How to care for oily hair at home

oily hair care

Everyone knows that any woman, regardless of age, wants to look good. Well-groomed hair is an indispensable part of the image of a beautiful and desirable. But what to do, if no matter how you take care, how much different care products change, and by the end of the first day the hair is hanging out again with icicles, like wet or unwashed for several days? But it is precisely this problem that is very often found in people with oily hair. How to resolve it, and what is the reason?

There are several different reasons why hair grows prematurely prematurely: stress, illness, antibiotics, seasons, unhealthy diet or improper care, diseases of the thyroid gland or the nervous system. From the above it can be seen that the problem of oily hair is not always related to genetics, so let's consider recommendations on how to improve the general condition of the hair and keep it fresh as long as possible.

First of all, you should normalize your life rhythm: eat right, sleep for a sufficient time, walk in the fresh air as often as possible and do not forget about sports. If you follow these recommendations, you can improve health and improve the overall condition of the body.

If your hair is too greasy, you may need to be examined by an endocrinologist. If the internal glands fail, the appearance of the person, especially the hair, suffers first.

Also, the cause may be shampoo, improperly matched to your hair type. If it drains the scalp too much, the sebaceous glands are activated to moisturize the skin and the root part of the hair, so the hair itself becomes dirty faster. In addition, you need to choose a light-colored shampoo, best of all - transparent.

It is compliance with this condition indicates that in its composition the smallest number of additives that can accumulate and be the cause of fast oily hair. Also, shampoo must be gently cleanse the hair and not cause irritation to the skin. Best of all, if you choose shampoos not only for your hair type, but also with healing properties. But you need to take into account that the hair gets used to the means, so it is advisable to change the shampoo every few months. If you wash your hair every day, then you need to change the tool once a month. The longer you use the same shampoo, the smaller the effect of its use.

If we have already dealt with shampoo more or less, then let's talk about proper hair washing. When you wash your hair, you decide, but we will show you how to do it correctly. The first condition is to wash the hair with exceptionally warm and, if possible, soft water. In no case can not use hot, because it is because of the high temperature sebaceous glands again begin to work more actively. Oily hair must be washed with special products for this type of hair. And you need to wash them twice. The first time you wash off dirt and grease, but after washing your hair a second time, do not rush to immediately wash off the shampoo. It is better to leave it for a minute or two so that the active particles act. And only after that thoroughly rinse the product off the hair, gently massaging the scalp.

If without using the conditioner you can not untangle and comb hair after washing, then apply it gently, strictly on the hair, retreating up to five centimeters from the scalp, trying to ensure that the product does not fall on it. It will also be useful to rinse the hair with a special herbal decoction. Here is the recipe for one of them: take a tablespoon of oak bark, yarrow and hypericum. One tablespoon of such a mixture is steamed in one liter of boiling water, infused for an hour or two.

This infusion can be easily rinsed after washing the hair, but you need to take into account that it dries the ends slightly (therefore, you can’t do without a balm) and gives the hair a light chestnut tint. Therefore, blondes instead of oak bark is better to take chamomile.

In addition to external care, you also need to carefully monitor your diet. Eating fatty foods, you thereby contribute to the active development of secretion of the sebaceous glands under the skin. We hope that these tips will improve the condition of your hair, and your general well-being.

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