How to protect your hair from the sun

Sunlight has a very negative effect on the health of our hair. Take care of your hair should not only those who like to soak up the hot sun on the shore of the reservoir, hair protection from the sun It is also necessary for those who are often in the sun even in urban environments.

Consider the simplest rules that will help your hair stay healthy and strong.

1. Proper care

In the summer period, all your usual means should be replaced by others with high content. of vitamins, various natural oils and other beneficial ingredients. Shampoos should effectively eliminate any contamination and remove all sea salt deposits well, without weighing down the hair.

Using a balm will help fill the lost moisture of the hair, prevent brittleness, give shine and help easy combing.

How to protect your hair from the sun

2. Use of natural oils

It is possible at home to make useful hair masks by mixing different oils. For example, almond and coconut. To do this you need a little, heat the mixture and evenly distribute it over the entire length of the hair.

After applying the mask, the hair should be wrapped in a plastic bag and towels for about 30-40 minutes, and after a time it is very good to rinse them with shampoo.

Before going out in the sun, almond, coconut or flaxseed oil can also be applied to the ends of your hair, this will protect them from cutting and drying.

How to protect your hair from the sun

3. Remember the headdress

The best way to protect your hair from the destructive influence of the sun's rays is to hide them under a hat under wide fields. It also protects your hair from unwanted burnout.

How to protect your hair from the sun

4. Braid Spit

Before you decide to go out under the bright sun of a hot summer, you should braid your hair in a pigtail or collect it in a bun, this will save them from ultraviolet rays and destruction of the structure.

How to protect your hair from the sun

5. Apply a special spray before you go out.

Use special spray recommended every day if you want to protect your hair from the sun. It is best to choose a tool that is intended for protection from the sun, it will be most effective. Well, ideally, if you do this tool with your own hands. To do this, you need to find a container or take a tube of an old spray, buy mineral water, squeeze a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice, and pick up a little essential oil for your taste. Mineral water will save you from overdrying, combing with lemon juice will be incredibly easy, and essential oils will saturate them with vitamins and add shine.

How to protect your hair from the sun

If your hair has been subject to staining, then they need even more careful care, for this, choose special products that help restore the structure of the hair and preserve their rich and bright color.

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