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Many are interested in the question: what is dreadlocks and who invented this unusual type of hairstyle. Oddly enough, but in reality dreadlocks are a natural condition of a person's hair, provided that he never saw a comb, shampoo, or even a bar of soap in his eyes. If you do not take care of your hair, they gradually stumble into mats and become like a lion's mane. Especially easy to dreadlocks are formed on curly hair, so they are inherent in the black people of America and Africa. In this article we will tell you what dreadlocks are, how dreadlocks do, more precisely how to weave them, varieties, and much more.

What are dreadlocks and their features

The word "dreadlocks" in translation means "awesome" and "terrible", and dreadlocks - awesome curls. This is one of the most ancient hairstyles, about which many rumors and legends circulate. Ancient people believed that a person wearing this hairstyle was invincible and even possesses clairvoyance and supersensitive knowledge. In the middle of the 20th century, the dread culture came to the Europeans, but people were not ready for this kind of hairstyles, but when the Bob Marley group gained popularity in the 70s, all the young people of that time immediately became infected with dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are divided into these types:

  • artificial safe;
  • natural dangerous.

The latter look, although it lasts quite a long time, but it is almost impossible to remove it without a great loss of hair length. But even despite this shortcoming, most young people are eager to make dreadlocks at home with their own hands.

What is needed to create dreadlocks with your own hands

Both dangerous and safe dreadlocks can be woven not only by professional hairdressers, but also independently at home. Before weaving dreadlocks, you should learn two basic conditions for weaving them:

  • Your hair should be at least 15 cm long, as its length is shortened by about 1/3 during weaving.
  • If you have thin, loose and dyed hair, then such large loads can lead to their loss.

For weaving dreads with your own hands, you will need: a hair dryer, an iron comb or a small comb, crabs, hairpins and various other clips, a few cans of wax for styling, hair bands in large quantities, a hook with which you will weave loose hairs into flagella.

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How to make safe dreadlocks technology creation at home

Before you begin to weave safe artificial dreadlocks, you will need: Kanekalon - synthetic hair of the desired length and color, gum, wax. Hairstyles from dreadlocks are very diverse and nowadays there are several ways to create them. If, however, you spoil your hair completely, reluctance, then your choice is artificial dreadlocks. The advantage of this method is that if you want to show off some time with a new hairstyle, you can "take off"without harming your own hair. Using our tips you will learn how to weave dreadlocks, moreover, you can create them yourself at home.

Artificial dreadlocks with weaving

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This technique is good for those who wish to make dreadlocks for short hair. You will need wax, shampoo, gum and kanekalon (synthetic hair). The length of kanekalon should be three times longer than your true strands. The scheme of weaving artificial dreadlocks:

  1. Divide the hair over the entire head into squares of 2.5 cm and fix the strands formed with an elastic band.
  2. Now each tail must be divided into three strands. To one of them add a synthetic strand.
  3. Now weave the usual three-strand braid (inside which there will be one synthetic). Secure the bottom with a rubber band.
  4. We take one more strand of Kanekalon and tightly wrap the resulting braid with it from the bottom to the very end.
  5. Tighten the bottom with a rubber band and apply wax on the surface of the formed tow.

You will get a creative stylish hairstyle that does not pose a danger to hair.

Safe ready ja dreadlocks

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This is the fastest and safest technique for your hair, but also the most expensive, because you are already using fully prepared dreadlocks. At the same time they can be anything, of all colors and sizes, and even glows in the ultraviolet. Creation instructions:

  1. Buy ready-made, safe, dja dreads of the color, size and thickness you need.
  2. Divide hair into sectors according to the number of purchased strands and simply attach it to your own hair.
  3. You can attach them to the hair length of five centimeters and wear without removing up to six months.
  4. In the same way attached DE-dreadlocks, the scheme of their creation will be presented a little below. They look very beautiful just like in Japanese manga, they also have many colors and sizes, but they cost twice as much as the previous ones.

Dreadlocks with two ends or de dreads

D.E. Dreadlocks are flagella woven from Kanekalon, having different lengths, thicknesses and colors. Attach them to your hair with a durable thread or elastic, or you can sew.

  1. We take the multi-colored or monotonous threads of Kanekalon, divide them in half in the middle by an elastic band.
  2. One part needs to be fixed motionless to begin to comb the second part. With the help of a thin comb the combuchette is combed. We turn over and do the same with the second part of the future flagellum. As a result, you get a finished combed de dread, in the middle of it is a gum.
  3. On the head stands a lock, a finished dread is attached to it from the middle, where the elastic is located and fixed with thread or elastic. It turns out that one part of the woven braid remains free, and the second is a continuation of the native hair strands.

Weave natural dangerous dreadlocks alone at home

First, wash your hair with natural soap or shampoo, which does not contain various additives. Before you do hair, it is necessary that your hair was dry, docile and smooth. It is necessary to divide the hair into small sections of 2x2 cm. At the roots, the locks are fixed with the help of numerous rubber bands.


  1. You need to start creating the back of the head. With the strands you need to remove the gum and comb it, starting from the end to the root. When you are combing your hair, make rotational movements until you have a bundle of hair that cannot be combed.
  2. Roll it with your palms, like rolling clay.
  3. Tip leave about 10 mm. Treat it with wax, and then heat it with a hair dryer until completely absorbed.


How to weave braid dreads in stages:

  1. Make tails;
  2. From each strand weave a tight braid to the tips;
  3. Then wax the braids and roll them with your hands for a long time until they are completely formed.

Wool dreadlocks

Rubbing with wool is another method of creating dreadlocks with your own hands. Creation scheme:

  1. Using mittens or a scarf, carefully rub all your hair in a circle until it turns into a single volumetric koltun;
  2. Then tear this koltun into equal parts;
  3. Add wax, and roll each strand with your palms for about fifteen minutes;
  4. At the end of each flagellum secure with a rubber band;
  5. Pull loose hair into the harnesses with a hook.

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Dredlock - neglect

The most natural way to get real dreads is to leave your hair alone and not to take care of them. Ideally, you can not even wash, but it will be absolutely insanitary. You will need tremendous patience, since your curls will begin to stray into mats with a length of 20 cm. You will see the first results in 1-3 years of neglect. In order to help your hair to form dreadlocks faster, you can periodically roll your hair between your palms, in places where natural mats have already formed. But you need to take into account the fact that the flagella will turn out of different sizes and shapes - some flat, others round. Most likely, you will look like a primitive person at the time of his youth. Therefore, think very carefully if you are ready for these sufferings for several years and will you not shave your head after the appearance of the first ugly tartar on the head.

 Scattered dreadlocks

If your hair is naturally curly, then using this method you can easily make dreadlocks by twisting into your home. Instruction:

  1. Divide your hair into squares measuring 1-2 cm and secure them with rubber bands.
  2. Take a strand, apply wax on it and twist clockwise in parallel, knocking it at the ends with a comb.
  3. This process must be repeated every day for several weeks. As a result, you get beautiful natural dreadlocks.
  4. When the process is completed, you can apply a special shiny wax to them to make your hair shine.

Industrial dreadlocks

To make your own industrial dreadlocks you will need wire and hair wax.

  1. Divide the hair into squares. Spray each strand with wax.
  2. Attach a piece of wire to the middle of the strand and wrap it around your finished zhktik.

Of course, the hairstyle looks rather unusual, but the person who chooses this method is clearly distinguished by non-standard thinking.

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Wicker Dreadlocks

This instruction will tell you how to make dreadlocks by weaving, but it is also worth considering that this is the most painful method of all existing ones, but for this you need to gradually fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Using knitting needles, divide the head of hair into sectors of equal size and secure them with rubber bands.
  2. Starting from bangs, take one strand and twist it into a bundle.
  3. Sharply split the harness into 2 parts (do not be alarmed, but you will hear a crackle of hair).
  4. Each of the two parts again divided in half and make one binding. (Imagine that you weave a braid)
  5. Repeat this procedure until you braid the entire strand.
  6. Knock out the hairs or cut them off immediately or weave them back into a crocheted hook.
  7. Spray the finished strands with wax.

The harnesses that are woven in the ways listed above are very dangerous for the health of your hair, since it is almost impossible to comb and unstick them.

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