How to clean a comb

No woman can imagine her daily morning care without using a comb. This is a necessary attribute that helps maintain hair in a beautiful and tidy condition. But due to constant use the comb can become dirty, and unnecessary particles accumulate between its teeth. And if you continue to use such an item, then the hair begins to quickly become covered with greasiness, and the hair will become unkempt and sloppy look.

Therefore, a comb to really serve with benefit, too need to be cleaned regularly. However, there are some nuances. It turns out that this product must be properly cleaned in accordance with the material from which it is made. After all, the effect of the same cleaning agent on metal and wood can be different.

Given these features, the comb can not only last for many years, but it will be great to care for women's curls.

How to clean a plastic comb

How to clean a comb

Plastic combs do not need special care. They are easy to use and durable.. Suitable for any type of hair, but it strongly electrifies them. It is recommended to change this comb every four months.

Plastic comb has increased resistance to various effects and to use different detergents. First, with a comb you need to remove all the hair that is stuck between her teeth. If it is difficult to do it by hand, then you can use a toothpick for this. For cleansing plastic combs can be used in two ways:

one. To remove particles of sebum from this product and the dirt that has stuck to it, it is necessary to collect warm water in a small container and add a little to it. regular shampoo. The whole composition to stir and dip into it a dirty comb, leaving there for one hour. Then the product goes, it needs to be rinsed in clean water and put on any surface to dry.

2 You can use the second method. Cleaning a plastic comb will help soda. To do this, use an old toothbrush, baking soda is poured onto the bristles and the teeth of the comb and the gaps between them begin to rub down with this substance. When all the manipulations are completed, the product is simply rinsed under a stream of warm water.

If the plastic comb has been subjected to some severe contamination and needs to be sanitize, This can be done with bleach. To do this, dissolve a spoonful of chlorine solution in nine tablespoons of water, where the comb is then placed for 60 minutes. This time is enough to kill on the surface of bacteria and fungal spores, as well as lice. After that, the comb is thoroughly washed with plain water. However, in this case, we still recommend throwing such a comb.

How to clean a wooden comb?

How to clean a comb

A hair brush made of wood gently combs the strands, while not injuring them, but maintaining their health and beauty. This comb does not electrify curls and does not harm the scalp. She can choose those beautiful person, curls who are tired of the constant styling and colorings.

And still the wooden hairbrush will become the ideal choice for women whose hair is prone to high fat content. But its disadvantages include fragility. Cracks form on the surface of the wood product and it becomes unusable. Change the comb from a tree should be every three months.

Care should be taken when cleaning wooden products., as the material itself under the influence of certain factors may become unusable. This comb is not recommended for a long time to keep in the aquatic environment, otherwise the material begins to delaminate.

To clean this comb is best to use alcohol solution. It is necessary to moisten a cotton pad, which gently wipe all the teeth of the comb and the space between them. As a result, all the dirt and sebum remain on a piece of cotton swab.

How to care and brush a natural bristle comb

How to clean a comb

Natural bristle combs considered the most useful. They gently care for your hair, giving it a beautiful and natural shine. This brush is ideal for brittle, thin, damaged and dyed hair. And it prevents the formation of split ends, does not injure the skin surface of the head and does not electrify the hair.

Brush with natural bristles will not be difficult. First, remove excess hair from its surface, and then apply a small amount of shampoo on a soft base, spreading it evenly over the entire surface. In this state, the comb is left for 10 minutes.

After that, you need to prepare a container with warm water, lower the comb there and wash off the rest of the detergent with your own fingers. At the end of the brush is rinsed with clean water. To dry such a product should only be a bristle top, otherwise it can be deformed and use it becomes uncomfortable.

Metal comb cleaning

How to clean a comb

The metal comb does not electrify the curls, but it is precisely this type of comb that is recognized as one of the most harmful. And all because it can injure the scalp and the hair shaft itself. Therefore, such a product should not be used for girls who have damaged, brittle and thin hair. This comb is also not suitable for colored hair. Metal easily enters into a chemical reaction, which contributes to the change of hair color.

There are several ways to help clean the metal comb from external contamination:

one. To remove dirt from a metal surface, you can use a special cleaning powder "Biolan". To do this, a small amount of such funds must be applied to the old toothbrush and with the help of it begin to rub those areas that are most contaminated. All available spots will disappear before your eyes. After that, the comb is simply rinsed with water so that no powder particles remain on it. And then the comb can be dried by hand with a towel.

2 If the metal hairbrush is heavily contaminated and there is excess sebum on it, then you can use a regular washing powder to clean it. It is necessary to take a container, pour warm water there and dissolve 10 gr in this liquid. powder. The composition must be mixed well to get a soap solution. Then a metal hairbrush is put into it for an hour, which is then taken and rinsed.

After cleaning such a product, you need to ensure that it does not remain lying wet. This may lead to the subsequent appearance of rust stains on its surface. It is better to wipe the comb immediately after washing with a towel.

The details of cleaning a massage comb

How to clean a comb

The massage brush is very comfortable to use, and it is suitable for all types of hair, but especially it will help with very long hair. The advantage of this product is that it not only combs the curls, but also has a massaging effect on the scalp, thereby accelerating blood circulation and contributing to the awakening of dormant bulbs.

And even when brushing evenly brushing distributes sebum over the entire length, thereby preventing rapid contamination. But for those women whose hair is prone to excessive fat, it will not work, as it only aggravates the existing problem.

Combs with a massage effect are recommended to be changed quite often, as during regular use they may appear on the surface of their soft teeth. microcracks, which subsequently damage the structure of the hair shaft.

Brushing the massage comb It is necessary to start with hair removal from its surface. For these purposes, you can even use another comb flat shape and with sharp teeth. Next, you need to prepare a solution of shampoo, vinegar and water. On a liter of liquid, three tablespoons of vinegar and two spoons of any shampoo will suffice. The entire solution is thoroughly mixed to form a foam. Then the comb is lowered for 10 minutes, after which it is washed with water and left at room temperature for complete drying.

How to clean a comb - video

Knowing all the subtleties of the choice and the process of cleansing her comb, every woman will be able with the help of such a product to ensure the proper and proper care of her curls.

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