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Hot hair extensions - what's the point of the process? They call it hot because strands literally solder to their hair. This process is due to molten keratin capsules, through which artificial curls are attached to natural. This process cannot be called simple in execution, since the incorrect arrangement of the capsules can cause irreparable damage to your own strands, but you will learn about this and many good hot methods when you finish the article to the end.

Hot hair extension technologies are familiar to many people and are increasingly gaining momentum in popularity among women. After all, who does not want to braid their hair in a long braid to the waist or with loose curls, under the admiring glances of men and the envious glances of women, walk through the streets of their city. Surely, one out of ten girls uses the services of a salon to make their hair longer. At this time, the most popular styles of hair extensions are tape, cold and hot. We will talk about the latter in this article and reveal all the positive and negative aspects of this method.

Advantages of hot build technologies

Each style has its advantages. But why, all the same hot build comes first? Let's figure it out.

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Hot hair extensions can be done literally in any salon. This technique is by far the most famous and popular. By the undoubted advantage can be attributed to the fact that the attachment of artificial and natural strands with hot building turns out to be stronger and stronger.

Comparing hot build, it is worth noting that the other options are not as safe for health as described in this article. Why? Because the master will produce the fastening of donor strands only with his own hands, using adhesive tapes and using special tools - thermal tongs. With the help of thermal tongs, he will warm up keratin capsules and firmly join together donor and natural curls. In fairness, I must say, the set temperature for heating the forceps, slightly higher than that which is set at the hair straightener.

Varieties of hot hair extension technology

One of the most serious problems faced by owners of artificial curls is that hair for building with time combed out from the strands. But as hot as other methods do not completely eliminate this problem. It is important to remember that much depends on the quality of the artificial strands you acquire, which tools the specialist will use to carry out the procedure. Hot hair extensions are not one, some kind of technology. To date, there are several techniques that can be used. Most often the following types are used:

  • Italian
  • English
  • microcapsule;
  • American

English technology

This method appeared one of the first, thanks to the English hairdressers.

  • Such a form, to begin with, must have the strands themselves, adhesive material - resin and a gun for softening and gluing.
  • The expandable strand is applied at a distance of 1 - 1.5 centimeters from the roots and then a drop of resin is squeezed out of the gun at the attachment site.
  • Then a no less responsible step follows - the master with his own hands from this drop will form a capsule in the form of a small grain of rice. Compared with the Italian extension, when the capsules end up being flat and weightless, the rounded grains cause more inconvenience and are felt more strongly by the scalp.

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Like all similar procedures, this one has its pros and cons. Perhaps the only plus is simplicity. But the list of minuses is more significant:

  • Strands can be combed, the capsules are quickly destroyed, and there is still a harmful effect on their own hair in the correction procedure.
  • Also to the minus can be attributed to the long process of correction. After all, to conduct it, the master must first soften the capsule, split it with the help of forceps, remove the remnants of material from his own hair, and after all these manipulations proceed to the formation of new capsules. Many masters do not work according to this method, because more advanced ones have appeared.

Italian building technique

The Italian hairdressers, faced with the shortcomings of the English method, decided to correct them and give the procedure naturalness and aesthetics, as well as reduce the time to perform the procedure and make the process easier. The emerged technology began to be called Italian. They took into account the previous experience of the British, where the master had to collect strands for a long time and simplified the event, releasing the already gathered curls with a keratin capsule at the base. They also improved the forceps by inserting special plates in them that warmed the capsules to the required temperature and allowing them to instantly connect with their own hair.

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This device allowed to significantly reduce the time of the procedure and make the mount much more reliable. Another advantage of this device is temperature control, programmed for your type and structure of hair. For this procedure, they take ready-made strands and apply them to their own strands, which are pre-divided into small bunches, and then, using thermal tongs, firmly fix the artificial and natural hair among themselves. The capsules at the same time are completely flat and absolutely not felt on your head. After "activity" the shag looks quite natural. She is easily going to a high hairstyle, it can be dyed, curled and straightened. Reliable fastening of the strands guarantees a safe visit to the bath, sauna, swimming pool and swimming in the sea.

Microcapsular technology

microcapsule technology

Microcapsule buildup can be performed using both Italian and English technology. In this case, the procedure occurs as usual, but before that, each standard strand is divided into another 3 or 4 small strands. Further, everything happens according to the standard scheme, which was described above. The difference between these methods will be that, thanks to micro-wigging, you can increase the temples and bangs, remove the bald patch or parting. The downside to microcapsule building can be the fact that the time spent on the procedure takes 3 times more than usual and can take about 5 hours in a row.

American build

The process of building on this technology is very similar to Italian, only strands are attached to the underside of the hair. Artificial curls can be used several times. As a result, you can also visit the bath, swimming pool, sunbathe or dry them with a hairdryer. The procedure will require 100-150 strands with a minimum length of 5-7 cm, a maximum of 70 cm. The session time will be 2-3 hours. Worn 3-6 months. Remove easily and without pain with a special liquid. American technique does not harm your own hair.

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Tips and tricks to avoid mistakes

  • Naturally, the quality of the work will depend on the master, so you need to choose not the first salon around the corner, but carefully examine the positive reviews about all the salons in your locality.
  • Ask for a photo or portfolio of several works made by the master you chose. Carefully consider the materials from which you will make a new image. Pistol capsules should be the same size and neatly arranged in a row, and hair for extensions should not look as if they were fresh from the museum of antiquities.
  • And most importantly, do not forget about the care and correction.

And now, after weighing all the pros and cons, decide for yourself on what technology you will increase your hair.

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