How to make hair strong and strong

How to make hair strong and strong

Hair always require care and attention. Often, without care, they weaken, lose their strength and elasticity. I wrote a few recommendations that will help you regain your hair strength. one. When washing your hair, use only high-quality shampoos and balms. In good shampoos besides cleansing components, moisturizing ingredients are also contained. Suitable shampoos with moisturizing ingredients of aloe and coconut.

Be sure to look at the composition, whether the shampoo contains those components that are mentioned on the label. Use hair masks at least twice a week.

Do not wash your hair with shower gel or soap. Such actions thin the hair, and it becomes brittle.

2 Do not neglect homemade masks. For hair restoration, masks from fatty oils such as burdock, castor oil, olive oil with the addition of vitamins A and E are suitable. For oil masks you can use any base oils. Keep the mask of oil from 30 minutes, then washed with water.

3 Chicken egg yolk is a source of beneficial components for hair. Take two yolks, after separating them from the protein, mix the yolks with 50 gr. sour cream.

Apply the mixture on the hair for 20-40 minutes. Rinse with warm water. This mask restores hair very well, the only minus is the smell. It can be fought with essential oils.four. If time and money allow you, you can carry out repair procedures in the salon. In order to maintain the hair enough 1 procedure per week. In the salon you will be doing a variety of masks and serums. They contain many useful components, such as collagen, seaweed extracts, etc. five. Many girls make masks, care for their hair, but they still look weak. What can be wrong? The answer is simple - it's about your diet. Many do not attach importance to nutrition, although it is very important for hair. Eat meat, dairy products, fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits. During periods of avitaminosis, take vitamin complexes.

6 Hair dryer, ironing, curling - make your hair lifeless and weak. Try to reduce the use of these tools, dry your hair in a natural way, comb your hair with a wooden comb.

Well, that's the weight, such simple recommendations will surely help you and will attract looks to your gorgeous hair!

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