“horsepower” for hair

Victoria Ooh! With shampoo

Horsepower is a series of domestic-made cosmetics that has gained wide popularity both in Russia and abroad. Today we look at the catalog of goods company "Horsepower"designed for hair, and we will understand what is the secret of their success.

Horsepower shampoo for damaged and dyed hair with biotin and lanolin

The tool provides professional care for hair damaged by systematic styling. Here are just some of its properties:

  • Washes away the dirt, solves the problem of thinning the structure of the curl.
  • It gives hair density, health and shine.
  • It is easily washed off, leaving only a pleasant fresh smell.
  • As part of the claimed: collagen, biotin, lanolin, elastin and arginine.
  • Available in a 500 ml bottle, and its cost is about 500 rubles.

for colored hair

Reviews of the restorative shampoo "Horsepower":

  • Angelina: I thought that miracles do not happen, but this tool is just a miracle. This is a godsend for those who do not want to feel the straw on their heads.
  • Svetlana: I can’t say anything bad. He does not just take care of, but even treats, although it is considered an ordinary shampoo.

Balm conditioner "Horsepower"

Balsam conditioner when used with shampoo gives an amazing result.

  • Ingredients: wheat protein, collagen, D-panthenol and plant extracts of natural origin.
  • All components soften the curls, give them a natural splendor and shine.
  • Use is indicated for dryness and dullness of the hair, damage and brittleness.
  • The price of a bottle of 500 ml is 550-600 rubles.


Customer Reviews:

  • Evgenia: Tried horse-force balm, and I liked it. Initially, because of intrusive advertising, she reacted to it with suspicion, but the balm worked well.
  • Olesya: Before buying doubted. But not sorry. Hair is thick, but not thick. Obedient and beautiful shine.

Top 10 oils formula from the Horsepower series

Mixed in a special ratio of oil for the restoration and care of damaged hair on its entire length.

  • Composition of oils: avocado, argan, bey, usmi, grape seed, jojoba, amla, litsey-kubeb and ylang-ylang.
  • It activates the growth of new follicles, thickens hair shafts.
  • Prevents early fallout, regenerates damage.
  • Suitable for all types of hair after any kind of damage.
  • It is applied as follows: heat the blend in a water bath, spray it onto the roots and then along the entire length, comb it. Put a hat on your head and warm with a towel. Sit for 30 minutes, then rinse blend.
  • Means "Horsepower" is available in the bottle 100 ml with dispenser, and you can buy it for 600 rubles.

Alena Shishkova and blending of oils

Real customer reviews about oils "Horsepower":

  • Olga: A blend of oils tried, when there was no hope of restoring the hairstyle. Pleasant aroma, nutrition, and grooming have become an added bonus.
  • Irina: I still do not understand how effective this tool. I noticed improvements, but for me it is not the “wow” effect. Perhaps I want everything at once.

action of oils

Indelible serum resuscitator "Horsepower"

  • It is applied after washing, but before laying.
  • After it, you can easily comb and lay the hair.
  • The tool "seals" split ends.
  • In the composition, except for keratin, oils: usmi, black cumin, amla, ylang-ylang and argan.
  • The resuscitator is sprayed onto the wet strands over the entire length. After 1-2 minutes, you can brush your hair in the usual way.
  • The volume of the bottle is 100 ml, and the price is 600 rubles.


What do consumers say about the reanimator "Horsepower":

  • Catherine: I was knocked down by an extreme smell, frankly, to an amateur. He even interrupted my perfume, but did not like this nuance.
  • Irina: It was strange, but designed to give shine to the resuscitator, he “stole” it completely from my head. The hair has become thicker, but I wanted more brilliance, as the brand is quite popular.

Hair mask "Horsepower" on amino acids of oat germs and cationic polymers

  • This hair product was first made in Italy.
  • Replaces the salon procedures, the cost of which is several times higher.
  • Moisturizes, keeping moisture in the cells, heals the tips.
  • It finds damage, builds into the hair structure, and restores it.
  • Amino acid germs of oats and cationic polymers have a deep penetrating effect.
  • The price of 1000 ml jars is 760 rubles.

mask on oat buds

Comments on mask use:

  • Valentina: Initially, I used skin care products of this brand, and after I became convinced of the quality, I bought a hair mask. It is not in my rules to sing praises, but the drug is really worth it. The effect is like after the salon.
  • Ulyana: Mask, that is necessary. Only positive emotions, hairstyle has become such that even from friends I hide the reason for such a dramatic change. Let them envy.

Hair mask "Horsepower" with grape seed extract

  • Regenerates the damaged structure, increases blood circulation.
  • Stimulates follicle growth.
  • Provides protection from UV light and temperature, removes static.
  • Available in 1000 ml cans for about 1200 rubles.

on grape seed

What buyers advise:

  • Milan: Impressions are awesome! A huge bucket of super-mask, from which the hair is transformed after the first application.
  • Helena: My dubious blonde was so animated that he even began to like me! The smoothness and pleasant sensations of touch are guaranteed.

Anti-hair loss mask with hibiscus extract and sericin

  • The impact of deep penetration into the damaged hair structure.
  • Awakening sleeping follicles.
  • Return and increase the brilliance, power, energy and volume.
  • The tool easily replaces the trip to the salon, and the cost of 1000 ml is 1300 rubles.

mask with hibiscus

How do consumers respond:

  • Lera: On my mane is a big expense mask. But a large volume can not save on beauty. There are no questions to the quality.
  • Sofia: I like it. It smells good, does not weigh down and does not “fatten” hair. Recomend for everybody.

Shampoo conditioner "Horsepower"

  • This drug will take care of the strand and dull strands, giving them beauty and health.
  • At the same time, cleansing, conditioning and polishing hair.
  • Active substances in the composition: lanolin, collagen and provitamin B5.
  • Suitable for systematic use.
  • The release form is 500 ml and 1 l, the price is 550 and 1100 rubles, respectively.

shampoo conditioner

What buyers recommend:

  • Lyudmila: Not impressed. After applying the sensation of stiffness of a ponytail and unwashed balm.
  • Tatyana: I used to buy balms and gels for the body of this brand, but more recently I have tried hair products. Air conditioning is not the best thing you can buy from the Horsepower series. The effect, as if bought in a salty sea: dryness and dryness.

Shampoo for growth and strengthening "Horsepower"

  • Does not contain sulphates, silicones and parabens, and a gentle cleaning formula based on an extract of oat grains gently and gently cares for hair.
  • Neutral pH makes the drug suitable for daily use.
  • New healthy follicles grow, and existing ones are strengthened.
  • Recovery is possible even after keratin leveling or lamination.
  • Extracts of flax, horse chestnut, burdock root, ginger, calamus, chili peppers, succession - each helps the growth of beautiful hair.
  • Available in a jar of 250 ml, and it costs 390 rubles.

for growth

Buyers say:

  • Yuliya: First of all, I used nail products, and then decided to work on restoring the hair. After a while, the roots began to look strange, as if they were fat. But after alternating with another tool, everything was fine.
  • Angelina: Ordinary shampoo, to me personally, it did not seem magical. Just another advertised brand.

Nourishing "melting" hair mask "Horsepower"

  • Positioned as a premium cosmetics, which has already become a bestseller.
  • It has a melting texture that envelops damaged areas.
  • Stimulates blood flow to the follicles, which activates their growth.
  • Restores hydrobalance, facilitates combing hair.
  • It gives shine, softness and strength.
  • Sold in pharmacies in 250 ml jars at a price of 500 rubles.

melting mask

Reviews of those who have tried the "melting" mask:

  • Alina: I did not fit absolutely. Immediately all the hooked ends are visible. We'll have to use before bedtime, and in the morning reanimate capsules with vitamins. Maybe even see the growth of hair.
  • Olga: She really "melting", after 15 minutes you do not even feel it. Scalp scalp, I hope that soon the length of the hair will increase.

Shampoo conditioner "Horsepower". Limited edition

  • The luxury fragrance of a limited collection presented by singer Victoria Daineko.
  • Aroma with notes of white flowers of the east, roses and intoxicating pheromones. It lasts for 24 hours, attracts the attention of men, and easily replaces perfume.
  • In the process of use it gives a lot of foam, which contributes to good penetration into remote places.
  • The rapid growth, health and strength of flowing hair.
  • The volume of 500 ml, the price is 900 rubles.

Victoria Dayneko

Important! Can be used in combination with “Balsam conditioner. Limited edition. It is fragrant, having only a positive impact on the quality of the hair.

What buyers say:

  • Lydia: If you use, then only in a complex. Separately, the effect is there, but can we call it wonderful? Hardly. Just a good shampoo, only the scent does not attract men.
  • Pauline: For me, the smell is so intense that it is in the nose. I do not know how much he attracts the opposite sex, but now I’m dizzy. On the lover.

Shampoo conditioner "Horsepower" for men

  • Positioned as a premium tool for men who keep up with the times, fashionable and well-groomed leaders.
  • The drug tones and invigorates with its sweet-woody aroma of sandalwood.
  • It has excellent cleansing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Men's hair will be fresh, strengthened and thick.
  • The skin will not quickly get fat, dandruff will disappear.
  • The use of sled means of care is better in combination with a shower gel for men, horse-force men's series.
  • Sold 250 ml for 500 rubles.

for men

User experience:

  • Oleg: My head every other day, and always afraid to notice baldness. With this product somehow began to feel more confident, maybe a placebo effect? I do not know.
  • Ivan: It smells nice, not harsh. I did not notice a special increase in internal libido, but my hair became much stronger.

Sergey Zverev with shampoo

"Pony" baby shampoo without tears "Horsepower"

  • The children's series of the company does not contain harmful parabens and lauryl sulfates.
  • The composition of "Pony" is completely safe and specially designed for children.
  • The drug will soothe and soften the delicate skin of the child, strengthen the roots, will not cause tears.
  • The product has passed all the necessary clinical tests, and is fully approved by dermatologists.
  • As part of D-panthenol, and extracts: burdock, plantain and clover.
  • No dyes or questionable additives.
  • Does not cause allergies, smells good.
  • Used with 3 years.
  • For 500 ml you pay 478-500 rubles.

shampoo for kids

Real customer reviews:

  • Valentina: Initially, it was I who tried the Horse Force on me, having bought nail care products. After evaluating the result, I decided to strengthen the hairs for the child. There really are no tears, and the locks curled beautifully, do not pull, but lie beautifully.
  • Diana: Constantly studying the novelties of this brand. The children's drug "Pony" acquired immediately after its appearance. The effect is wonderful, the child washes with pleasure, the hairdo pleases, what else is needed for the happiness of the mother?

selection of stars

A wide range of products "Horsepower" allows you to reach a lot of consumers, and we always keep abreast of the new products of the series. We have prepared for you another article describing the goods for the body from the company. "Horsepower" and real customer reviews. And did you have to feel the effect of their impact? Share your experiences in the comments.

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