How to make a braid with bangs

Braids and bangs

Braids with bangs are a convenient option for hairstyles that can be done daily. Weaving can be done in such a way that even simple styling will turn into real art and decorate the evening look. This option is convenient and the fact that it is suitable for any time of day and you can make braids for bangs on your own.

Stylists have come up with a variety of different options, so the hair "braid with bangs" makes it possible to experiment and dream over their own way.

41-How to make a braid with bangs

Openwork flower - reverse French braid

The braid with a bang in this reading looks very elegant - it is suitable for any image. If you plan to evening out, it can be supplemented with accessories - it can be a flower or a non-standard hairpin. Such minimal decorating elements will be enough to create a real furore.

Variants of reverse French braids with bangs and without

In order to make this hairstyle at home to itself, it is necessary to follow this instruction:

  1. First, you should wash your head and apply a foam for fixation, then dry it. This can be done either with a hair dryer or just wait. It is important not to overdo it with skin, as this will make the curls heavier.
  2. Now carefully comb the hair, parting on the side.
  3. You can start weaving the French braid itself with three strands. The technique reminds everyone the well-known spikelet, only in this case the strands do not fit at the top, but are woven in the direction under the scythe.
  4. Braid weave to the very end and fasten with a transparent elastic band.
  5. Further, the hair requires a beautiful design. The scheme is as follows: we stretch the loops of hair slightly from the strands - this allows us to achieve the effect of openwork and bulkiness. After that use hairspray to fix them.
  6. Now to the side where we have a pigtail we end up fixing a few invisibles behind each other. You should have a strip with clips that you need to fix the hair.
  7. Now we wrap the braid so that we get the shape of a flower, fasten it with pins, and the invisible women in this case will be an excellent base to allow the hairstyle to last a whole day.
  8. Spray varnish once more.
  9. If you wish, you can put a bang.

Flower shaped

Plait braid

This type of weaving is an excellent alternative to traditional pigtails. The main advantage of the hairstyle is that every woman can do it, no skills will be needed.


To make the installation successful, you need to do it step by step, namely:

  1. We wash the hair and apply the foam, dried with a hair dryer.
  2. We make a tail - it can be of any type - high, low. Option depends on the taste of the girl.
  3. We comb and divide the pile into two equal parts.
  4. Now we take one of the parts and twist it into a tight bundle, directing it clockwise. At the end we fasten with a transparent elastic band or barrette.
  5. Do the same with the other separated strand.
  6. Then you should twist the finished harnesses with each other.
  7. The last stage - we fix the hair at the end.


Fishtail with openwork effect

Another great version of the classic weaving, which can be used in various unusual styles.

This option is a real find for those who want to change images daily.

Stars with

Gradually, this hairstyle is done as follows:

  1. Nothing new - my hair, process with foaming for styling (this is necessary so that the curls in the styling process are not scattered).
  2. After drying, proceed to the process of laying. We divide the shoal into even 2 parts - parting. Chelochku yet do not touch.
  3. Start weaving should be immediately near the bangs. We start with splicing the side spikelet. Further, the orders are taken only from the upper curls. Thanks to this technique, a fish tail will be formed.
  4. After the hair has been docked to the base of the neck, we make the braid to the end using the same technology. But now in the weaving involve only two strands, superimposed on top of each other.
  5. At the end, we fix the hair with elastic to match or transparent.
  6. Weaving need to arrange - for this slightly stretch the strands to create an openwork effect.
  7. The second pigtail do the same.
  8. Now you need to attach the tips on the back of your head so that they are not visible. In this case, it is very important to do this as reliably as possible so that at the most crucial moment the entire installation does not crumble. Better to use stealth and invisible.
  9. In order to better fix the hair, it is recommended to spray them with varnish.
  10. Laying bangs carried out entirely at the request of the girl. In addition, it can be hidden at the very beginning, starting weaving from it.

Fishtail tail

Greek motifs

This styling is very beautiful, versatile, and most importantly - not banal. It can be done both for going to work and for an evening out.

Greek style

The creation procedure is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance, the main thing is to stick to the scheme:

  1. Wash out "mane"Apply the foam, dry. It is better to braid on obedient hair - this can be achieved just with the help of foam.
  2. Separate the crown, fix.
  3. The hair that remains separated, with the parting must be done diagonally. The part above should be larger than the bottom.
  4. Then we also fix the upper hair.
  5. We start to weave from the top. We take a thin strand near the temple, divide it into three parts and make a pigtail. At the same time, we gradually begin to weave hair into it. As a result, there should be a spike on the side.
  6. We also add an openwork look, pulling several loops.
  7. The hair, which was fixed, disband and divide into two parts. From these two parts you need to make two spikelets on the diagonal. As a result - 1 pigtail around, and 2 diagonally. We pin them with stealth.
  8. Make a light fleece and sprinkle with varnish.

Greek styling with bangs

As you can see, the procedure for creating a pigtail with a bang is not so complicated. The main thing is to follow the basic recommendations and pay attention to your taste and preferences.

Video: Kayle Jenner's braid haircut is step by step.

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