Home care or salon treatments

Home care or salon treatments

There is no such person who did not face a catastrophic shortage of time or money. But the care procedures in the cabin are very well, but I want to be beautiful always and everywhere.

The question arises, is it possible to take care of hair at home, getting the effect is not worse than in beauty salons? Can! You just have to stop being lazy and set aside some time for the procedure.

Hair condition - this is perhaps the main indicator of the attitude of women to themselves. If you decide to take care of your hair alone at home, then you should remember a few basic points that will help you keep your hair healthy at home.

Washing head

It would seem such a simple procedure as washing head, elementary. However, there are some rules here.

How often do you, late for work or an appointment, wash your hair for 3 minutes, then dry it with a hot dryer? You can not even guess that such actions cause hair damage. To make your hair look well-groomed and healthy, you need to spend at least 15 minutes on washing your hair!

• Wet your hair with warm water.

• Within 10 minutes, let the hair and scalp thoroughly soak.

• Only after 10 minutes apply shampoo and, massaging the skin, rinse hair

You might be surprised, why wait so much? The fact is that when the scalp is well-soaked, it ceases to be so susceptible to the components of the shampoo that act too aggressively. This means that the skin and hair are less damaged, and the risk of dandruff is reduced by 30%.

Hair rinsing

Rinse shampoo, of course, you need warm water. Too cold or hot water leads to delamination of the hair and its fragility. In addition, at these temperatures, the hair flakes bend, and your curls look sloppy after drying.

Do not forget about water quality. In most cities, from the tap flows hard water, which makes your hair dull and weakened. So, if you have such an opportunity, pre-boil water, which will wash your hair or use bottled water.

They will help to add shine and strength to your hair decoctions of herbs, the recipes of which are a huge number. Such rinsing will replace your hair conditioners.

Various masks and balms are very useful for home care. But it is worth remembering that factory conditioners make hair heavier, so if you have thin, light hair, you should not use conditioners, it is better to use sprays.

Hair masks

Home care or salon treatments

Another great tool for strengthening - hair masks. A huge selection of these tools allows you to completely replace the salon procedures. Masks nourish, moisturize, stimulate growth, strengthen, etc.

Choosing a hair mask, you should pay attention to the composition: only the first 7 components are the real basis of the product. So, if you took the Nettle mask, but nettle extract is not among the first ingredients, you can be sure that there is only a name from nettle.

You should not overlook the funds that are not expensive. After all, not always good, equally expensive. When buying a product from a reputable manufacturer, you pay 50% of the amount for popularity and brand advertising.

Regarding salons, we can say that 1 procedure can cost about as much as 5-8 cans with hair masks that you could use for a whole year. And homemade masks are even more economical and more useful. Many recipes in the network allows you to choose exactly "his" mask.

Vitamins for hair

Of course, do not forget about vitamins A and E, which help restore and strengthen hair, as well as nails and skin. They are found in fish and seafood, as well as in nuts and peas. In addition, the listed products contain extremely important elements - zinc, magnesium and selenium. Especially relevant vitamin complexes in the winter, when the lack of vegetables, fruits and the sun does its job.

As you can see, it is possible to do with home remedies for hair care, while getting the result no worse than after salon procedures. It is only necessary to find the time and desire.

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