How to get rid of onion smell

How to get rid of onion smell

Many girls are afraid to use an onion mask because of an unpleasant smell. Yes, the smell of onions can spoil your aroma, but still it is not worth refusing completely from this wonderful mask! There are many ways to help eliminate the onion smell, if you don’t come up with a method, then try another one.

You can not be sure that this or any other method will suit you, but over time you will find your odor neutralizer and you will be able to please your hair with onion masks without any problems!

Tips to avoid and prevent onion odor:

1. For masks, use only onion juice (and not onion gruel). Juice is easier to wash off the hair, and it will leave less smell;

2. Wash off the onion masks with colder water, hot will only enhance odors, and cold, as we know, blocks them well.

3. After you have washed off the mask, rinse the hair with herbal extract. This may be a decoction of chamomile, burdock, nettle, etc. Hold the broth for 5 minutes and rinse with water. To the broth you can also add lemon juice, it will not only help get rid of the smell but also fix the effect.

4. Colorless henna also helps to remove the onion smell. Dissolve henna to obtain a slurry and apply on hair for 5 minutes.

5. One of the best ways to get rid of the smell - essential oils. It is better to choose citrus essential oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit). Rosemary and lavender oils also help. Oils are diluted in this ratio: 3 drops per liter of water. Then rinse the hair with this solution.

6. In equal proportions, mix apple cider vinegar and water, rinse hair for 3 minutes and rinse with water.

7. Well removes the smell and kefir, it must be applied to the hair, hold as much as you can then wash the hair with water.

These tools should help you get rid of the onion smell! If you have any good recipes you can share in the comments

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