Homemade hair growth masks

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All the girls in the world are interested in the question of how to make their hair long, without resorting to hair extensions, wearing overhead strands and wigs ?! Many were looking for the answer in attractive commercials about hair cosmetics and the latest drugs. Many achieved the desired and found the means and miraculous pills to accelerate the growth of hair, and many just wasted money and remained with the same result, the hair grew just as slowly. But you could do without the expense of considerable sums and bitter disappointments, referring to folk remedies. One of the effective helpers of this trouble, could become for you a homemade mask for hair growth!

Folk recipes in the fight for accelerated hair growth

Masks to speed hair growth were used even by our grandmothers! They collected various useful herbs, roots, made tinctures from them, mixed them with honey, eggs, mustard, yeast, sour cream, in general, everything that they were rich in and got amazing results. Many of these recipes have come down to our time.

What is so good homemade hair growth masks?

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The very first and weighty advantages of such hair care are the inexpensive cost of the necessary ingredients, ease of mixture preparation and of course ease of use.

Another significant advantage is the naturalness and harmlessness of all components used. Natural masks for hair growth are suitable for all types of hair and scalp. Extracts from natural components that make up the mask can not only help accelerate hair growth, but also charge them with vitamins, give strength, healthy shine and help to overcome many unpleasant problems, such as: dandruff, oiliness, loss, etc.

Recipes of the most effective masks for hair growth

Hot pepper mask to accelerate growth

Due to its burning abilities, pepper penetrates deep into the scalp and hair structure, irritates them, and thereby provokes the acceleration of hair growth. The remaining components of the mask soothe the scalp and soak the hair with life-giving moisture.

Honey + Pepper

pepper to accelerate growth
You will need 4 large spoons of liquid honey. If you have not found one, it is suitable and thick, you can easily turn it into a liquid, using a water bath. To honey, you need to add 1 large spoonful of ground red pepper, all this is thoroughly mixed and distributed over the scalp, with light massage movements, it is best to apply a mask on wet hair to improve absorption. When you are done with the application on the head, you must wear a plastic cap and cover it with a towel. The composition on the head must be kept for about 30 minutes, during which time you may feel an unpleasant tingling (this is how red pepper works), after the time is up, you need to thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo.

This mask must be used once every 1 week. After passing a monthly course of such procedures, you will notice how the growth of your hair has accelerated.

Mask "Pertsovka"

cooking pepper vodka
For her, you only need one ingredient - 100 ml of pepper tincture. You can get it ready at the pharmacy, store, or do it yourself, take 100 ml of vodka, skate or other strong alcoholic beverage, pour it into a small jar and add the hot red pepper cut in half and cover with a lid. Pepper must be insisted for at least 3 days, after which it will be ready for use.

Hair balm + pepper vodka + castor oil

Take 30 ml of castor oil, 15 ml of pepper vodka 3 large spoons of your favorite hair balsam. All these ingredients need to be mixed well. Spread the finished mass over the scalp with a brush or sponge. Put on a shower cap and towel. Keep the mask for no more than an hour, during this time you may not feel quite pleasant, do not worry about this usual effect of such a vigorous mixture, when the set time has elapsed, rinse your head under running warm water. This is a very effective mask for hair growth and a two-month course of such an event will allow you to lengthen your hair by 5-7 cm!

Vigorous mustard mask for rapid hair growth

Mustard + olive oil + sugar + chicken yolk

mustard on the head
You will need butter and mustard powder in an equal amount, about 15-20 grams each, a little less sugar will need about 10-15 grams and a small chicken yolk. Dissolve the mustard powder and sugar with water to get a mass similar in thickness to sour cream. In this gruel pour oil and drive 1 yolk. All this is applied to the roots and leave under the cap for 15-20 minutes. After the expiration of the required time, we thoroughly wash the head with shampoo and apply a nourishing mask (a nourishing mask nourishes the hair with moisture, because mustard tends to dry the hair).

You should do this procedure every 7 days and then the result will not keep you waiting!

Dimexid Mask for Super Accelerated Growth

Dimexide is known to many as a drug to help heal the skin after burns, it quickly penetrates into the skin and restores it in the shortest time. Due to this property, deep penetration, dimexide was added to masks for rapid hair growth.

Dimexide + lemon juice + oily vitamin A, E

All of these ingredients, take 2 teaspoons. Stir and distribute throughout the basal zone, then put on a polyethylene cap and a terry towel on top. With this mask, you should go for exactly an hour, and then rinse with water. If you repeat this procedure at least once a week for 1-1.5 months, then you will see that every week your curls added more than 1 cm in length.

Mask with dimexide, burdock oil, castor oil, oil vitamin A and E, essential oil.

All oils take 2 tablespoons, Dimexidum will need approximately 1 teaspoon, and essential oil 10 drops. Having mixed all this you can start drawing. All other stages of care are the same with the previous recipe.

Mask with onion juice and honey for fast hair growth

girl and onions
Take 1 medium-sized onion, chop it in a blender, put onion gruel on clean gauze and squeeze juice through it, you will get about 15-20 ml of juice. To it you need to add 60-70 grams of liquid honey, mix to get a homogeneous mass. The finished composition is rubbed into the hair roots with light massage movements and left for 50 minutes. When time comes out, wash your hair with shampoo and essential oil to eliminate the onion scent. This mask is suitable even for daily use.

Fruit and honey mask for super growth

Banana + Honey + Beer + Chicken Egg

banana for hair growth
For it, you need to take 1 large banana, peeled it, break it into several pieces, put in a deep bowl and grind into mashed potatoes with a fork. In the resulting puree pour 100 ml of beer from dark varieties, and then add an egg and 1 large spoonful of liquid honey. This mixture must be placed in a blender and whisk well in it. Spread the mixture in your hair and leave for 1.5 hours, and then wash your hair well. This mask is highly effective, it must be done once every 2 weeks.

Mask with cinnamon powder and colorless clay

cinnamon to accelerate growth
These two components need to take 3 tablespoons and pour warm water and mix well. Spread this gruel along the entire length of your hair and soak it for at least 20 minutes under a plastic cap. In these 20 minutes you can feel an unpleasant burning sensation, do not worry, this is just a feature of the action of cinnamon. After 20 minutes you can wash off the mass from the head.

Ginger mask to improve growth

Ginger root is able to improve blood circulation in the scalp, which directly affects the acceleration of hair growth.

Ginger + sesame seed oil (or jojoba oil)

This mask is best applied to dirty hair. Ginger root should be grated on a fine grater and 30 ml of sesame seed oil should be added to it. Stir and start applying with soft, but quick movements. The mixture must be kept for 30 minutes and wash your hair with shampoo. One caveat, it does not suit the owners of fat curls.

Oil masks for quick hair growth

Since ancient times, oil has been used to improve the condition of the hair. Olive, burdock, castor, sesame, linseed and even ghee found wide application in masks. Sometimes even used and sunflower oil.

Oil mask

flower oil
For it, you need 100 ml of any oil from the list, a shower cap and a warm towel. Heat the oil slightly and apply it until it cools down over the entire surface of the head. Put on a hat, and wrap a towel around your head, making a sort of turbans. You can keep the oil on your head all night long! And in the morning thoroughly wash in soapy water with 20 ml of apple cider vinegar.

Oil of burdock + olive oil + oil vitamins A and E

Take 20 ml of olive oil and the same amount of burdock oil. Pour 10 drops of all these vitamins to them, make them loose and start applying. Soak for at least an hour, and then wash it in soap-acetic water. Such care can bring you a result of 4 cm per month. You can change the oil in the sequence of application. For even greater effect, you can add essential oils of grapefruit, rosemary, lavender, sage, pine needles, cloves, as well as cinnamon.

Pros and cons of masks for fast hair growth


  • The first of the advantages is already clear from the name itself is the acceleration of growth.
  • Besides the fact that you helped your hair grow faster, you squeezed it with moisture, made it more voluminous
  • Another plus is a noticeable increase in the density of your curls, strength, strength and brilliance.


  • After applying this treatment, you may encounter slight hair loss, but panic is only a temporary phenomenon associated with the adaptation of hair to a new treatment.
  • During the aging of some masks you may experience an unpleasant burning sensation

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Video about effective mask to accelerate hair growth

In order to get the maximum effect from the mask for hair growth, you must go through a number of procedures, which will make up the course in about 3 months. And when this time passes, you will become the owner of luxurious long hair !!!

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