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It is hard to disagree that hair is the main image component of the appearance of both female and male. Brilliant, well-groomed, thick curls - the dream of everyone. However, the influence of unfavorable environment, poor-quality hair care products, poor genetics, the effects of perm, nutritional imbalance and stress can turn hair into a dull unattractive mass. Sadly, most of us begin to look for ways to recover only after the manifestation of alarming symptoms: brittleness, hair loss and fading hair. So, cutting with hot scissors became a modern and innovative way to care and improve your hair.

But before you go to a beauty salon for such a service, you should understand: what is a hot haircut, what are its advantages, disadvantages and is it possible to conduct such a procedure at home.

The essence of cutting hot scissors and means to perform

To understand how it is possible to improve the condition of the hair coat with the help of heat treatment, it is necessary to figure out what is human hair. It is known that it has a filamentous form, covered with the smallest scales that protect its internal content. The tighter the scales adjoin each other, the less moisture and nutrients evaporate.

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The edge of a healthy hair, as if closed with a meager cork consisting of keratin. She, as well as scales, plays a protective role. If there is no cork, the hair can flake or split at the ends. To prevent this from happening, cutting with hot scissors gives the effect of sealing the edge, which prevents hair from subsequent troubles.

This technology was used in ancient Egyptian times as evidenced by manuscripts. Then, to process the edge of the famous Cleopatra square, the scissors were heated on a fire and only then further manipulations were carried out.

In the new time, the German company Jaguar in 2003, for the first time proposed to make a haircut with hot scissors. This was a success and lasting positive results, as evidenced by numerous reviews of users of this method of hair care.

So, professional hot hair scissors have a ceramic coating and a heating zone around the edge of the blades. The temperature mode is maintained by means of an electronic element built into the structure, with the ability to adjust the temperature in the range from 90 to 180 degrees. Connection and heating of the device through an electrical network.

The process of performing the procedure

In order for the procedure to have a healing effect and not lead to disastrous consequences, it is not recommended to do it yourself. Haircut hot scissors without professional skills - the task is almost impossible.

the process of cutting the split ends

You must admit that even the most primitive haircut is extremely inconvenient to do it yourself, let alone a hot tool! In addition, a competent hairdresser will immediately determine the temperature conditions acceptable for your type of hair. After all, the structure of the hair is different for everyone, so the temperature must be selected, starting from the general condition and degree of rigidity of the strands.

In the beauty salon, the procedure for carrying out the procedure for the entire hair length is as follows.

  1. Hair is carefully combed and divided into zones.
  2. Then each zone is worked through step by step. To this end, the hair coat is twisted in small portions into flagella and stretched. The hairs that are knocked out of the folded bundle, as well as the main lower section, are cut with hot scissors.
  3. As a result of the procedure, the split ends are removed and the hairline is sealed. Haircut hot scissors - no volume statement unfounded, because after heat treatment, the hair gradually restores the structure, stop losing moisture and thicken. Therefore, hot haircut allows you to give a healthy shine and pomp to the strands, which has a positive effect on their appearance. Especially this haircut is recommended for women whose hair has been traumatized by highlighting or permanent staining.

Among other things, in addition to health treatment (for the entire length), it is possible to use hot scissors for various model haircuts.

As a rule, hair cutting with hot scissors, as a method of improving their structure, is done in stages in three sessions. With a one-time procedure, the effect will be weak and even ineffective. In order to track how your hair is transformed after each salon visit, take a photo before and after the course - you will definitely see positive changes.

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It is worth noting that a hot haircut, even in the most elite salon, will require you and the master of patience, since it takes quite a long time — at least an hour, depending on the thickness, length of the strands and the thoroughness of the treatment.

General tips and tricks

If you still purchased hot scissors or want to do it and use them yourself, then follow these rules:

  • Do not buy scissors of dubious manufacturers;
  • carefully study the rules of using the tool (the manual must be included in the kit);
  • assess the condition of your own hair and choose the right temperature mode (if the hair is thin, set the temperature lower, and if hard, higher, but not more than 150 degrees);
  • carry out the procedure better on unwashed strands;
  • you can wash your hair no earlier than one hour after the completion of the work;
  • After the session, it is desirable to make a vitamin mask.

Advantages and disadvantages of cutting hair with hot scissors

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Hot haircut is an expensive pleasure, this is its main drawback. The price in the beauty salon exceeds several times the cost of a regular haircut. Especially if you consider that it is necessary to spend at least three sessions with short intervals, then not everyone can afford it. The real price for medium-length hair is somewhere around 1000 rubles, but the cost may differ from the region.

However, on the other side of the scale: well-groomed thick hair, healthy shine, lack of fragility, pinching and loss. What for you will outweigh the pros or cons, decide for yourself.

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