How to put a haircut on straight hair

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Despite the fact that each of us has our own ideas about beauty, there are stereotypes in society that make many women constantly adjust their appearance. Everyone knows that a good half of blondes were by nature the owners of dark blond curls or brown-haired women. Also not in honor with the young ladies and straight hair. Curlers, curls, chemistry - which is the only thing they will not do to make their hair seem curly. And few women dare to say that straight and smooth hair is very beautiful. Meanwhile, haircuts for straight hair - a real field of experimentation. Moreover, such hairstyles are increasingly seen at fashion shows by famous designers. Stylists use a wide variety of schemes and embody their ideas with the help of modern styling tools.

If the hair is hard and thick, then any smooth styling will look very impressive. Thin hair is more suitable for haircuts such as bob or bob. As haircuts for long straight hair, and a shorter version of hair can be decorated with strands, painted in iridescent or pastel colors. However, toning in a natural contrasting color to its own, also looks very interesting.

Different length of straight hair

Straight short hair

Haircuts for short straight hair are very demanding styling. How it will be performed depends on whether you look like an exemplary girl or a desperate teary-head. Therefore, stacking haircuts on short straight hair on your own, you need to be neat and in a good mood.

ruffled and smooth hair

Using the gel strong fixation, you can put the hair smoothly, it looks very sexy, but at the same time strictly. By applying the mousse, you can make the image touching and naive. With the help of a lacquer, a gel of strong fixation and a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment, you can build a hairstyle with pointed split locks on your head. This hairstyle more than others corresponds to the street fashion. The instructions for creating such a laying are very simple: apply the styling agent to the wet strands and pull them up with your fingers, then dry with a hairdryer and fix with varnish.

Straight hair of medium length

Haircuts for straight hair of medium length are also perfectly converted using styling. So at home, you can make an incredibly beautiful and lush head of hair from a regular bean or a square. In order to lay it with your own hands, you will need only tools for styling medium fixation (gel, varnish and mousse) and the most common comb with large and rare teeth. Laying is carried out step by step:

  1. First, the laying tool is applied by hand to the root zone.
  2. Then the hairstyle is dried using a hair dryer.
  3. Then strands can be fluffed by applying a comb.
  4. Then you can fix the styling varnish. You can be sure that you will have a real luxurious royal mane on your head.

perfect styled

Another option is to put straight hair of medium length - build one of them with pigtails or short playful tails. In addition, the hair can be smoothly combed in the same way as described above for a short length. In that case, if the tips are bent, they can be further straightened with an iron and fix the result with varnish.

Haircuts for straight hair of medium length, regardless of the chosen styling option, can be decorated with hairpins, ribbons or an interesting rim.

Straight long hair

Haircuts for long straight hair - the most feminine of all these varieties of length. All the styling options that they allow are simply not possible to list. It will be enough to indicate that any of them can look very beautiful and elegant.

For example, locks can be left loose, but give the hair volume at the very roots. Regardless of whether the haircut on straight hair with bangs or without it, it will not be difficult at all to lay your hair on your own. All you need is an iron for straightening and a varnish of a moderate degree of fixation. Processing of the hair is done in stages, strand by strand - first they are sprayed with varnish, and then they are passed on with a hot iron. Doing this styling too often is not recommended, since the thermal method of processing the hair can adversely affect its health.

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Haircut for straight hair with bangs allows styling in the form of various braids, tufts, tails and so on. Different types of weaving will allow every day to create a new hairstyle. The knots tied from straight long strands look very impressive.

The hairstyles from a multitude of thin braids fixed at the end with thin elastic bands of different colors look feminine and cute.

Straight hair care tips

In cases when the use of styling products is undesirable for one reason or another, for example, if the hairs are too thin and weak, you can add smoothness and shine to the strands with the help of folk remedies.

girls with smooth hair

For example, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers gave their hair a well-groomed appearance using decoctions of chamomile and parsley. These tools can be used instead of rinse after washing the hair. Give the strands a shine and the following remedy: mix egg yolks, brandy and coffee grounds and apply on the head for 15 minutes. The result will probably be a very pleasant surprise for you. Nobody can call such smooth and shining strands ugly compared to someone's curls.

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