How to deal with split hair

How to deal with split hair

If your hair, as you remember yourself, remains the same length, you might think that it does not grow. But it is not. Most likely, you suffer from brittleness and hair loss. This is an unpleasant condition of the hair, but with proper care, in most cases, the hair can grow back and become healthy and strong again.

Moisturize hair.

If they are dry and fragile, it is especially easy to damage them. They can break and fall out when you comb them. You can drink hair with moisture using traditional conditioners, conditioners, deep conditioners or daily indelible conditioners.

First of all, such air conditioners should contain water. Avoid drying ingredients, such as alcohol, or components such as petroleum jelly and mineral oil, which make hair too heavy, increasing the load on the hair roots, and can also clog and irritate the scalp.

Do not neglect hair masks, it can be professional tools or homemade hair masks.

Feed your hair with protein.

Together with moisture, protein is the second important element necessary for healthy hair. If your hair does not get enough protein, it will be weaker and may fall out. Also, they will not be so well tolerate chemical procedures: coloring, perm and straightening. To provide hair with protein, look for protein conditioners. The term "restores" on the label usually means that the product contains protein.

Trim the hair.

If your hair falls out, you probably will not think of cutting it even shorter, but regular cutting of the tips is a necessary step to restore the health of the hair. Split ends occur when the hair shaft splits. Split hair not only looks naughty and unhealthy, but also more prone to loss.

Regular trimming of hair is the only way to get rid of split ends. In addition, since you will not allow your hair to exfoliate higher along the length of the hair, which can lead to irreversible damage. Best of all with split ends, hot scissors will do the cut.

Think about how you eat.

We are what we eat. Provide your diet with adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals and proteins, as these products are the building blocks of which not only internal organs are composed, but also skin, hair and nails. You should also drink enough water throughout the day. What of our diet is especially useful for the health and beauty of hair, read the article "Hair Health Products".

Protect the ends of the hair.

Although hair can break in any weakened area, most people complain that they most often break at the tips. This is because at the ends of the hair drier, moreover, often rub against clothes. Raising your hair up can protect it from damage.

If you prefer a different hairstyle, pay special attention to moisturizing the hair at the ends, and apply on them a means to protect against split ends or hair oil. Lamination of hair can be done from salon procedures, it will help protect your hair from external damage, as well as elution and glazing.

These procedures are not so much aimed at recovery as the protection of your hair, they will be more durable.


- Wash your hair properly. hair may also be damaged during washing.

- If possible, avoid strong heating of the hair. Excessive use of hair dryers and curling irons can damage hair and cause hair loss. If you need to use these devices, use the means for thermal protection of the hair.

- Protect your hair when you sleep. A satin scarf or a satin pillowcase treats hair more gently than plain cotton.

- Severe hair loss can be a sign of a serious illness. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor.

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