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For those girls who declared war on the broken ends in the hairdressing industry, a novelty appeared - a hot razor. Reviews on the network, as is often the case, are controversial: some simply delighted, others did not notice the effect at all, while others regret that they decided on the procedure. You will learn about the peculiarities of this type of haircut, its cost, method of carrying out and that it is better to have a hot haircut with a razor or scissors.

What is a hot razor haircut?

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Cutting the strands with regular scissors refreshes the cut of a hair, and cutting with a hot razor seals each treated hair. If the tip of the hair remains open, as in the case of scissors, through it harmful components penetrate deep into the hair, adversely affecting its health. If the hair is sealed, which can provide a hot razor to the hair, harmful substances from the environment will not fall into it. Curls will be able to retain the natural moisture inside, and will not lose protein.

Benefits of using this tool

Considering on the Internet numerous photos of hair of girls who have used this service, it is impossible not to note the improvement of the hair. They cease to push, look well-groomed and smooth. In addition, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • The length of your hair does not change at all. The tool gently handles only the tips of the hair, while leaving the length the same.
  • The master will be able to remove split ends along the entire length of the strands, while keeping the barrel of hair intact.
  • This type of thermo-hairstyle is an affordable service, and if you are lucky to find a coupon with a discount, it will cost you even less.
  • The technology is suitable for any hair length.
  • Thin and dull hair after this procedure gain volume and shine.
  • Hot razor haircut takes almost as much time as a regular scissors procedure.

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How is the procedure with a hot razor?

If you are interested in this hair-new, you should find out how to carry out hot hair cutting with a razor. When you get settled in a hairdresser's chair and tell the master that you are interested in the thermal cutting procedure, the hairdresser will perform the following steps step by step:

  1. Initially, the length of your strands will be trimmed with ordinary scissors, if necessary.
  2. The wizard will turn on the device, which heats up for about 5-6 minutes.
  3. Then the professional will separate the thin strand of hair and determine where the section begins. It is from this place that the hairdresser will process your strands using a heated tool. You will feel as if the tips of your hair are twitching a little. Do not worry, there will be no discomfort.

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The whole procedure lasts about half an hour for curls of medium length. Immediately after the manipulation, your curls will be obedient, shiny and alive.

The cost of swifts hot razor

The price of the service varies in different regions. On average, one procedure costs about 1000 rubles. Experts recommend visiting the wizard 3 times to get the maximum effect, but after the first session you will be surprised how beautiful and well-groomed your curls have become.

Hot scissors or a razor, what to choose?

Haircut hot scissors has long been known to modern beauties, but not everyone knows what a hot haircut with a razor is. Both of these options relate to thermostats. But they have a significant difference: hot scissors can remove less than 20% of split ends, whereas a hot hair shaver will please you with a 90% result. Such low efficiency when using hot scissors is due to the fact that the master has to twist curls into a thin flagellum, and then cut off hair by hair step by step, and the razor removes the split ends along the entire length in one treatment.

Processing strands with a razor will cost you a bit cheaper than using hot scissors. On average, the cost of processing curls with hot scissors is about 2,000 rubles, while the second option will cost you 2 times cheaper.

How not to be disappointed in a hot razor haircut

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The views of the girls regarding this new service are completely different. We decided to find out why some people do not like this version of thermo shears.

  • Negative reviews most often leave those girls who did not like the technique of performing the manipulation by the master. It is necessary to work with a hot razor correctly and if the master is a beginner, then, most likely, he may not know all the subtleties and break the technology. For example, it is possible to cut strands with this device only “on dry”, and in no case should we wet the hair.
  • In addition, the hairdresser should carefully work out all the curls, and if the procedure took too little time, it may indicate that your hair was “not finished”. Therefore, take responsibility for the choice of the master, it is better if it is a proven specialist.
  • Do not pursue cheapness, because the opportunity to buy something too cheap should be alerted. Find out the average cost of the procedure in your city. If the price is too attractive, it is possible that the interior does not use the highest quality razor, the effect of which does not meet your expectations.
  • And remember that thermal cutting is not a medical procedure: if you have serious problems with your hair, this device will not be your salvation, but will only correct the situation a little. If your curls are badly damaged, then most likely, the effect will please you not for long.

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