How to dye your hair aquarelle without harm to hair

Watercolor painting

Every woman at least once thinks about how to turn into a blonde. Today we will talk about how to dye your hair with watercolor. For a long time, this particular illuminator has kept popularity due to its reasonable price and radical effect. Consider how safe this way of becoming a blonde, let's reveal all the secrets of a successful painting of hair.

How does Watercolor, are there any warnings?

Human hairs are layers of scales that envelop the main body. These scales protect the hairs, are responsible for its condition and structure. When dyeing or discoloration, the illuminator penetrates under the scales, and some particularly aggressive compounds penetrate into the deep structure. There means change the state of the natural coloring pigment melanin (staining), or significantly reduce its capacity (discoloration).

fashion color

  • Immediately, we note that this action is not completely harmless, whether you spend it in the cabin or at home.
  • Treated in such a way strands become thinner, dry out and lose collagen and keratin, which are very necessary for the normal growth of curls.
  • The most dangerous is the desire to sharply turn from a brunette to a blonde for a single session.

new shade

  • Coloring with Watercolors may result in strand loss.
  • Even the structure of the hair changes: it acquires porosity and significantly weakens.
  • If you do not try to restore the vitality of the hair, then be prepared for significant losses of curls, and in extreme cases even to alopecia (complete loss).

hair damage

Important tips on using Watercolors for hair

To minimize the harm of a clarifier, several helpful tips should be explored.

  • Before starting the procedure on the entire surface of the head you need to experience the effect of the tool on a small area of ​​skin. It is necessary to track the possible allergic reaction of the skin to the constituent parts of the drug. If you feel a burning sensation or see redness, in no case can not use the drug.

root processing

  • To completely discolor the hair you will need to carry out more than two procedures.
  • Repeat the manipulation can be no more than once every couple of weeks.


Tips for choosing the "right" oxidant

  • In order not to spoil the hairstyle, you need to know what to pay attention to - the choice of the illuminator.
  • The box often contains a palette of initial and final hair shades. Consider the red pigment content and the number of early stains.

yellowing removal

  • To buy funds, go only to specialty stores, because fake can negatively affect your health.
  • No matter how the manufacturers advertise, watercolor paint is not applied more than twice a month.


Step-by-Step Blonde Shagging in Watercolor

According to manufacturers, hair dye "Watercolor" will provide a significant clarification of the hair. It is also suitable for completely changing the color of some strands or for lightening before the subsequent dyeing of the entire hairstyle. The fixing balm will help to save shine.

instant change

In the box are:

  • bleaching powder - 25 g .;
  • oxidant - 70 ml .;
  • fixation balm - 12 ml .;
  • the restoring mask - 12 ml .;
  • instruction;
  • a pair of disposable gloves.

the contents of the box

For the process you need:

  • comb with wide teeth;
  • unnecessary towel;
  • brush or washcloth;
  • clock.

at home and in the cabin

Lightening is as follows:

  1. Prepare the hair in advance. To do this, use a nourishing mask, strengthening balms, gargle rinsing or chamomile.
  2. Prepare Watercolor for the hair on the example proposed on the package, strictly follow the dosage. To do this, prepare the dishes. Suitable ceramics, glass, plastic, but not iron, where oxidation may occur.
  3. You should not also use a metal spoon or brush made of natural bristles. The mixture aggressively interact with these materials.
  4. Put an old towel on your shoulders. Apply a fat cream to the area along the hairline. Conduct a test for allergies, if redness is not observed, feel free to proceed to clarification.
  5. Apply the coloring composition along the whole length of the strands with a brush or scrub. Start from the roots and finish at the tips.
  6. Leave on the composition "on the mane" for 5-10 minutes. The color of the hair will change almost immediately after application. The dyeing time depends on the initial shade of the curls and the hardness of the hair.
  7. When the allotted time has elapsed, wash your head with a suitable shampoo, rinse with a balm, use the mask that is part of the box.


You can rinse the hair with water with vinegar or lemon juice in proportions ½ to give a radiant shine.

Remember that bleached hair needs special care. Use nourishing masks or balms. Correctly colored curls after a week can be easily curled or laid in a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle. Try to experiment without risking yourself.

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