Home spray for hair growth - super effect

Hair spray - a great way, without spending much time and money, to make your hair healthy and beautiful. It is quite simple to prepare and convenient to use, for me personally, this spray has become an indispensable tool.

Its effect will depend on what exactly you add to the sperm composition. In this article I will tell you one amazing recipe for hair growth spray.

Home spray for hair growth - super effect

Spray for hair growth - composition, use and effect


1. Herbs

Nettle - accelerates growth, strengthens hair, helps stop the loss. Contains vitamins and amino acids, eliminates dandruff.

Chamomile - has a calming effect on the scalp, gives the hair shine and silkiness, eliminates itching. It has a light lightening effect.

Burdock (burdock) - Leaves and burdock roots can be used. The leaves are rich in vitamin C, burdock roots can strengthen the bulbs, stop the loss, promote growth and strengthen the hair.

Calamus root - contains essential oils and tannins that perfectly strengthen hair, accelerate hair growth. It gives softness and nourishes the scalp.

Calendula - has an antiseptic and regenerating effect, tones the scalp. Suitable for oily hair, helps eliminate dandruff.

Hypericum - used to eliminate excessive greasiness of hair.

Horsetail - gives hair elasticity, restores damaged structure.

Attention! Herbs can be taken from others, it is not necessary to use all the herbs described. You can choose a few, such as nettle, burdock root and calamus root. And another time to use other herbs.

2. Cinnamon (1 stick) - has a warming effect, increases blood circulation, promotes hair growth. You can use ground cinnamon.

3. Cardamom (2-3 pieces)

4. Tincture of ginseng (1 jar) - strengthens the hair roots, struggling with hair loss.

5. Nicotinic acid in ampoules (vitamin PP) - dilates blood vessels and promotes the flow of blood to the bulbs, stimulates hair growth.

Home spray for hair growth - super effect


Add to the container for a teaspoon herbs of every kind, cinnamon and cardamom (break cinnamon stick). Fill with boiling water (about 300 ml.) And cover with a lid. Next, herbs need to be brewed well in order to extract everything useful from them. To do this, cover the container with a warm towel and wait until the broth has cooled.

Ready broth must be drained and poured into a prepared container for later storage. There we also add ginseng tincture, shake well and send for storage in the fridge. Due to the fact that the tincture of ginseng on alcohol, a decoction can be stored for a long time.

Home spray for hair growth - super effect


It is quite simple to apply such a spray; for this, a small amount of broth is poured into a container with a spray bottle (sprayer) and one ampoule of nicotinic acid is added there.

It is best to use this spray after washing your hair. Just sprinkle slightly damp hair over the entire length, paying attention to the scalp. After applying the effect will enhance a gentle head massage with fingertips.

Home spray for hair growth - super effect


Try to apply this spray every time after washing for a month, and you will see how your curls will change. With regular use, hair will gain strength and shine, and hair growth will noticeably increase.

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