How to cut a bang

Beautiful bangs is one of the most important details of the appearance of any woman.

You can change the look, or the style of an ordinary hairstyle, just by removing or drawing the length and shape of the bangs. At the same time, it doesn’t matter if the hair is long or long, because sooner or later the question about the design of the bangs arises before every visitor to the hairdressing salon. Without making fundamental changes to the haircut itself and without changing the usual style, it is quite possible to trim the bangs nicely at home. About how to cut a bang and what types of bangs are we read in this article.

The most common types of insects

There are many options for bangs, and its type depends on the style of haircuts, the type of woman’s face and wishes. The bangs can be: short, long, sparse or thick, smooth, raised, etc. By type of edging bangs are divided into: straight or oblique, swallow-shaped or oval, figured and torn, stepped, wavy.

How to cut a bang

This picture shows different types of bangs, for example: 1 - straight bangs2, 3, 4 - stepped bangs5, 6 - wavy bangs7, 8 oblique bangs9, 10 - ragged bangs11 and 12 - swallow-shaped13, 14 - oval bangs15 and 16 - two-level bangs17, 18 - triangular bangs.

The groups into which the bangs are divided are:

- Bang as an element of haircut. Such bangs are made directly in the process of shearing at the end, which she combed in the chosen direction. Fringe edging is performed in accordance with the wishes of the client. Over time, such a bang can be shortened by making yourself a beautiful edging.

- Bang as a separate element of the existing hair. Hair is allowed any acceptable length, regardless of the type of bangs. The bang itself is made out separately from the main hairstyle and is an independent element.

Typically, the width of the selected bangs corresponds to the width of the forehead and does not extend beyond the temporal cavities. The bangs are separated from the main hairstyle by a parting, as a rule, parallel to the hairline, but the main criterion still remains the density of the bangs, determined by the haircut model and the taste of the woman. Types of partings for bangs

How to cut a bang
1 - U-shaped parting; 2 - Triangular parting; 3 - Parallel parting.

How to cut your own bangs

In order to independently cut the bang need some tools: - hairdresser's scissors; - thinning shears; - comb and clips.

Appliances hairstyle bangs at home

Bang straight:- Suitable for thin or curly hair. The area of ​​the bangs is parted, and the hair is fastened with clips. The first strand is cut at a selected level, and plays the role of a control, focusing on which other strands are trimmed. The second strand stands out at a distance of 1 cm from the first and is cut in a raised perpendicular position. Subsequent strands mow, similarly focusing on the length of the first strand. The final stage will be combing bangs on the growth of hair and decoration of the border.

Bang straight lush:- hair is separated triangular or rectangular parting. Then the first part is selected by a horizontal parting and is cut at the chosen level. Subsequent strands are sheared in the same way as a straight bangs.

Oblique fringe:- The bangs are separated by a triangular parting. The rest of the hair stabbed clips. Well moistened hair should be combed and a cut at a selected angle is made with sharp scissors. It should be remembered that after the hair dries up, the bangs rise - considering this, you should carefully choose the desired length of the future bangs.

How to cut a bang (video)

The final stage of haircuts bangs - filirovka

Thinning is a method of thinning hair in order to create an optimal ratio of short and long hair in a certain area. The strand with a thickness of 1.0-2.0 cm is separated from the bang and milled with specially designed scissors. Filirovka allows you to keep the shape of hair and gives haircut a natural look.

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