How to keep color after dyeing

How to keep color after dyeing
After dyeing, the hair looks healthy and shiny and so beautiful and I want to keep this effect for a long time, but it happens that after a couple of washings from the former shine and the color does not remain a trace! If you want your color to shine for a long time, then follow our recommendations:

one. If you dyed your hair, they require special care, since the structure of the hair becomes damaged and changes. Even if you dye your hair with a very gentle dye, it still damages your hair, so it is important to use special products for colored hair.

The ideal option would be to choose professional products for dyed hair that hairdressers use. Use shampoo and balm only for dyed hair, if possible, purchase care products from the same manufacturer as the dye.

2 Choose a shampoo that supports a specific hair color. Usually they are for light and dark hair.

3 At least once a week, use a special mask for colored hair. These masks are also sold in stores with professional cosmetics or hairdressing. This mask will make your hair smoother and help maintain color.

four. Wash your head only with warm water, hot water is not recommended for colored hair. Better if you rinse your hair with almost cold water. So the color will last longer.

five. Hot air drying is not beneficial to anyone, but for dyed hair it is destructive. After dyeing the hair becomes more dry and brittle, and the hot air will only aggravate it. When drying, it is better to use cold or slightly warm air. 6 Do not abuse styling products such as skins, mousses, varnishes, styling, etc. They often contain components that do not benefit your color.

7 In the summer, especially protect dyed hair, as the sun can destroy color pigment. Cover your hair with a hat or scarf. If you do not have the ability or desire to do it, then use sunscreen for hair.

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