How to create the effect of wet hair

How to create the effect of wet hair

Sparkling shiny curls with the effect of wet hair were at the peak of popularity in the eighties of the last century. Then fashionable disco parties at that time could not do without hairstyles with wet curls.

Today, such hairstyles are still relevant, and to make such styling on your own hair will not be difficult for any fashionable woman. So, how to make the effect of wet hair at home?

Styling products

Without additional cosmetics to create the effect of wet hair is not enough. Therefore, you will have to stock up on all kinds of foams, varnishes for styling and such a special tool as a textureizer (gel).

It is texturerizer that gives the strands a special shine, it is easy to apply and nothing will have to be adjusted with a hair dryer, as is the case with varnish and foam. But this is a professional tool and it costs a lot of texture-maker.

All cosmetics for wet hair effect divided into categories according to the degree of fixation.

If you have curly hair, then you will approach the means of easy fixation. But girls with straight hair is better to buy varnishes from the category of medium and strong fixation.

Lovers of natural cosmetics, you can try tools such as sugar and gelatin. One or the other is diluted in warm water, applied to the hair and give the desired shape to the hairstyle, after which you need to wait for the composition to dry.

Curly wet hair effect

Apply the product to create the effect of wet hair on your hair (it’s better just to separate the strands that will be different) and shape the hair with rare teeth. You can decorate your hair with interesting hairpin, hoop or ribbons.

The effect of wet hair for a short haircut

Means for styling should be applied not to the hair, but to the hands, then ruffle the hair, smoothing the strands at the temples. You can also model the “feathers” with your hands, and in order to fix the hairstyle, gather your hair into fists several times and firmly squeeze for 2-3 seconds. Hair dryer in this case is not useful.

The effect of wet hair for straight and long strands

If you want to get wet strands with the effect of beautiful curly curls, put gel on your hands and roll small strands of hair into bunches. After that, fasten the bunches for 30-40 minutes with rubber bands at the hair roots. After the time expires, remove the rubber bands, shake (but do not comb) the hair, and then use the hair dryer to finish the styling.

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