How to choose a hair straightener

How to choose a hair straightener

Forceps primarily intended for straightening, may also include the function of creating waves on straight hair and effects such as hearts and asterisks.

Forceps are divided into household, which can be used at home and professional, who work in hairdressing.

A professional device heats up to the desired temperature much faster and is protected from overloads in operation. They are created so that they can work all day. Household same arranged much easier. And besides, they have a more convenient form for comfortable use independently.

In order to choose good irons for straightening, I recommend using these simple tips:

1. Choose tongs with thermostat. Usually it is not on cheap irons, and you will not be able to set the optimum temperature for you.

Too high temperature hair can be easily damaged. If the thermostat is, you set the desired temperature.

2. Pay attention to the surface ironing. Metallic coating can injure hair, now there is a large selection of irons with less harmful plates on the market, they cost more, but the result will be better. The safest coatings are considered anodic oxide or ceramic.

3. If you decide to buy ceramic coated tongs, consider purchasing a flat iron with tourmaline plates. Tourmaline plates are applied on top of the ceramic, thanks to them the surface of the forceps heats evenly, and thus does not burn or injure the hair.

Straightening hair becomes more benign, perhaps, a tourmaline-coated iron is the best option to date.

4. Choose the size of the plates ironing depending on the length and thickness of the hair, the thicker and longer your hair, the wider the plate should be ironing.

5. Modern tongs have many other functions, for example ionization function, which ceramic and tourmaline irons have. This feature allows you to close the hair flakes, thereby improving the structure.

Another interesting feature is infrared radiation, It is aimed at preserving moisture in the hair. Also, this feature allows you to keep your hair for a long time.

Some irons are equipped with a function touch temperature control, With this function, you do not need to set the temperature of straightening for your hair, the device will do it by itself.

6. If you have already looked at the device, be sure to hold it in your hands, you should be comfortable with them. If the forceps do not fit well in the hand and you are uncomfortable, then it’s better to look at another model.

7. And, of course, when buying tongs, pay attention to the manufacturer. Prefer firms that produce professional hair tools that produce equipment for hairdressers and salons.

Choosing forceps, remember that regardless of the number of functions included in the package, they cause harm to hair. Use always regenerating and protective equipment.

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