade appear on the hair?

Causes of yellowness after clarification

1. Poor quality, cheap or expired paint. In pursuit of savings, many choose low-quality products for coloring, which leads to a yellow tint after clarification.

2. Violation of the coloring technique. Here we are talking not only about the correct application of paint on the hair, but also about the dwell time of the paint.

3. Coloring dark hair. Pigment of dark hair is not so easy to bring, it may require several procedures for lightening, and then toning the hair. If you decide to drastically lighten dark hair at a time, the yellowness of your hair is guaranteed.4. Poor water. Hard water with impurities and impurities can also lead to an undesirable shade. The fact is that when washing off the paint, it easily falls into the open hair scales and interacts with the paint.

5. “Strong” native hair pigment, it will appear as a yellow shade not immediately but with time.

If you still want to perform the procedure lightening hair at home, It is necessary to properly prepare the hair and know a few rules to the maximum to avoid the appearance of yellowness.

How to remove yellowness from hair after dyeing

What you need to know before lightening hair

one. If you have done hair treatments such as carving, perm, boost up, etc., then it is better to wait and start painting a few weeks after the procedures.

2 Lightening hair is quite an aggressive procedure, so it is advisable to take care of your hair, make firming, moisturizing masks, cut off the bite ends.

3 Choose the right oxidizer. For brunettes and owners of black hair, you should take 9% or 12% oxidizer, for brown-haired women, 6% and 9% will suit; blond-haired girls can stay at 3%.four. On the day of dyeing, do not wash your hair, it is better to do this in a day or two.

five. If you have previously dyed your hair in a dark color, it is better to make a wash.

6 Choose a high quality paint to lighten.

7 Wash off paint with clean water if possible.

How to lighten hair without yellowness? Staining technique

one. Divide hair into 4 equal parts. To do this, we make two partings, first from the forehead to the neck, then from the temple to the temple on the back of the head.

2 Part paint according to the instruction. Clearly follow the instructions, the result of staining depends on it. Use special dishes and gloves.

3 Coloring begins at the back of the head, then go to the temporal areas and only at the very end of the hair at the forehead. At the same time take small strands and carefully paint them. The paint should fall on each hair.

four. The exposure time depends on your hair type and color, as well as the type of dye. Usually, the instructions indicate the time of staining.

five. Then wash off the paint with water and only then you can wash it off with shampoo and apply a special balm.

But even the observance of all the above rules does not guarantee you the absence of yellowness after lightening hair. So how to get rid of it?

How to remove yellowness from hair after dyeing

How to remove yellowness from hair after dyeing at home

1 way - using tint balsam

The most budgetary and simple version is Tonic tint balm, with the help of which it is easy to change the shade of hair and remove yellowness. But using this method you need to be especially careful, with the wrong choice of shade and application, you can get the opposite result and, for example, get green hair instead of blond hair. If you overdo it with time, you can also get hair of “gray” color, so read the instructions carefully before use.

How to remove yellow with "Tonic"

2 way - special shampoos

Now almost every manufacturer of cosmetics for hair in the line has a shampoo to neutralize the yellowness. This is the easiest and safest way to remove yellowness from hair. It is necessary to apply such shampoo as well as usual, it has a purple or blue shade, no need to be afraid of it, such shampoo will not stain your hands and skin.

Apply shampoo on the hair, hold for a few minutes (how much is indicated on the package) and rinse with water. Apply this shampoo is necessary, as necessary, about every third or fourth wash, it is not suitable for daily use.

This shampoo will help with a light shade of yellowness, if you have an intense shade, then you can not do without a tint balm.

The most popular shampoos for eliminating yellowness:

L'Oreal Professionnel Expert Silver - Silver-Shampoo to neutralize the yellowness, the approximate price of 600-700r. Shampoo from the Schwarzkopf line, Bonacure Color Freeze Silver Shampoo, approximate price of 600 rubles. Silver shampoo for light shades to neutralize yellowness Concept silver shampoo for light-blond and blonded hair, price 300r.Estel Professional Curex Color Intense "Silver" for cool blond shades, approximate price 300r. Shampoo Kaaral K05 Silver with anti yellow effect, 1200r. Over 1000ml

How to remove yellowness from hair after dyeing
Get rid of the yellowness with shampoo

3 way masks and balms to eliminate yellowness

In addition to shampoos, there are special masks and balms that neutralize yellowness. The advantage of this method is that in addition to eliminating the undesirable color, the mask also restores and nourishes the hair. For example, these include Mask "MARILIN", and Air Conditioning "Sheer BLONDE".

4 way - home remedies to neutralize the yellowness

Home-made methods of removing yellowness are, of course, more labor-intensive and their effect depends on the duration and number of procedures; however, with these shortcomings, they have a significant advantage - in addition to the lightening effect, you will receive nourishing and restorative care. Therefore, as an alternative, you can consider several useful lightening procedures for blondes.

Honey home mask from yellowness

Take a few tablespoons of natural honey and generously apply to each strand to make it easier to apply honey, it needs to be slightly warmed in a water bath or mixed with base oils. Wrap a head with a film and warm with a towel, leave for 1-3 hours.

Rinsing the hair with decoction of rhubarb

To remove the yellowness, a decoction of rhubarb root has proven itself well. Prepare the broth and dilute it with a liter of water (a liter of water for 1 cup of broth) and rinse the hair after washing. Rhubarb has a good brightening and firming effect. Also brightening effect has a decoction of chamomile.

Kefir mask for lightening

Kefir is not only able to moisturize the strands deeply, but also to remove the yellowness, due to its composition. For greater effect, you can add lemon juice to the mask. Preheat the mixture in a water bath and apply on curls, after an hour you can rinse with cool water.

Now you know how to remove yellow in the home, and you can easily transform and from a cheap yellow color get a beautiful platinum tint!

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