Hollywood wave- curls with a hint of luxury

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Hollywood and its main symbols of the Golden Age - Maralyn Monroe, Mae West, Marlene Dietrich and other cinema divas of the last century made a lot of efforts to leave their mark in art and fashion. In particular, our modern beauties inherited from them an irresistible luxurious hairstyle - the Hollywood wave. And if modern movie stars pay hairdressers thousands of dollars for such a hairstyle, then an ordinary girl doesn't have anything simpler than repeating this trick by herself at home. So, here is our instruction on how to make a hair Hollywood waves.

Of course, this will require certain skills, but after a few sessions, you will be able to gradually impart to yourself a luxurious Hollywood image. To make Hollywood curls from the master requires patience, as well as free time, but believe me, the result is worth it.

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The whole secret is that you first need to wash and dry the hair. Successfully hairstyle Hollywood waves can only be performed on smooth and shiny hair. Also, the last choice here is the right choice of tools and tools for styling. And we will need: mousse or gel for styling, comb-comb, comb-brush, curling iron, curlers, clamps and fixing means.

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Wavy styling schemes from Hollywood

curling curls

  1. Apply the foam on wet and clean hair with an even layer and give time for the styling product to dry completely with the hair, thereby creating a volume.
  2. Part of the upper hair, including on the crown, is separated and lifted with the help of hairpins, we will deal with them later.
  3. Starting with the temples, we divide the hair into several parts, sufficient to create curls, and we wind each of these strands onto a heated curling iron. Keep your Hollywood curls curled in one direction.
  4. Wrap to the hair on the top. We twist the locks on the curler and comb the obtained curls with the fingers first, and then gently smooth them with a comb or soft brush so that they lie down in waves.
  5.  Places bends curls fix hairpins. The entire hairstyle of Hollywood curls covered with hairspray.
  6. At the end of the procedure, the hairpins are removed.

An alternative method is the use of large-sized curlers. The bottom line is that instead of curling they use heated hair rollers. They are also wound on them, and then gently peeled off the received curls, combed and smoothed them, fix the places of creases with barrettes and cover everything with varnish.

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An advanced hairstyle Hollywood curls can be performed with a special triple curling, which is used by professional stylists. She has another name, a curling wave. So the scheme of action: you clamp a strand of hair between the cylinders with three bends, starting from the lower part of the head of hair and step by step move up to its very tips. You get wonderful curls all over your head.

Laying Hollywood Wave in the form of a braid with a ribbon

weaving with ribbon

Spit Hollywood wave with a ribbon will always look advantageous for those who want to hide the flaws of their hair, create the impression of thick voluminous hair and at the same time maintain the accuracy of styling for the whole day. Weaving a Hollywood wave is the correct alternation of strands and placement of hands. It is very difficult to describe technology with words, therefore we offer you a video lesson where there is a step-by-step instruction of actions.

Video: spit weaving hollywood wave with ribbon

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