Honey luxury- how to make a honey hair mask

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In almost every girl's life, a moment comes when she notices that her hair has become weak, dull, lacking a healthy shine. And each is trying to deal with it. Shampoos, balms, conditioners, sprays, serums. You spend a lot of money, but the desired effect is not. How to be then, how to return the curls of former health and strength? The answer is simple - honey hair mask.

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This product contains a huge amount of trace elements, as well as vitamins. Therefore, a hair mask made of honey will make it easy to return curls, shine, give them strength and elasticity, stop their loss, relieve dandruff, restore hair after dyeing. Our grandmothers resorted to honey masks, they combined this product with other natural ingredients to enhance the effect. Flowers, herbs, milk, eggs, lemon, pepper, cinnamon, mustard, onions, oils, aloe juice were added to it. And some made masks with honey and brandy!

What kind of honey is suitable for the procedure?

different honey
Choose those varieties whose price is not less than 500 rubles per kilogram. It is in this honey will contain all the nutrients.

The consistency of it should be thick, and in any case should not drain from a spoon like water !!! If you want to buy honey with a sugary consistency, then turn your attention to honey crystals, if they are large, then such honey is not natural, there is a large amount of sugar in it !!

How to prepare, as well as apply the composition?

If the composition requires heating, then you should not heat it on the stove, because overly heated honey will lose all the useful qualities. It is best to heat all the ingredients, and then add honey.

  • The prepared composition is better to use immediately, standing on the air composition, will no longer have many useful properties.
  • To achieve the maximum benefit from the honey mask, apply it in a warm form or cover the curls with a plastic or rubber hat and towel.
    with a towel on her head
  • To wash off the composition is better in herbal broths. They can be any, as you wish.
  • It is best to carry out the application procedure in the bathroom, so as not to stain the floor. And it is better to slightly wet the hair to facilitate the penetration of nutrients.

What hair types are suitable for such masks?

There are no restrictions here. Hair masks from honey can make girls with oily, normal, dry hair, prone to loss, as well as in the presence of dandruff, hair devoid of shine and vitality.

Lemon-honey mask

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It is quite simple, you will spend only 5 minutes on it and get amazing results!

Take a small bowl and squeeze the juice of a ripe lemon into it. To this juice, add 50-70 grams of honey and stir until a homogeneous slurry.

Distribute the resulting composition through your hair and put on a plastic or rubber cap, so that the honey warms slightly under it and more thoroughly absorbed into the hair.

Soak the mixture for 10 minutes and rinse.

Mask with honey, mustard and kefir

Stir 1 tsp. any cosmetic oil, 30 grams of mustard powder, 1 tsp of olive oil, 40 grams of honey, yolk of chicken eggs, 30 ml of low-fat kefir.

Put the prepared mass on the head and hold for about 45 minutes, covered with a shower cap. After the procedure, rinse with water.

Cognac-honey mask

It will not only strengthen your curls, but also accelerate their growth!

aloe and alcohol
Take 1 tbsp of honey, brandy and burdock oil, mix and pour 1 yolk and mix again. When all the ingredients become homogeneous, start applying the mixture over the entire length of the hair. Leave the composition alone for half an hour, then wash it under a warm shower.

Mask with onions and honey

Take one small onion, peel it off and grate finely, or you can grind it in a blender. To the onion gruel add 4 tsp of honey and mix. Since the onion has a rather sharp smell, it is better to make such a mixture on weekends and dripping 10-15 drops of an aromatic cosmetic oil into the mixture. Apply the finished mass to the hair and leave it alone for one hour. After keeping the right time, wash everything in acidified water to neutralize the specific smell.

Mask with honey and chamomile decoction

Take 30 grams of chamomile (it can be found in the pharmacy) and pour 100 grams of boiling water over it and put it in a water bath for about 10-13 minutes. We give the finished broth to cool, when the broth is cold, pour a tablespoon of honey into it, mix everything up to complete dissolution.


Before applying the decoction, you must wash your hair. Apply the ready solution to the clean strands and leave for 2 hours, followed by water.

Mask with honey, garlic and aloe juice

lemon and garlic
To 1 tablespoon of liquid honey add aloe juice, about 10-20 grams, then take 4-5 cloves of garlic without the husk and squeeze the juice out of them, you need 1 tsp spoon of juice. There we add 1 yolk and mix everything. The finished composition is applied on the head and left for 20-25 minutes. After the procedure, everything is washed off.

Honey mask with castor oil.

This composition contains only 2 components, but the effectiveness of this does not decrease.

A tablespoon of honey dissolve from 3 tsp. castor oil, mix everything. The finished mixture should be slightly heated, and in a heated state rubbed into the hair. Soak this mass on the head for about an hour, after the procedure, wash your head thoroughly.


Mask with honey, mayonnaise and garlic

To 1 tsp. honey, add 20 grams of mayonnaise, 2-3 crushed garlic cloves and 1 yolk, mix everything and apply on your head. Leave this mask on for the night, wearing a shower cap and a light towel over your head. In the morning, rinse the mixture from the head with herbal decoction of fragrant herbs.

Honey mask with herbs

It is an excellent way to accelerate hair growth.

First, prepare a decoction of calendula, chamomile and succession. Each of the herbs you need to 3 tsp. Pour herbs 100 ml of boiling water and leave to cool, it will take about 40 minutes. 

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In the broth, add 1 tablespoon of honey, the same amount of jojoba oil and half a teaspoon of propolis, stir everything and apply to wet hair. The composition must be kept for half an hour, then rinse.

Honey spirit mask

For her, you will need vodka (or brandy), burdock oil and honey. First you need to beat 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 yolk, and then pour the st. l vodka (or brandy) and burdock oil. All this is well mixed or whipped with a mixer. Soak the composition on the head for 20 minutes, after the procedure, wash your head with water.

Mask with aloe and honey

You will need one sheet of aloe, you need to grind it in a blender or meat grinder, add 1 tbsp. l honey, 1 egg yolk, 10 grams of brandy, all this is whipped with a blender and distribute this mass over all hair. Then put a plastic or rubber hat on your head and cover with a towel on top. In this state, your curls should stay for about 2 hours, then rinse them with water.

Honey Garlic Mask with Aloe Juice

1 tbsp aloe juice and the same honey mixed with 1 yolk and tsp. garlic juice. Mix all ingredients and distribute the mixture through the hair. This mixture is kept on the head for no longer than 20 minutes, then washed off in acidified water with 5-10 drops of aromatic oil in order to eliminate the smell of garlic.

Mask with honey and olive oil

Honey and olive oil are mixed in the same proportions, and then distributed over the entire length of your hair. The composition must be kept for 25 minutes, then rinse with shampoo.

Honey oatmeal mask

You need to grind about 200 grams of oatmeal with a blender. To grind oatmeal pour 3 tablespoons of honey, 30 grams of lemon and cucumber juice. All of these ingredients, stir until a homogeneous slurry. Apply all this gruel to your hair and wait 40 minutes, wait a while to wash it off.

Mask with honey and decoction of tea fungus

Present Kombucha poured into a bowl and add 4 tbsp. l honey and tart decoction of chamomile, all this is thoroughly mixed, heated and applied to the hair. The broth is left for 30-40 minutes and washed off.

Mask with honey, pepper and lemon juice

Red pepper
Mix 2 tablespoons of honey, juice of whole lemon, pepper tincture with vodka 20 ml, 2 tablespoons of burdock oil and the yolk of one chicken egg. The proportions may increase from the length of your hair. Stir the mixture and apply on hair, so take about 1 hour and rinse everything thoroughly.

Honey Acetic Mask

It will easily save you from split ends.

1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar combined with 2 tbsp. l honey and almond oil. Mix everything and apply on the ends of the hair. It is necessary to sustain this mixture for 30-40 minutes, and then wash the tips in warm water.

Honey potato mask

This mask will help strengthen the curls and make them abundant loss.

Grate a small potato, and squeeze out all the juice from the resulting slurry. To this juice, add chopped aloe leaf and 2 tbsp. 

honey Mix this mass and apply on hair with light massage movements. Having finished with drawing, we cover the head with a shower cap and cover it with a towel. In this state, the hair should be at least 2 hours. On the expiration of the allotted time, rinse everything with shampoo.

Mask with white clay and honey

Pour 200 grams of kefir into a bowl and pour 5-6 tablespoons of clay into it. Then send 3 tbsp. honey with 1 egg. All mix until smooth. Wet your hair and start applying with light massage movements. When finished applying, wrap your hair with cling film and cover with a towel for 1.5 hours. After the time has elapsed, remove the mixture with warm water.

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What is the advantage of honey masks?

Most importantly, honey hair masks do not contain chemicals, only natural ingredients! All the necessary ingredients have a very low cost, and this makes the procedure affordable for every girl. The time for preparation will take a few minutes, and the effect of the masks is no worse than the effect of an expensive salon procedure. Having passed a course of such masks you will get rid of dandruff, hair loss, split ends. Give your curls elasticity, strength, thickness, shine, elasticity and volume.

Video: how to apply a honey mask?

Are there any contraindications to the procedure?

Hair mask with honey is a natural, natural remedy for improving the condition of hair, so there are no serious contraindications. But if you have experienced an allergic reaction to the components that make up the composition, then it is better to refuse this procedure.

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