Hot scissors cut

Hot scissors cut
Hot scissors cut today leading among hairdressing services. Let's see what the procedure is, how it differs from a regular haircut, and why it has so many fans.

Haircut ordinary scissors, alas, spoils them. She cuts off her hair making it porous, the tips first have microscopic damage, but over time they begin to split and break.

Hot scissors cut - the best way to take care of the beauty and health of hair. This haircut is even therapeutic.

What is the principle of its work? The fact is that when cutting with hot scissors, the hair section is sealed off and becomes smooth. Due to this, hair does not lose moisture and nutrients, it looks healthier and smoother, keeps the forum, keeps styling, and the tips of the hair are less prone to cross-section.

How does the cutting process with hot scissors:

On average, the procedure lasts more than an hour, as cutting the ends is hard work, and if you have done such a haircut in half an hour, then the master is hardly a professional in his work.

Master must use special hot scissors. In this case, the scissors themselves are cold, and only the place of cutting the hair is heated. The temperature of the hot scissors master must also choose for you individually, it depends on the type and thickness of hair.

When mowing, the master takes a strand of hair and twists it into a bundle, then cuts sticking hairs off.

Hot scissors cut

The hairdresser should also correct the shape of the hairstyle with hot scissors.

If you are offered to trim the hair with ordinary scissors, then most likely, the hairdresser himself does not know why you need a haircut with hot scissors. If you want to trim the length first, you can use regular scissors, but up to hot scissors. If you trim your hair with hot scissors with regular hair clippers, the sealed ends will shave and the hair will be damaged again.

The effect of hot scissors will be visible already after the first time, but you shouldn’t go back to a regular haircut, as the hair will start to get damaged again.

For the best effect, cut with hot scissors 3 times with a break of one month. After that, shorten the procedure as needed.

The best scissors for hot haircut are German scissors. Jaguar, This firm also has thought up this tool.

Helpful advice: if you decide to cut with hot scissors, then try to choose a proven master with experience in this area. The inept use of hot scissors can do great harm to hair. In conclusion, I would like to say that cutting with hot scissors is a good solution for brittle, weak, dyed hair.

If you straighten irons, blow-dry your hair, then hot scissors will help you keep your hair looking healthy for much longer. Try this haircut, and maybe you can never refuse it.

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