How to keep the hair under the headdress

How to keep the hair under the headdress

In the cold season, no one can do without a hat. If you go outside in the winter without a hat, you will not only harm your health, but you will also have big problems with your hair. Hair will become thin, lifeless, it may begin to fall out.

But many women still prefer to go without a headdress, as the headdress often spoils the original appearance of hair. However, you should not neglect your health because of this. You just need to remember a few rules that will help keep the hair while wearing a headdress.

one. Never wear a hat before hair is completely dried. Even if the hair will be slightly wet, they will definitely take the form that will be created by the headdress.

2 Wash your hair and do the styling at least two hours before going outside.

3 It is best to use shampoo to create volume. In addition, it is useful to purchase a special shampoo for the winter season. In addition to the fact that such shampoos will help preserve the shape of the hairstyle, they will also provide the hair with the necessary moisture and save you from the problem of static electricity.

four. Try not to use too many varnishes, gels and other hair styling products.

five. If you blow dry your hair, always tilt your head down. It is advisable to dry the strands of hair separately, pulling them at the roots. To give the hair extra volume, you can use a hair dryer with a diffuser.6 Best of all, the hairstyle is preserved after perm or dyeing hair.

7 Long hair can be braided in braids or bun. Such hairstyles are very rarely changed under a headdress. Short haircuts are also almost unchanged, if you just gently wear a hat. If you have medium-length hair, the main thing is to avoid tight-fitting hats.eight. Remember that a hat in no case should push the bang to the forehead. It is best to lift the bang and put it under the cap.9. Headgear can be removed at a time while you are traveling in transport. In a stuffy room, the scalp can sweat, and the less you are wearing a headdress, the more chances you have to keep your hair.

Remember these very simple rules, and your hairstyle will retain its original appearance after any headgear.

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