How to cut your hair

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Hair is half the success of beauty. And it is not only about intricate styling, bouffant and curly hairstyles, no. Hair can look luxurious even with the most usual hairstyle, if they are neat, well-groomed and neat. And for this you need to follow them well, including not to forget to get a haircut at least once a month. But what if there is no time for going to the salon? Or if you can't find a master you can trust? The answer is simple - cut your own hair! It is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to follow the basic instructions, and then you can easily cut the ends of your hair at least by yourself. Read further in the article how to cut the hair itself. You make sure you can.

Preliminary preparation for a haircut at home

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Before you break into any kind of haircut, you need to make some preparations.

  • Get good scissors. No matter how golden your hands are, everyone can ruin old blunt tools, in particular, scissors. It is better to purchase them in specialized professional stores. Most conveniently you will use small scissors with blades from 6 to 10 cm long;
  • Provide a comfortable environment. The room in which you are going to cut your hair yourself should be well lit, clean, there should be enough free space and a mirror;
  • Think over the concept in advance. Look at yourself in the mirror and clearly decide what you want - just trim the ends or cut your hair by 10 cm, for example. Improvisation during the shearing process is not the best idea;
  • Examine your head of hair. Analyze the structure, how much curls curl, how hard fit ... All this will help you calculate the best way to cut, suitable for you.

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Necessary tools for self-haircuts

To cut your hair yourself, you can’t do without special tools. Above mentioned high quality scissors. Now step by step we list all the tools that will be needed in the process of cutting.

  • Hairpins of different sizes;
  • Gum;
  • Hairbrush massage;
  • Fine comb with fine teeth and a sharp edge;
  • Small mirror;
  • Large wall mirror;
  • Spray bottle.

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How to cut your hair at home - step by step scheme

So, almost any haircut can be made to itself, without resorting to the help of hairdressers. Decide exactly how you want to get a haircut and read the article with step-by-step diagrams below.

How to cut your hair ends

Probably the easiest type of homemade haircut is to trim the tips. Split and untidy hair ends can spoil the look of the whole hairstyle. They immediately make their owner untidy and unkempt. It is important to follow this, but to spend every month on such an elementary procedure time and money may not please everyone. That is why we offer you a way to cut the ends of your hair.

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  1. Moisten the hair with a spray bottle and comb;
  2. Split ends cut off just above the cross section. So they will be stronger. On average, enough to cut the hair to 1-2 cm;
  3. Start the haircut from the parietal part of the head (from the forehead to the top of the head): with the sharp end of a thin comb, fold part of the hair on the face and, holding the strand between the index and middle fingers, carefully cut off the desired amount. Try to cut perpendicularly;
  4. Then move either from right to left or from left to right, as you prefer. Parietal strand, which you have already cut, will set the length of all the other strands. So grab the already trimmed part of the hair and the part still untouched and, aligning it with each other, cut a long strand;
  5. Repeat step 3 with all other strands;
  6. Dry your head and, if necessary, even slightly trim the already dry hair.

So just you can cut your hair yourself. Of course, this is the most elementary type of haircut, but that is what girls most often need.

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How to cut short hair itself

It is also easy to have owners of short hair. A haircut for such a head of hair is quite easy to do, so be sure to try. Just do not deviate from the step-by-step instructions and, if something is not clear, see the photos and videos.

  1. Moisten the hair with a spray bottle and comb;
  2. Divide it into several zones using the sharp end of a comb. Twist and pin the strands so that they do not interfere during the work;
  3. Start your haircut from the temporal area. Take one strand in this area and cut it as desired. Next, take another strand higher and, pulling it along with the first one at an angle of 45 degrees, trim, leveling on the already trimmed strand. Perform this operation with all strands of the temporal area;
  4. From the temples should move gradually to the back of the head. Act on the same principle: grab a little hair from the previous, already trimmed strand, to cut a new one over it. Please note that on the back of the head curls should remain a little longer. Thus process the entire back of the head to the middle;
  5. Comb the lower part of the hair at the back of the head and cut the required length;
  6. The main work is done, it remains only to process a little hair. Acting according to the old scheme (capturing the cropped and untouched strands), trim the tips so that the upper long strands smoothly pass into the lower short ones;
  7. Only the parietal region remains intact. Take along a side parting the part of the hair, grabbing the trimmed strand with it, pull it away perpendicular to the head and cut it, aligning it with the trimmed strands;
  8. Now dry and comb the hair and get rid of small errors on the already dry curls.

length removal from tips and bangs

Now you know how to cut short hair itself. Try it, you will definitely succeed!

How to cut the hair of the ladder

We have analyzed only the simplest variants of hairstyles, it is time to touch on the subject of curly haircuts for long hair. In fact, there are a lot of them, and talk about all will not work. Therefore, we decided to highlight one of the most popular women's haircuts. Read, watch photos and videos on how to cut the hair with a ladder.

  1. Dampen curls with water from a spray bottle and comb;
  2. Lean forward so that your long hair is parallel to the floor. And from this position you need to cut off 1-2 cm of the tips;
  3. Return to the starting position. Divide the hair into sectors and secure them with hairpins in the parietal region;
  4. Start cutting from the back strand in the back of the head. Choose one strand on which you will level the rest of your haircut. Comb it again, pulling it at an angle of 90 grams. to the head. Pinch it between the index and middle fingers and cut it on the outside of the fingers; cut it;
  5. Repeat step 4 with the entire occipital region, leveling all the strands under the first, control;
  6. Now get into the side sectors. Also moisten them and, starting from the length of the occipital zone, begin cutting the ends. Grab the untouched strand and part of the already trimmed hair and trim so that the length of the new strand does not reach the old 2 cm;
  7. Repeat step 6 for the entire length of the hair;
  8. Dry your head, and if necessary, slightly trim the already dry hair.

independent haircut ladder

Voila! Now you can cut your hair yourself, even if you are the owner of long hair!

You made sure that cutting your hair yourself is not so difficult. The main thing is to have desire and perseverance, and also not to forget to read the instructions and watch educational photos and videos, and then you will succeed. Good luck!

Video: Instructions: how to cut yourself at home with a ladder

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