Hollywood hair extensions

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Hollywood hair extensions are the newest way to increase the volume and length of hair. This technology requires special skills, so it is not recommended to perform it yourself at home.

Features technique Hollywood build

Sewing on artificial curls

Hollywood hair extensions, also called African hair extensions, appeared about 10 years ago. Used mainly in filming to give the necessary image of the actresses. But then this technique was not fully developed and brought a lot of inconvenience.

Harvested curls attached to the family on a thin adhesive tape, resulting in a luxurious hair could not be combed. Therefore, immediately after the shooting, the curls were removed. For the entire shooting process, specialists had to correct their hair several times and grow additional curls, since most of them simply fell off during the shooting. Now such an event resembles the usual use of overhead strands at home, when it is necessary for one evening to give its hair a thick and increase its length.

Sewing on the strands

Today, Hollywood hair extensions have advanced technology. The curls are matched to the color of the native strands (or after building both those and others are painted), after which they are fixed at the base of the roots by the method of interweaving. The very same weaving technique requires only the presence of special threads that are completely invisible on the head of hair and do not prevent combing and washing the head.


In the process of socks, the interwoven threads are simply pulled down along with the growth of hair, after which a correction is required. And it happens as follows:

  • weaving unraveled;
  • donor curls are intertwined.

The cost of correction is several times less than the procedure itself, as the same donor curls that were used during the first extension are woven.

Positive and negative aspects of the procedure

  • The advantages of this method of building on the face. This technology does not require the use of various capsules, adhesive tape and glue. Therefore, damage to the structure of your own hair is completely excluded.
  • Increased strands look natural and will never “give out” their owner even if a strong wind blows.
  • This technique allows you to build hair closer to the face, thereby giving the most natural look to build-up.
  • The indisputable advantage is that Hollywood hair extensions allow visiting saunas, pools and other rooms with high humidity, which other methods exclude.
  • In addition, strands built up by this technology can be painted and exposed to masks, which we women often do at home.

Shag before and after the build-up procedure

But even despite such advantages, Hollywood hair extensions have their own minus - the cost of the procedure is very high, not everyone can afford it. However, the result obtained after the extension will override this little drawback. After all, accrued curls by means of interlacing retain their appearance even after prolonged wear. Many complain that as soon as they had grown their hair, they looked like a tow or a hard washcloth. Hollywood build-up completely eliminates such effects.

This technology uses only donor curls of natural origin, and not made using special technologies from any raw materials, which after the first wash of the head completely lose their color and luster.

Using the Hollywood technology for hair extensions, you can achieve a natural look for many months, while not limiting yourself to anything.

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