How to achieve the effect of ombre on the hair

Drew berimore

Ombre style conquered many of the fair sex. This hair dyeing technique is a smooth transition from a dark shade to a lighter shade or vice versa from a light shade to a dark one. This type of coloring can also be known to you as degrade, shatush, balayazh, the effect of regrown roots, horizontal coloring, DIP-DYE. 

Owners of such a smooth transition of tones can be seen on the covers of fashion magazines, and on the street. Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, owner of tie and dye-coloring, goes from dark at the roots to light at the tips. And such extravagant persons like Kelly Osbourne and Ketty Perry are experimenting with color, painting the color cap in blue, crimson, platinum, green and other incredible colors. So whatever shade for coloring in the Ombre style you choose, do not be afraid to experiment!

ombre staining

Ombre in professional salons

Having come to the salon and deciding on the procedure for painting the hair, your curls will remain natural coloring only 2/3 of the roots, and the ends will get a completely different color.

  • Following the contours of the haircut, the master puts paint on the strands and monitors the dyeing time in order to get a smooth color transition.
  • Also, the master can make a bouffant along the entire length, apply powder-paint and comb. Paint distribution also occurs smoothly, with no clear boundaries.

Ombre at home

Now many brands produce ready-made Ombre dyeing kits, among such brands are Loreal, Wella, Matrix, Goldwell, Redkin, Aveda, Clairol. What is the risk of such a procedure? Not tall. Even if you have not achieved the desired shade from the first time, there is nothing terrible, after a while you may discover the talent of a hairdresser.

multicolored ombre

Preparation for the staining procedure

If you are the owner of a hairstyle with light thinning, then this coloring will look more profitable. The very degree of painting will come from your natural hair color scheme. For owners of dark hair, the tips can be painted in the tone of mahogany or chestnut, and for brown-haired women or brunettes the color of strands burned in the sun will do. Blondes will suit platinum shades at the tips.

  • In the evening, before painting it is necessary to make a mask with vegetable oil in order to provide them with nutrients, since this event is a great stress for the hair.
  • For the mask you will need 2 large spoons of vegetable oil. After you apply the oil, wrap your head with a cotton towel and go to bed. Wash and dry your hair in the morning.

How to achieve the desired effect?

  • After you have dried and combed, you can proceed to applying the paint with a brush in the direction from the tips to the roots.
  • Keep the paint on the head for 25-40 minutes.
  • Wash off the composition with warm water and apply to "mane" air conditioning.

beautiful hue transition

Subtleties of the procedure

  • If you have medium length hair, then do not squeeze out all the paint, because the remnants are not recommended to be reused, it is better to keep them until the next procedure
  • To achieve naturalness when coloring Ombre, you will need a comb with fine teeth. With this comb you will create a smooth color transition border. This comb is in some ready-made sets with paint.
  • If you are long-haired, then the paint should be applied to the chin line, and if the owner is of medium length, then to the middle of the ear.
  • For coloring the back "manes", it is necessary to create a parting and draw the curls on both sides of the parting forward. So you can thoroughly paint all the strands.

Bright do it yourself paint

Another variation of the Ombre style is the painting of strands in different tones, highlighting. In this procedure, you also need to observe all the subtleties of the session: proper haircut, hair nutrition. The colors in this procedure are different from previous ones.

painted curls

3 nuances to consider:

  • Light, bleached hair is more porous, they are ideal for dyeing in pink, bright red, violet color.
  • Dark curls will have to lighten up, what would they have taken the desired color
  • If you want to become the owner of an extravagant shade, then you are obliged to provide more detailed care for your hair.

Technique for dark hair

ombre appliances on dark strands

  • First you need to lighten the hair, for this you need to apply lighten for 45 minutes. For a better result, you can wear a plastic cap on your head, after collecting them.
  • Rinse curls, comb and apply the desired tone coloring composition. Leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  • Every time you wash your hair, you need to remember to apply a nutrient balm or a mask, with thermo-active ingredients that will help prevent overdrying with a hairdryer.

Ombre staining nuances

different ombre

  • For bed shades, you can use tint balm. He quickly washed off, after about 3 shampoos. Apply it and hold for 15 minutes so that it penetrates the curls.
  • If you want to achieve a stunning effect, then get the paint used by professionals. They will easily paint the hair in the desired color without discoloration. This makeup is kept on the head for about 30 minutes.
  • You can make a temporary bright coloring with the help of color eye shadow, blush and a spray bottle. Spray curls and put the shadows, and fix the result with a flat iron or curling iron. You can also use food dyes to add color by mixing them with any moisturizing hair mask. All this beauty can be washed off with lemon juice diluted with water.

If you are disappointed in Ombre, how to get rid of it?

Ombre on light brown hair

You should resort to rather not sparing procedure. To do this, you need a good foaming shampoo or shower gel. We distribute it in locks and do not wash off, put on a shower cap and dry it with a hairdryer for 15 minutes. After that, you can start painting in your own color Kohler.

Video: Ombre staining procedure

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